A Traditional and Historic Trip to Alpbach

Alpbach is an Austrian city that is in Tirol. The area of Tirol comes under the western part of Austria. The first record of Alpbach comes in 1150 but the human living in this city comes in 1000. The people of Alpbach found a bronze ax in 1860 at Steinberger Joch. But some researchers suggest that the route was already in the use of the Hallstatt period. 


The first religion that comes in the 7th and 8th centuries is Christianity. This religion was taken up by Scottish and Irish people. St. Oswald was the former king of Northumbria. At the beginning of the 15th century, they found copper and silver in Gratlspitz and Schatzberg. 

When these two metal is discovered the Fugger merchant family till took the mining work under their consideration. They will manage all the mining work at this time. They will work at Schwaz and Kitzbuhel and at that time they were trying to expand their work in Alpbach Valley. 

When they were working in Alpbach there is a total of two inns in the whole city. The name of the two inns is Jakober Inn and Boglerhof Inn. These two are also the drink stations for the people of Alpbach as all the men in the city will go there to drink spirits like schnapps.

But in the 19th century, the workers declined the work in mines and the work of mining comes to an end. The local carpenters of Alpbach built a farm which is called Vorder- Unterberg farm where they lived till 1952. That farm has now become a mountain museum which is used for farming. Not only the farming this farm will also have a kitchen, a parlor, and a smokehouse. The farm also has 800 artifacts that are used in daily life and work.  

The construction work of the road which is leading the valley will not be completed till 1926. So the isolated form of the village will result in the unique style of construction and architecture. This unique way of construction will also them to store their local traditions and folks in those villages. Nowadays you can research the tradition and culture of their locals from these villages which are in Tirol. 


Alpbach becomes the attraction for most visitors in the early 20th century and in 1938. The first counted visitors in Alpbach is 110 visitors. All these visitors are in the village of Alpbach to see the local tradition and culture of this city. With the time this number of visitors was increased to 2500 and now this city will experience 300000 visitors in a year. 

The main climate for most of the visitors is summer as in summer the number of visitors was increased to 22000 visitors. The tourism of this city is this much popular that it will become the only source of income for most of the local residents of Alpbach. The tourism of this city is feeding near about 2300 local residents of this city. 

But the thing that will not experience a single change is the number of farms in the city as this number is constant on 105 from hundreds of years. In 1945 Alpbach become the destination for most of the annual conferences of arts, business, and science and this is because Alpbach European Forum selected Alpbach as the main venue for it.

As every year a lot of conferences will occur in this city and a lot of deep discussions would take place in this city so many of the people put the nickname of this city as “ The Village of Thinkers”. 

The construction work of the first inauguration hall was completed in mid of 1950 and the name of the hall was named after a famous Austrian poet Paula von Preradovic. He is the author who wrote the Austrian National Anthem. Another plenary hall constructed was named on the name of Novel Prize winner Erwin Schrodinger because he was buried in the Austrian cemetery. 

The Council of Alpbach created a law on the suggestion of Alfons Moser who was the Mayor from 1945 to 1979. This law was a planning law that was declared in 1953 which says that all the new buildings constructing in Alpbach are constructed on the basis of traditional infrastructure and architecture. This rule is mandatory for all the people of Alpbach. 

With the time Alpbach become popular and collected a lot of awards and certifications. Austrian Public Health Institute certified Alpbach as the cleanest air in the whole continent. 

A television show of Austria also voted Alpbach as the Most Beautiful Village of Austria in 1983. The council of Europe confirmed the right to host the European flag in Alpbach. This city also got awarded with The Most Beautiful Village in Europe. The city got this award in 1993. 

Main Attractions

Not only the beauty of this city also contains 109 kilometers of thrilling slopes and two valleys. These slops look fantastic when you visit there in perfect weather. Sometimes the slope becomes the reason for someone`s death and becomes a cause of deadly accidents. Some of the best places to visit in Alpbach is:

Winter Walk to Inneralpbach

Alpbach is in the list of best places to visit in the season of winter. The main highlight in the winter season is the neat and tidy wooden chalets that are designed with the same architecture format since 1953. This is possible because of the strict rules passed by the government on the size and architecture of the houses. 

These measurements passed by the government include windows, balconies, and gables. All the tourists go there will have the same opinion about the houses that they do not wander roaming around those beautiful houses covered with the white snow. From the wooden chalets, there are two specific chalets that you have to visit if you are looking for beauty. 

The historical cemetery and the modern conference center. Both chalets are built between the mountains. The best experience of hiking is from Alpbach to Inneralpbach. It is a four-kilometer journey but it lasts long for years in your mind. 

Café Genuss

While you are roaming in the cold winter you will surely lookout for some hot coffees and hot drinks. So Café Genuss is one of the best cafés that you can explore in the whole Alpbach. It is perfect for the date. The infrastructure of this café is a bit classy and the ambiance of this café is very special. You can order a hot coffee with their homemade cakes which are much delicious to attract you for the nest time. 

Although the café will be opened for several hours. Their timings of opening are from Wednesday to Sunday till 8;30 to 12:00 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the opening timings will become 2:30 to 5:30 pm. The best time to visit this place is at the breakfast buffet which will be started every day except Monday and Tuesday. This café is situated in the lower part of the village as you can go there by car because walking till the venue will not make anything special. 


In spite of skiing, snowshoeing is another great option to do. It is one of the perfect ways to enjoy the entire snow scenery and explore the whole Alpbach. For it, all you need is snowshoes and poles. If you try to take them on rent then you will find how easy it is to get them on rent. This can easily be available at any ski rental office. 

The best experience of snowshoeing is on the fresh snow when there is a lot of snow and it looks like a snow fairytale. If you are going for shorter snowshoeing then it is okay to go alone but if you are planning for a long snowshoeing then we will suggest you go in a group. While going for a shorter snowshoeing it is better to make a guide handy so that you will have the exact idea that what is coming next and what is your exact location. 

Most of the long route guided tours will start from every Thursday at 10 am. The whole trip takes near about 3-4 hours to complete and the trip started from the Alpbach tourism office. The timings of the trip depending upon the snow condition on the routes. 

Swimming and Spa

In Alpbach, there is no option of public swimming pools so if you living in a hotel that will have their own swimming pool and spa center then only you can enjoy this service. Alpbach is a bit limited to the public swimming pool facilities and spa facilities. But if you get a car then you can easily visit another village where you get these services very easily. 

After having a fun skiing day all your body needs is a great massage to relax your muscles. It will make your trip worth it. One of the popular destinations is Aquapark Wave which is in Woergl. Woergl is 25 kilometers away from Alpbach. If you have a see land card with you then they will provide you a free entry for three hours.

But if you love to go for the hot springs then you may choose Erlebnistherme Zillertal which is in Fuegen and Fuegen is 25 kilometers away from Alpbach. Hence this place is not so big but you can have a great hot saltwater bath here. This is one of the highest recommended places from most of the visitors.

Climb Wiedersberger Horn

If you are not skiing then it does not mean that there is nothing in Alpbach if you are missing out on the mountain paranormal then you are missing a big part of your journey. Wiedersberger is one of the popular horns if we talk about the mountains. The elevation of this mountain is 2127 meters and on top of it, you will experience the 360 paranormal viewsfrom its peak.

If you visit this place then we surely say that it will become a memorable part of your journey. When you reach the upper station of the horn there are only a 45 minutes steep climbing left. If you have your snowshoes with you then this journey will become an easy walk for you as compared to the other skiers who are wearing their uncomfortable skiing boots. 

Before you begin your journey for the peak firstly have some hot drinks to make your body a bit hot because at the peak there is a very low temperature. 

Local Brewery

If you are a foodie and want to taste some delicious local dishes of Alpbach then this place is for you. In fact, you have to pay for the food but the quality and taste of the food will make it worth it. 

Especially the Jos Moser beer which was popular for their taste. After you pay them Jos Moser will show you his beer shop and give you to taste some of them. Many of the visitors like the taste of beer this much that they take some bottles to their homes. A bottle of beer will costs you two euros which is a worthy price. 

Torchlit Walk

Visiting a forest with a candle is a different experience. Some of the visitors say that they will feel something different when they experienced this. To start you need to visit the guide and get a torch from him and start your tour. 

You can easily perform this even if you have skied in the evening. The easiest way to start a guided tour is to start the tour at 8 pm on Tuesday. The whole trip takes two hours to complete and they will take you around  Alpbach. You can do this for free if you have the Alpbachtal Seenland Card.


With the final words, we conclude that Alpbach is a very beautiful place and they restored their culture which you can easily see when you visit. So visit here and explore the world. 

Recommended hotels Alpbach, Austria

Hotel Alpbacherhof

Guest rooms from: € 65.00
The Hotel Alpbacherhof enjoys a peaceful location on a sunny slope in the beautiful Alpbach Valley, featuring fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, next to a stop of the local ski bus. It is housed in a traditional alpine building with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The 56 en-suite rooms are appointed in a tasteful style with elegant furnishings and wooden details to provide homelike atmosphere, perfectly combined with a high standard of modern comfort for an enjoyable holiday in Tyrol. The establishment offers a heated indoor swimming pool, massages, relaxation area and sauna, wireless Internet and free parking.

Hotel Wiedersbergerhorn Alpbach

Guest rooms from: € 92.00
The Hotel Wiedersbergerhorn boasts a picturesque location in the inner part of the beautiful Alpbach Valley, in the heart of the famous local ski area. The establishment is named after the impressive mountain summit which can be viewed from it. It is among those quality alpine hotels Alpbach, Austria that provide a perfect base for skiing and snowboarding or just exploring the mountain by walks and hiking tours in the summer. All 29 en-suite guest rooms have lovely panoramic balconies, cozy seating area, bathrobes and satellite TV. The in-house restaurant serves a comprehensive menu of tempting Tyrolean dishes in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The property also features an excellent spa and wellness centre, ski storage service, free parking and wireless Internet access.


Guest rooms from: € 35.00
The Bergwald Hotel offers cozy b&b accommodation for your enjoyable winter or summer holiday in the splendid Alpbach Valley, Austria. Situated at 1100 m above sea level, its comfortable en-suite rooms and apartments are appointed in a welcoming Tyrolean style, boasting some of the most picturesque panoramic mountain views in the region. This is a family owned and operated, small and intimate establishment with 7 elegant guest rooms and 2 apartments. Comprehensive breakfast buffet is served every morning for an excellent start of your day in Tyrol, no matter whether you are here for skiing, hiking, business or just on a relaxing vacation.

Haus Sonnwend Alpbach

Guest rooms from: € 48.00
The Haus Sonnwend is a small and charming 3 star hotel, offering warm Tyrolean hospitality and the latest comforts under one roof. It is located in the centre of Alpbach – a splendid alpine village in Austria. All 19 guest rooms, apartments and studios have been recently renovated and equipped to a high modern standard, each one coming with a tastefully designed en-suite bathroom and complimentary wireless Internet connection. Many rooms have private balconies with splendid panoramic views over the valley and the mountains. The guesthouse is right next to a stop of the local ski bus, which will take you just in minutes to the cross-country ski runs, the lifts and the ski school. Guests receive complimentary the Alpbachtal-Seeland, which provides special discounts for many attractions in the region.