Bad Aussee: A Cultural And Traditional Town In Austria

Bad Aussee is a town of Styria which is an Austrian state. It is located where the confluence of the Traun River will occur. This city is also considered as the center of economic and cultural sources of the Salzkammergut region. The region where this city exists is also known as the centre of Austria. This city has a population of 4862 people. A monument that clearly symbolizes the center of Austria. 

With some Alpine towns, this city secured a place in Alpine Town of the year Association for implementing Alpine for sustainable development in Alpine arc. Bad Aussee got this award in 2010. 

The historic artifacts of this city were found in Salzofenhohle cave. The main flourishment of the city begins when the salt works start working in the thirteenth century. They developed a market town in 1295. The sacrament house was developed in 1523. The work of the erection of the hospital church was started before 1395 and then they contain two moveable wings in the fifteenth century. 

The other historical buildings like Kammerhof are developed before 1200. Till 1926 they established the salt administration in their city. Some of the beautiful and charming houses covered Kurpark and harmonious at the center of the town. This city is also considered as the birthplace of Anna local. 

She was the daughter of a postman and later on become the wife of Archduke Johann of Austria. The impact of her wedding on the economic, cultural and education will be remembered by the people of Styria and Salzkammergut. A statue of Archduke who was everyone`s beloved was built at the center of Kurpark in Bad Aussee. This whole town was built up around the salt factories. 


Nowadays the center focus of town has become their culture and tourism. In this town, they have a very famous museum named Kammerhofmuseum which basically shows their tradition and their culture. It will show how the trading of salt should be done in this town and how the researchers collected fossils from this town. 

Another attraction of the city is a spa which is in the city center. The name of the spa is Vital Bad Aussee. This spa usually offers its customers medicinal brine baths and the Kneipp cure therapy. These two methods of the spa were invented by a German priest Sebastian Kneipp. 

This therapy includes cold water treatment, outdoor exercises, and diet plans. The town will also organize a festival that usually takes place in the season of spring named Ausseer Jazzfruhling. This festival is organized every year in springs. There are two ski regions which are accessible in Bad Aussee

The first one is a Loser and the second one is Tauplitz. From the loser ski region, a great scenic view would be displayed of Dachstein glacier. With the help of Tauplitz, you can easily perform the cross country skiing and sledding in the evening timings. 


There are mainly five popular lakes near Bad Aussee:

The Lake Altaussee

Lake Altaussee is a perfect example of water collected at the bottom of the mountain. There is a perfectly built footpath which was surrounded by the rives and on the shores of the river, the whole village was rested. 

The Sommersbergersee Lake

Sommersbergersee is the shallowest river in all these rivers. This is very shallow as compared to other rivers near it. This is considered as the best place for swimming. 

The Grundlsee

Another name of these rivers is das Steirische Meer. It is the largest lake in Styria. If you are a traveler then you can also hire an electric boat for an hour. You can also enjoy the public beaches that are in every section of this river. This river was fed by two other river Toplitz lake and Kammersee.

The Toplitzsee Lake

It is the lake where Nazis tested their weapons and Counterfeit their currency. It is the only source for most of the local lore of the region. The best and unique part about this lake is that the upper layer of the lake consists of freshwater whether the lower layer of the lake consists of saltwater. This is the main reason behind its popularity. 

The Kammersee Lake

This river is considered as the origin of River Traun. The only source of reaching to this lake is a boat from Toplitzsee. There are some small businesses that will offer you the trip of this lake from a unique kind of boat that we called Platten. The platen is a special type of boat which flat from the bottom side and specially designed for this lake. This boat is once used in the salt trade. During the rule of Maria, Theresa convicts tried to separate both the lakes Kammersee and Toplitzsee so that they can open the transportation of lumber. 

Culture and Tradition


Fasching is one of the most popular events that will take place in Bad Aussee. This is a yearly event which will only be organized on Faschingsdienstag which is called shove Tuesday. In this event, the Flinserln will dress up in their sequined dresses and roam around the town and announce the coming spring season. This is basically an event organized for announcing about the spring season. The people of Bad Aussee will take eagerly take part in this event and the children who recite the old rhymes are awarded the nuts and or sweets. 

Zarcharin company the Flinserln in their rally’s. The Zacharin usually spectare the line by waving the pig bladders which are tied up on the ends of sticks and they also rap people with the head of the stick. This whole celebration of Fasching was surrounded by Trommelweiber who was usually called the drum woman. But actually trommelweiber is a group of men who are dressed in the women’s gowns that’s they got this name. These drum women usually go to every single inn and bang the drums on their doors. They also bang pots, pans and enjoy the free food and beers offered by the family members. 

The tradition of Trommelweiber was started from the last some years as in this group the men are included who were frequently pome their wives and the women of the city were not allowed to take part in it. The women of the city are only allowed to bang the pots and pans from outside of their homes so that their husbands will come back home and take a bath. 

The Pubs, restaurants and the inns will become the most popular place for people gathering and in three days of this event all these three places are filled with a lot of groups enjoying their food and drinks. These groups are known as Maschgera. 


One another very popular event that will occur yearly is Narzissenfest which is also known as Narcissus Festival. This event takes place every spring season and usually occurs at the end of May. In this event, the participants will establish some great floral sculptures which are usually made from a daffodil flower. 

After creating the beautiful sculptures they will let them float on the water freely which gives an astonishing view of this event. When they leave them to float they also dance on their folks songs.  Some of the most beautiful selected sculptures are shown later to the shores of Grundlsee or Altausseersee. They will keep floating until next year’s event comes. 

Glockler und Berigeln

This is another traditional event which will take place on every 5th of January. Whenever this event occurs the children are usually called Glockler. In these events the children go from door to door with a little bells and a sack in which they collect donuts given by different family members as gifts. 

Sometimes they receive donuts, oranges, nuts, and chocolates. This process will occur in the morning but as the day comes to an end and the evening begins now it is the turn of adults to collect some gifts from the houses of their city. The adults usually dress up themselves in the traditional dresses which they usually call as Bergen. 

They cover their faces with black cloth so that no one can determine who they are. They will take the big cowbells with them to the doors who are open for the bergen. They will only open their identities when entering someone’s house and the owner of the house will ask him to reveal their identity. To make it more fun the owners usually play a guessing game with the bergen in which they guess the person behind the black mask. After their identification, they will serve them the schanpps, beer, Fasnchingskrapfen and other food items that are homemade.


Bad Aussee is a unique city as the residents of this city will wear Tracht or their traditional dresses on a regular basis which is a very strange thing for a city. In women, the traditional dress is called Dirndl which consists of a fit body bodice and a skirt. But many of the women choose Ausseerdirndl over Dirndl as this dress consists of a green color bodice with a skirt and an apron. 

Some of the famous faces of Bad Aussee are: 

Klaus Maria Brandauer 

He was an Austrian actor and director. Not only the actor he also works as a professor at the Max Reinhardt Seminar. Brandauer was also very famous for his roles like Mephisto in 1981, Never Say Never Again in 1983, Out of Africa in1985, Hanussen in1988, Burning Secret in 1988, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge in 1999 and many other roles. For his role in Out of Africa, he was also nominated for Academy Awards and also awarded with the Golden Globe Award.

Barbara Frischmuth

She was a very famous Austrian poetess. She was also a member of Grazer Gruppe with Peter Handke. Some of her famous books are in the year 1968 ie Klosterschule, Tage und Jahre, Das Verschwinden des Schattens in der Sonne in 1973, Rückkehr zum vorläufigen Ausgangspunkt in 1973, Traumgrenze in 1983. Mystifikationen der Sophie Silber in 1976, Lesestücke as Seen, Taschen Nach Wind, Erzählungen in 1974, Amy oder Die Metamorphose in 1978, Entzug – ein Menetekel der zärtlichsten Art in 1979, Hexenherz in 1994, Bindungen in 1980, Kai und die Liebe zu den Modellen in 1979, Landschaft für Engel in 1981, Woher wir kommen in 2012, Die Frau im Mond in 1982, Sätze zur Situation in 1971, Geschichten für Stanek in 1969, Vom Leben des Pierrot in 1982, Kopftänzer in 1984, Herrin der Tiere in 1986, Über die Verhältnisse in 1987, Amy oder Die Metamorphose in 2002, Mörderische Märchen in 1989, Gedichte in 2001, Einander Kind in 1990, Mister Rosa oder Die Schwierigkeit, kein Zwerg zu sein. Spiel für einen Schauspieler in 1991, Traum der Literatur – Literatur des Traums in 1991, Wassermänner, Die Schrift des Freundes in 1998, Wüsten und Wohnzimmern in 1991, Fingerkraut und Feenhandschuh, Ein literarisches Gartentagebuch in 1999, Schamanenbaum, Die Entschlüsselung in 2003, Der Sommer, in dem Anna verschwunden war in 2004.

Paul Preuss

He was an Austrian alpinist who maintained a reputation with his great efforts and works. He was very bold in nature and always remain in everybody’s mind for their bold nature. 4. Ulla Weigerstorfer- She was Miss World 1987 and made her country proud of her.

Aussie Hardbradler

He was a band artist and showed their talent and skills in many shows organized in Austria and outside Austria.


It was a Eurodisco group which is very much famous for their music systems and DJ parties.


Here is a brief description of Bad Aussee and if you are planning to go there then this article may help you a lot in knowing about the whole country with their tourist guidelines. So visit this beautiful and share your experience with others.

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