Bad Goisern: A Place to Collect the Unique Things

The full name of the town is Bad Goisern am Hallstattersee which is completely a market town present in the district of the Gmunden. This district is situated in the Upper parts of Austria and is counted as an Austrian state. Bad Goisern is one of the parts of Salzkammergut which is a resort area. 

In the year 2005, the total population of the Bad Goisern am Hallstattersee was observed to be 7,578 inhabitants. There is a mayor for the town and his name is Leopold Schilcher. The town covers an area of about 112.55 km^2 and faces an elevation of 500 meters. The density of the population was observed to be 66 per km^2.


There are many beautiful places present here as it is one of the most renowned places in Austria. Some of the places are described here:


There are two places present in the Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut and the name of the places are Hallstatt and also the UNESCO World Heritage region. It includes many beautiful sights that are present there and they are the Salzwelten in Hallstatt, majestic glaciers of the Dachstein on the lake named Gosau, the oldest salt mine in the world, and the cave worlds in the Dachstein Hiking World on the Krippenstein in Obertraun. 

It is one of the destinations and preferred most to spend the vacations and all this is because of the scenic impressions and also the archaeological sites. The visitors that come are mainly interested in the culture and the natural place. Offering to stay in the region of Dachstein Salzkammergut and also the tour of the World Heritage site is most preferred during the holidays.

The Neuwildenstein Stately Home

This place is famous for its marvelous handicrafts, the design and texture are entirely different beautiful. They are made in Salzkammergut and are unique from each other. They help you remember the memories of the place by the different and unique texture over and they are very attractive because of which no one avoids them or fails to buy them. 

Some of the most famous things that are available there are hats of the particular region, distinctive jewelry, excellentwines, traditional garments, handprints, and also the watches with a special tick sound in it. They have fancy bags that look very attractive for both types of ladies whether old or young. The Gosua valley is famous for its pure natural bees honey and also the Styrian pumpkin seed oil, they are also available there. 

Gifts for the mother can be bought on the occasion of Mother’s Day are available only in this place and that is obtained from the Lake of Hallstatt. The gifts for different occasions are also available there and the events like birthday, Christmas or for any other thing. The unique and beautiful products are made by the creative thinking of the people and also from the experience, skills, ideas, and knowledge of the manufacturers. Does the product reflect the personality of the person who has made it and also allows us to know How innovative the person is? 

World Heritage View on Hallstatt’s Salzberg

This place helps in enjoying the breathtaking Alpine panorama of the beautiful and attractive UNESCO World Heritage region of the Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. This provides a platform from which beauty can be observed. This place is situated 350 meters away in the north direction. This helps in viewing the Lake Hallstatt and all the mountain scenery of Hallstatt very clearly and the mountains look more beautiful from a certain height. 

The most attractive place is located just below the defense tower on the Hallstatt Salzberg. The salt mountain was named Rudolfsturm or the Rudolf tower which was named after Habsburg Rudolf I and between the year 1282 to 1284. This was made by his son whose name was Duke Albert I of Austria. The main purpose behind its construction was to protect the Hallstatt from the mines attack and buildings of Hallstatt salt mines as a defense tower.

The spa gardens in Bad Goisern

There are fresh green lawns and beautiful flower arrangements whether it is summer or spring and in the autumn season there are beautiful and bright colored leaves and in the winter season, it exes [eriences snow which covers the entire area and depicts the beautiful landscape. Each season in the spa garden of Bad Goisern has its own beauty and attracts people towards it.


Bad Goisern am Hallstattersee carries a long history with it. This town was mentioned under the name Gebisham during the 13th century. There were many phases in the life of the Goisern. In the year 1931, it was famous for the massage and the spa work and was known as a spa town later it became famous for the goods displayed in the markets and have very attractive and good markets, so it was known as the market town in 1952. 

Goisern was known as Bad Goisern since 1955 because of the German government. The word Bad in German refers to the places which have thermal or medicinal baths in their location. Though there are many famous places in the town, one of the most famous places is Goiserer Schuh which is a wearable mountain shoe and is best at its quality. 

Famous People

There were many famous personalities who have either spent some years of their life or taken birth on the land of the Bad Goisern am Hallstattersee. Some of them are:

Hubert Achleitner is now famous as Hubert von Goisern. He was born in Goisern on the date November 17, 1952. He is one of the best Austrian singer, songwriter and also a musician. With his good sense of music mixing and also with the help of rock music he has achieved heights in his career. 

He has also made music for the traditional elements of Volksmusik which has provided extreme heights to his growing career and has helped in becoming the most prominent exponent in the so-called New Volksmusik and Alpine Rock in three famous places Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

The name itself refers to which place he belongs to and this change in his name has helped in achieving these heights in his career. He has not only received national and international awards for his tremendous work but also has a good collection of certificates for his records. He holds good knowledge about musical instruments like guitar, Steirische Harmonika, trumpet, clarinet, and vocals.

Jorg Haider

He got his name from the German word. He was born on January 26, 1950, and passed away on October 11, 2008. He was a successful politician of the state Austria. He became as a Governor of Carinthia for the two times in his career and those were: first when he belonged to the Freedom Party of Austria as he was on the post of a long time leader of the Party and later from the Alliance for the Future of Austria as a Chairman of this. In his career span as a Governor of Carinthia. 

He has worked under the Gerhard Dorfler and has preceded Christoph Zernatto during the time from April 8, 1999, to October 11, 2008. Before this, he worked preceding Peter Ambrozy and succeeding in Christoph Zernatto. His career span as a chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Austria. 

From August 30, 2008, to October 11, 2008, he served under the Stefan Petzner and over the Peter Westenthaler. Earlier he worked under Peter Westenthaler and had a preceded party established from April 5, 2005, to June 2006. He also worked under the Susanne Riess-Passer and preceded Norbert Steger during his career as Chairman of the Freedom Party in the year 1986 to 2000.

Ursula Haubner:

Ursula Haubner was born on December 22, 1945, and is a politician by her profession in the Alliance for the Future of Austria. At the early stage of her career, she was a member of the Austrian Freedom Party. She has started her life in the Bad Goisern which is in Upper Austria and he took her education from there only but went to the Bad Ischl by giving Matura exams in the year 1963. 

Her younger was also a member of the Austrian Freedom Party and also the Alliance for the Future of Austria party after Jorg Haider when she became chairman. She has worked as a teacher, member of parliament and also as a local politician from a very young age. In 2005, Ursula Haubner had joined as a federal minister of the social issues. 

She was succeeded by Herbert Haupt and she has already worked with her as a party chairperson in the year 2004. She also helped her brother Jorg Haider in joining the Alliance for the Future of Austria after leaving the good post in Freedom Party. As a member of the party, she has served the Austrian Parliament as a member of it and this was in the year 2013. She is living a successful life with her family which consists of her husband, two daughters and five grandchildren.

Franz Kain

Franz Kain was born on January 10, 1922, and died on October 27, 1997. He was a writer and also a politician by profession in Austria. He was born in Bad Goisern and got his education from there only. He started working as a carpenter but later did the task of a woodcutter. 

At the age of 14, he sold leaflets for the communist youth organization and got arrested for three weeks. According to Anschluss, he got arrested in the year 1941 and then later he did job or service in the German 999th Light Africa Division. He got arrested by the Americans and was blamed that he kept illegal weapons with him that are used in the wars and this was all done from April 1942 to March 1946.

After all these things, Franz Kain came back to Austria and started working in a company named Die Neue Zeit in Linz on the post of a journalist for the newspaper company. 

Later he shifted to the other company named Volksstimme in Berlin and worked as a content writer for the newspaper and stayed there for about 3 years from 1953 to 1956. He has a wife named Margit Groblinger and a daughter whom he named Eugenie in the year 1961.


Wilfried Scheutz was born on June 24, 1950, and died on July 16, 2017. He is a famous singer, actor and also a songwriter in Austria. He was born in Bad Goisern am Hallstattersee which is in Austria. He was famous because of his work when he represents Austria in 1988 Eurovision Song Contest by singing Lisa Mona Lisa’s song. 

He played a marvelous role in the Hilde, das Dienstmadchen and proved his acting skills to the people and became very popular after that in the year 1986. He worked in Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung which is an Austrian band as a singer from 1978 to 1979. He died due to cancer and the complications due to it. He died in Lilienfeld and in the year 2017 on July 16. 


From the year 1869 to the year 2016, the population of the town is increasing as from 3,961 it has reached 7,478. During the year 1951, it was 6,183 which was about 56.1% more than the original no and in the year 2001, it reached a no of about 7,609 which is about 23% increase from the earlier observation. Later in the year 2016, there was a gradual decrease in the population rate of about 1.7%.


This is a very beautiful and attractive place with many unique things present there. Every individual visiting the place gathers many beautiful memories and collects very unique things from the place as a memory. They have places that are season dependent too and make the season more beautiful by adding their beauty to it.

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