Bad Hofgastein: Beautiful Hotels and Mountains

Bad Hofgastein is situated in the district of St. Johann in Pongau and also a town which is famous for its market. The main area where it is located is known as Salzburg which is in the Austrian state. It has a spa town located there in the Gastein Valley and also a ski resort that belongs to the network of Ski Amade. It is ruled by a Mayor whose name is Markus Viehauser. The district covers an area of about 103.72 km^2 and an elevation of 859 meters.

The population of the entire district is 6914 and the density covered by the population is 67/ km^2.

Places to Visit

Some of the beautiful places of the Bad Hofgastein are:

Stubnerkogel Suspension Bridge

The place which provides the best thrilling experience to the visitors and the people who visit the restaurants for the meal near the Stubnerkogel station. This is a hanging bridge and is just a few steps away from the station. The total length of the bridge is about 140 meters and one-meter extra space was there for the binding of rope that provides the swing to the bridge. 

This bridge helps in connecting the distance from the restaurant that is built on the mountains to the station which helps the people to go back to their homes. While crossing the bridge, there are only two things required and that is head for the heights and people with strong nerves as they are crossing the bridge which is not stable and is temporary. There is wire mesh at the ending of the bridge to protect the people from falling into a 28 meters trench which is very dangerous and can end someone’s life.

The help of the rope is tied and the wire cables that are attached to it for providing support, all this helps in maintaining the bridge and provides it the strength to bear the wind speed of about 200km/hr. Franz Schafflinger who is the manager and handles the operation of the bridge providing safety and security to the people. He was inspired by the site of people crossing the cliffs with the feeling of fear in their hearts but was necessary to do. After this, he thought of constructing a bridge that would hang and will help people cross the distance.

Walking on the bridge is great fun for many people as there are many beautiful sites to see while crossing it. People have a feeling of fear in their heart but this fear releases when they reach the other side of the bridge. There is a ridge of the Stubnerkogel for relaxation of the hikers and the walkers and they can even enjoy the splendid range from the range of Hohe Tauern.

Gastein Valley

Gastein valley provides a home to the people of the three different communities which is protected by the Hohe Tauern mountains. Gastein Valley connects all the three places together and the places are Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, and Dorfgastein. 

Among all the other valleys of the Tauern valleys, Gastein valley is the longest valley and covers about 40 kilometers of the area. Gastein valley offers and provides everything for the guests and also includes about 200 kilometers of pistes. 

They also have an astonishing Healing Gallery and the hot springs that are famous all over the world. They also provide a playground for the people who are die-hard fans of outdoor sports and all this can be done with the help of alpine landscapes and they are served using virtuality. 

Ski Center Angertal and Buchanan

The practice of ski is done in the Gastein Valley which is a very easy task as it is faster than any other ski-practices. It provides a better experience for many of the people who love doing ski. There are two places that have been considered at the time of doing ski and they are Angertal and the Bucheben. Theses places are further extended so that they can provide the best ski experience. 

There are great fun and excitement among the people to do it in the snow. This was the wish of the Franz Schafflinger who is the director of Gastenier Bargbanen wishes all the people good wishes people trying this. They never looked at the age group of the people approaching them whether they are just kids or they are old. The things that are required while doing it are extra usage of tunnel conveyors and with this, the newly generated slope can be used in an efficient manner and also in an optimal way. 

And covering the areas of Buchebenarena which are in Bad Gastein they provide novelty for the kids. They provide the practice field and the two conveyors for the safety of the kids while moving or crossing the uphill. There is a carousel for children so that they can enjoy and have fun.


During the time span of 2016 to 2020, many investments were made by Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG for the modernization of the Schlossalm ski area. He invested about 85 million euros for that. The construction of many projects that were important is completed in the year 2017 to 2018. 

A new launch for the Schlossalmbahn was done for the people with advanced features on the date December 1, 2018. Winter sports help in finding the state-of-the-art facilities related to the ropeway and many new designs of the slopes of the ski are done.

The biggest and the most successful project that Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG has done in his life is the construction of monostable gondola by adding modern things in it and have reduced no of cabins for the people and the total no is 10 of it. In the areas that are present in the lower places are replaced by the funicular. 

According to all things that are mentioned it is clear that they are no requirement of the further changes to be made in the middle station in the future. Their main motto is “non-stop to the top”  which focuses on being the top in the list without stopping the things. The station of mountains of the Schlossam New will be shifted little meters to the vertical direction. This helps in achieving the optimal distribution of the point. 

From this stage, people can choose an option out of all the three downhill. The downhills that lie in this option category are Haitzingalm, Schlossam and Kleine Scharte. The major advantage of winter sports is that it helps in increasing the transport facilities by doubling them from 1400 to 3000 for people per hour. They provide the facilities in such a good manner that the people do not wait for transport and do not face any difficulty.


Schreck is situated in the Goldberg Group of the High Tauern and is a mountain of 3,123 meters long in Austria. The mountain is visible from the ascent to Cochran. It is present in the rightmost direction of the Wurtenkees summit and in the north direction of the Hoher Sonnblick. 

Schreck has a prominence of about 427 meters and an elevation of about 3,123 meters. The isolation of the mountain id 6.90 kilometers in the Hocharn and provides parent range to the High Tauern and Goldberg Group. It is located on the border of the two states Carinthia and Salzburg and also is the main chain of the Alps. 

It is 4.8 kilometers as the crow flies from the east to the southeast direction of the Hoher Sonnblick. The Cochran is the first highest summit in the Goldberg and after that, the second position is taken by the Schreck. In the southwest direction of the summit, there is a glacier present which is known as Wurtenkees and also the ski region of the Molltaler Gletscher. 

There is a Hochwurtenspeicher reservoir which is present under the mountain and has a complex Fragrant power station. Just below the top of the mountain from the north side, a glacier is present and the name of the glacier is Schareckkees. 

Because of the opening of the ski region near the mountain has left no concept of climbing the mountain as it provides the lift system to the people. The lift system is in ascending order from the south direction of the Schreck.


There are many beautiful and attractive places to visit in the district of Bad Hofgastein. There are several spas,  restaurants, and hotels that attract their visitors towards them and provides the best comfort from their side. There are many hotels and many of them are very luxurious. One of those hotels is Grand Park hotel which is the largest hotel and also popular among the people. 

Grand Park Hotel is a five-star hotel with the best type of services. The two other famous hotels are Osterreichischer Hof Hotel and Bismarck Hotel and they are 4 and half plus star hotels of the Bad Hofgastein. They have recently undergone some kind of refurbishments and renovations which will help in attracting more and more people towards it.

Since the past few years, the government of the Bad Hofgastein has made many investments for the ski-system of the Gastein Valley, which is the most beautiful valley of the Bad Hofgastein. For the improvement of piste and lifts, the government spent about 45 million in the last three years. From 2008 to 2009, Senderbahn lift which is a very long lift and allows a maximum of 8 people inside it and travels from Angertal to Stubnerkogel, was opened. 

Later in the year 2009 to 2010, the Stubnerkogelbahn lift was introduced for the people. The lift allowed 8 people to travel like Senderbahn lift but traveled in two sections and both from Bad Gastein to the Stubnerkogel summit. Along with Stubnerkogelbahn lift, a GipfelXpress lift was also introduced which can accommodate a maximum of 6 people in it and was present in the Dorfgastein.

There are many investments made for the development of new things in the state and one of them is Schlossalmbahn lift whose construction is under consideration for providing help to the people to travel safely and without any difficulty. This lift will help in connecting to the Bad Hofgastein using the route that is down the town to the Schlossalm summit.

The main area of the square in the town is the focal point and that is mainly used for the purpose of live concerts and for live shows by many bands who perform live. Bad Hofgastein is very popular among the people of Austria and Italian and many Russian visitors. They always praised the beauty of the place and never let the image of Bad Hofgastein down because of any reason. 

The town never backs off from helping their neighbors in any difficulty and they have always helped them in growing and also promoted their things. They have helped their neighbor Bad Gastein always in terms of investments and also in gaining the beautiful days that were there during the time of Archduke Ferdinand.


The Gastein Valley that flows in the district is part of the High Tauern range which is further part of the Central Eastern Alps. It shares the border with Carinthia and also stretched from the Salzach valley which is on the southern side of the Lend to the Alpine divide.

Bad Hofgastein has the same distance from Dorfhastein which in the northern side and Bad Gastein which is in the south. It has a beautiful beautiful Railway line which is present over the valley and is named the Tauern Railway line as it reaches the Tauern Railway Tunnel.

The municipal area of the district includes the following cadastral communities and the name is Harbach, Wieden, HeiBingfelding, and Vorderschneeberg.


It is a very beautiful place with attractive and beautiful hotels, restaurants, bridges, and mountains. The comforts provided in the hotels are very good as compared to the other places. There are many advancements done to provide comfort to the people and to reduce the difficulty of the people.

Featured Bad Hofgastein hotels & holiday apartments

Gesundheitszentrum Hotel St. Georg

Rates from: € 109.00 / Double Room
The medical spa Hotel St. Georg is a friendly family owned and managed establishment in the heart of Sportgastein Ski Area of the Austrian Alps. It boasts a superb location on a sunny panoramic slope, surrounded by charming alpine lawns and the breathtaking landscape of the Hohe Tauern Mountains, just steps from the town centre, the train station and the Schlossalmbahn ski lift. The property is set up in an elegant country estate and offers welcoming guestrooms and serviced apartments, equipped with private bathrooms, panoramic balconies and all modern amenities, designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding guests.

Hotel Klammer’s Kärnten

Rates from: € 72.00 / Double Room
Klammer’s Kärnten is a family-run hotel offering 4 star standard of accommodation in cozy and welcoming environment. It is located in the town centre of Bad Hofgastein – an attractive thermal and ski resort in the beautiful Gastein Valley of Austria, within the Sportgastein Ski Area. The property is just steps from the central pedestrian area, the Alpentherme thermal baths, the train station and the ski lifts. On-site features include an outstanding spa & wellness centre with panoramic sauna, thermal swimming pool (outdoor and indoor), Jacuzzi, steam bath, fitness and massages.

Hotel Pyrkerhof

Rates from: € 25.00 / Room
Featuring a picturesque hillside location 50 m above the town centre of Bad Hofgastein, the cozy and intimate 3 star Hotel Pyrkerhof boasts inspiring views to the mountains and over the valley. There area two lovely panoramic paths to the nearby central shopping area – 2 and 10 minutes long. The local ski slopes are just outside the property, while several hiking and biking trails can be found in the immediate vicinity. The on-site spa and wellness centre is equipped with sauna, steam bath, massages room and solarium. Other services include Wi-Fi Internet and free public parking.

Holiday Apartments AlpenParks Residence

Rates from: € 90.00 / Apartment
Residence AlpenParks offers comfortable accommodation in fully serviced holiday apartments, housed in three modern buildings, enjoying a quiet location, just a short walk from the central pedestrian zone, the ski lifts to the outstanding slopes of the local Sportgastein Ski Area and the thermal baths – Alpentherme. All apartments are airy, rich in natural daylight and have private panoramic balconies with breathtaking views over the town and to the surrounding Hohe Tauern Mountains. Services include free private parking, Wi-Fi Internet connection in all private and public spaces, breakfast, sauna and bike rental.