Bad Kleinkirchheim: A must Visit in Austria

Bad Kleinkirchheim is a spa and municipal town. This town is situated in the district of Spittal an der Drau which is in Carinthia state. In 20th century the farming becomes the main focus for the people of Badkleinkirchheim. But after it will be renowned by ski resort and spa. But the records have something different data as they will clearly show that the people of Bad Kleinkirchheim will appreciate their land area in 11th century. The first guest arrived in Austria at Bad Kleinkirchheim in the 17th century. For many years back this things happens for the first time that Bad Kleinkirchheim are trying to focus on their tourism more than their agriculture. 

Popular Places

Heidi Alm Mountain Resort Falkert

The ski resort Bad Kleinkirchheim is situated at the height of 1700- 2300 meters and the whole resort is loaded from snowmaking services and they have enough arrangements to cop up with the snow that will cover the whole resort at the mid of December. The whole snow will cover this hotel from December to late of April. 

The climber usually wants a resort that will provide them a pleasure after heavy skiing. This resort will provide them tempting services and that’s why this resort will be loved by a lot of visitors every year. At the foot of this hotel, there is a lake which gets frozen and in winter people usually play various sports in the freezer river. This resort also has the facility of Toboggans. 

Heidi Alm Children’s adventure park

Heidi Children’s Adventure Park is in Falkert, which is also in Austria and pretty close to Bad Kleinkirchheim. This is the only Heidi Park in the whole world and the amazing fact about it is that it will be enjoyable for all the types of ages whether you are a kid, young aged or an old aged person you can visit here for having fun. 

They will have 26 different types of scenes that are destined on the basis of cartoon series that we see in our day to day life. They will offer you a free ride of a fairy tale world and from these things, you will get good deeds like love for your neighbors and a lot more things. 

They will also have the idyllic forest and this forest is based on a story named Johanna Spyri and this forest becomes the main attraction for most of the visitors. The whole forest consists of 120 different types of characters. There is a specific timing in which this forest will be opened. 

The forest will get opened in the mid of May and last up to late October. Not only the stories and cartoon films but they also offer the Alm-Ohi hut which consists of a small museum and a petting zoo which consists of Rabbits and goats.  

Alpen Wild Park Feld am See

Alpen Wildlife is a wildlife park that also consists of a museum with it. This beautiful place was situated in the north valley of Lake Ossiach. This place comes under the municipality of Feld am see and comes near the sport location called Bad Kleinkirchheim. This wild park was created by a farmer who feeds the fallow deer breed and the name of the farmer is Josef Scherzer. 

Later on, this wild ark was spread into a big area and a new species also found here which is known as red deers and mouflon. This species attracts many people at that time and finally, this place becomes a wild park and opened for the public in 1985. A Buschenschank also complemented this place for its vegetation that`s why they opened a separate Museum in the zoo and the first stone of this museum was laid by the fish preparation collection which was acquired in 1993.

The Granatium

The history of Granatium consists of thousands of years. You can understand in this way like the love that is available in the endless shades of red. A fascinating has an endless value in the town of Radenthein. Whenever you go to this place you will no questions left in your mind about it. 

This place will not only give you the information on gemstones but also give you a very great experience. The visitors can easily touch the unknown treasure of Nockmountains. You can also experience the unique sensation of Garnetchamber. There is a Granatium shop from where you can purchase the gemstones you like the most. They will have a wide collection of polished gemstones, garnet jewelry, and a lot more precious things.


Brennsee is also known as Feldsee and it is a lake in Carinthia which is in Austria. This river is situated in the Gegendtal Valley. This valley was 739 meters above the Adriatic. The river runs from East to West from the Gurktal Alps ranges. The steep slopes of the southern region are Minrock covered with grass and forest. 

While the northern region is covered with the Alpine pastures. Brenner entirely comes under the municipal area. The river got its water from the ground and from other books which are in the north region. On the western end, a streaming machine was fitted which can dewater the water into Kleinkirchheimer. 

Wollner Nock

It is the southernmost range of mountains in Gurktal alps in Austria. Thus mountain range is spread into different parts like the federal states of Carinthia, Styria, and Salzburg. The shape of the mountain is dome liked and the summits of this mountain are covered with grass.  

The highest peak of Nock Mountains is Eisehut which is in Styria and the elevation of this mountain is 2441 meters. The lower part of Nock mountains is in Tauren and they got stretched till Katschberg Pass. In the west region, the river Lieser and the river Drau separates this mountain range into Ankogel group and High Tauren. In the east region, these mountain borders are bounded with the Gurkvia  Flatnitz Pass.

Nockberg National Park

This lies in Carinthia and is an outstanding beauty in it. Because of its beauty, it will attract a lot of visitors every year. This plays an important role in preserving nature in it. The only drawback that this place will have it that they will not meet with the criteria f other national parks of Austria. The borders of Styria and Salzburg are considered as the ends of this national park.


Bad Kleinkirchheim is at the elevation of 1087 meters which is 3566 feet. This town is stretched for about 5 km in the glacial trough in the Gurktal Alps which lies between Millstatter See and the upper region of the Gurk River. The most populated region of this town lies between 980 meters to 1380 meters. Knock is the highest peak of Bad Kleinkirchheim which lies at 2331 meter which is at 7648 feet. The North region of Bad Kleinkirchheim and St. Oswald lies within the area boundaries. 

The steepness of hills from north to south will be increase very quickly and in between these two regions, it will be elevated to about 2000 meters which are about 6600 feet. So to go in and out you need to visit B88 road which is a path that links Radenthein in the west to Reichenau in the east. The northwest border of Bad Kleinkirchheim is Krems and the southwest border of Bad Kleinkirchheim is Feld am See.

Municipal arrangements

Bad Kleinkirchheim was divided into three Katastralgemeinden- Kleinkirchheim, Zirkitzen, and Sankt Oswald. The station of mountains of the Schlossam New will be shifted little meters to the vertical direction. This helps in achieving the optimal distribution of the point.

From this stage, people can choose an option out of all the three downhill. The downhills that lie in this option category are Haitzingalm, Schlossam and Kleine Scharte. The major advantage of winter sports is that it helps in increasing the transport facilities by doubling them from 1400 to 3000 for people per hour. They provide the facilities in such a good manner that the people do not wait for transport and do not face any difficulty.

This area become part of Noricum when the Romans were not settled in their remote and dense valleys. In the mid of the 8th century when the Slavs migrated to the Drava with the following Bavarian settlers. This town passed the Carolingian Suzerainty in the early 9th century. As it becomes the part of Duchy of Carinthia in 976 AD this city was held by the Bavarian Aribonid dynasty.

In a document released in 1166 which clearly states that Archbishop Conrad II confirms the donation of Chapel to Millstatt Abbey. 

This thing is mentioned in Chirchem. This thing is considered as the first thing that is mentioned in Bad Kleinkirchheim. This thing is also mentioned in the deed which was released in 1777 by Pope Alexander III. The Benedictine monks helped to get the forest cleared for colonization and also help to settle the colonies. This colonization later on called as Kleinkirchheim.

Millstatt Abbey got passed off in 1469 and his kingdom will be passed to Knightly Order of Saint George. This kingdom was established by Emperor Frederick III. He established this area to protect their people from the attacks of Ottoman forces. After the Fall of Constantinople campaign the Balkans they established this. The troops of turkey broke down into regions in 1473 after robbing the towns and plundering the valleys. 

A group of 600 farmers also tried to take them out in 1478 but they remain unsuccessful in doing this. But in 1480 the Turks leave this place by themselves, this happens most probably because of the invasions of Hungarians which they performed under King Matthias Corvinus.

Many farmers in Kleinkirchheim turned into Lutheran during Protestant Reformation. Till the 16th century, this thing turned into a movement of freedom for religion. However, the emperor of Habsburg comes into power he made Roman Catholicism as an official religion. But still the Crypto- Protestants were busy in smuggling of book and arrange secret meetings in Counter-Reformation. 

Patent of Toleration was issued by the emperor in 1781. He was a Protestant who will have all the rights of Catholics. Bad Kleinkirchheim was also ruled by the French emperor for a short period of time. They ruled this town during the Napoleanic wars. But after the war, they again returned to the Austrian provinces in 1816. The farmers of this town get more rights because of the revolution that takes place in 1848. This revolution results in very beneficial for the farmers. 

In1973 finally this city got its the final name and the Bad should be added to its name and now it becomes Bad Kleinkirchheim. The word bad means spa and this city got this name because of its popular hot springs. 


The population of this town got slightly improved as in 1869 this city will have a population count of 915 people but with the time it will be increased to 1863 people in 2001. The best part about his town is the most number is residents of this city belongs to the Austrian community. Near about 93.4 percent of its total population belongs to the Austrian Community. 

The remaining portion of the population will come from South-East Europe and some other communities like Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Germany. The most popular language of this town is Germany as 95.2 percent of its total population will speak German language. 

The other languages that will be spoken in this city are Serbian, Croatian. Most of the people of Bad Kleinkirchheim admits them as the Catholicism Romans. The rest of the people are Protestants, Muslims, Orthodox and some of them are non-religious confessions. 


With the final words, we conclude that Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria is a great place to visit and we hope that after reading this article you have all the essential information about this place. So if you are planning for a trip then go ahead.

Featured hotels in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Harmony Hotel Kärntnerhof

Rates from: € 83.00/Room
Harmony Hotel Kärntnerhof features a scenic panoramic location amidst lovely alpine meadows in a calm area of the famous Carinthian mountain resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim, in the heart of the famous Nockberge ski area. It is a short walk from the town centre and ski lifts. The establishment offers a wide choice of modern-day facilities: an outstanding wellness centre with sauna, steam bath and hydrotheraphy showers, a heated indoor swimming pool, a comfortable restaurant with conservatory and parlor, a nice café with terrace, a pub, children play areas and private outdoor parking lots.

Harmony Hotel Kirchheimerhof

Rates from: € 110.00/Double Room
The luxury 5 star Thermenhotel Ronacher is one of the most attractive and best-equipped spa hotels in Bad Kleinkirchheim. It has tastefully decorated guest rooms in the traditional Austrian style with a modern twist, all with breathtaking panoramic views of the magnificent Carinthian mountains. The property features an outstanding spa & wellness centre, a unique outdoor salt-springwater pool and a romantic Tuscany garden with herbs and fireplace.

Harmony’s Hotel Prägant

Rates from: € 90.00/Double Room
Harmony Hotel Prägant offers cozy bed and breakfast accommodation in a fine central location next to the Town Hall and just steps from the Römerbad Pool and the Kaiserburg cableway station in the picturesque small town of Bad Kleinkirchheim surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Nockberg Mountain. The property has two nice panoramic restaurants, a comfortable lounge with fireplace, library and Internet access, a conference room and two swimming pools.

Hotel Trattlerhof

Rates from: € 88.00/Double Room
The 4 star ski hotel Trattlerhof is an ideal choice for an enjoyable winter or summer mountain holiday. It is located just 150 m from the ski lifts, providing quick and easy access to one of the most famous ski areas of Austria with 100 km of outstanding ski runs, 30 lifts and 520 snowguns. The town itself is known for its modern spa facilities. The establishment is also a perfect base for summer hiking in the mountains – well kept hiking trails start just outside its doors.

Bed & Breakfast Alt Kirchheim

Rates from: € 64.00/Double Room
Enjoying a picturesque location in the town centre of Bad Kleinkirchheim, close to an old church, surrounded by tranquility, scenic alpine meadows and trees, commanding spectacular views to the Nockberg Mountains, Gasthof-Pension Alt Kirchheim offers cozy and affordable bed & breakfast accommodation for a truly enjoyable holiday, no matter whether you like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking or just relaxing and have professional spa procedures. This family-run guest house is just 50 m from the stop of the ski bus, 350-400 m from the Römerbad thermal baths and the station of the cable car.