South of Innsbruck city centre and just a short and pleasant walk from the graceful Roccoco church in the Wilten city district, is situated the historic Bergisel Hill, which rises at about 750 m above sea level. On this hill and its surroundings took place in 1809 the famous 4 battles between the Napoleon’s forces supported by the Bavarians and the Tyrolean people lead by Andreas Hofer, who was loyal to the Austrian crown.

In the first battles the brave Tyrolean militiamen defeated the aggressors but eventually they lost the war. Andreas Hofer was betrayed and later killed in Mantua, Italy. The Bergisel Museum shows a complete collection of objects and memorials related with the Tyrolean freedom fight in these and other battles, as well as a spcious gallery with the historic paintings of Albin Egger-Lienz from the First World War. The Bergisel Hill also features many sports facilities, such as the Bergiselschanze (Bergisel Ski Jump) offering possibilities for jumps from 104 m or lower and the Olympia Ice Stadium. Here visitors can see the monument of Andreas Hofer and the memorial chapel with the tomb of the Tyrolean riflemen heroically felt in the battles against Napoleon and the Bavarians.