7 Best Hotels of Dorfgastein

There are a lot of hotels placed in Dorfgastein. But here I am sharing 7 best hotels which are very close to the visiting places. Let us see what the specialties in them.


This hotel is placed in an idyllic position of Dorfgastein of Sulzberg land. If you start crossing the way to Fulseck valley then it will take some time to reach because it is not so far from Roemerhof hotel. If you put some effort into walking then you also can see the Hohe mountain region and the Grobarital skiing region. Let us check now what specialties about this hotel are. The hotel is made of natural components. 

There is a smooth touch is on the floors and the walls of the hotel. Most of them are made of hardwood, loden, and leather. The hotel rooms will give you a full home-like feeling. There are so many rooms with a separate bedroom. A family special arrangement is also there to entertain you. The Roman tower is also located near, so any time you can give a visit. The hotel rooms offer you a sweet balcony. 

So taking the fun of seeing The Roman Tower can be done from the balcony also. The hotel also offers you the necessary offers which you need while traveling. High-speed WiFi connection, photocopier, video recorder, conference rooms, fax facilities, reading room, car rental facility, restaurant, library, and so many amazing things. You can also bring your pet here because they always allow it.

Landhaus Hochreiter

This hotel is placed on the slope of the Dorfgastein Mountain far from the busy city. All the needy and visiting places near this hotel can be reached on foot within some minutes. Solarbad Water Park is within 9-minute walking range. The traveling facilities by Cable car are also available here. Landhaus Hochreiter offers 3 types of apartments for their guests. Those are Gelb, Blau, and Grun. Gelb is generally for one to two-person and gives you the perfect home-like feeling. A living room with an attaching kitchen is present here. 

The second one, Blau is for two to four-person. Adjustable beds with a balcony are present here. And the third one is Grun which is a large apartment and this is for a full family. The walls and ceiling are made of woods. The atmosphere will give you the perfect thrill and give you the enthusiasm to explore new things. The nearby visiting places are Salzburg and Spiegelsee Lake. During summer, a lot of visitors come here to just take a bath from this 22 degree Celsius water. 

This water freshens their mind l, body and soul as well. There is a playground near the lake where you and your children can spend a well afternoon. During the time of winter, when the water starts to freeze on the mountain region then it makes a perfect place to skiing. Apart from these, the hotel offers its guests sweet meals with a free internet connection.


This hotel is located near the Dorfgastein Grobarital ski lift. This hotel offers you both a summer and winter invitation. This hotel is placed directly at the center of Dorfgastein. Beauty parlors, shopping malls, good transport facilities, and restaurants are positioned just a few minutes from the hotel. The calm and quiet environment will give you a pleasant atmosphere to breathe. Among all other visiting places, the most popular is Bad Gastein Felsentherme, Gasteins’s Radon Gallery. Also, the Alpentherme thermal spa is available always to give you a perfect experience.

The hotel contains a total of three apartments. Easily 6 to 7 people can adjust themselves in it. The wonderful balcony offers you a shiny good morning every day. Not only this, but there is also a kitchen where you can taste your food in case if you are not habituated of outside foods. Though the food facilities along with the foodstuffs are amazing here. Essential equipment to spend the leisure time with family members within the hotel room is also available. The sight scene from the hotel will attract you to give a walk around the place. During the winter season, the visitors come to see and do skiing in the skiing arena near this hotel. 

The skiing arena is linked to the Dorfgastein and Grobarital. In winter, taking a massage from the Felsentherme thermal spa will give you the energy back. During the time of summer, it is a great opportunity for you to explore the coolest lakes and refresh your body. The beautiful mountain region with Salzburger land and hiking tracks will give you an awesome experience in summer. The other facilities of the hotel include a drying room, laundry facilities, barbecue area, smoking house, nonsmoking house, baby bathtub, garden barbecue, paragliding, sled rides, hiking tours, cross country tobogganing and so many to mention. For children, there is a large playground, child reduction, high chair, toys, etc are available.

Landhotel Untermuellnergut

This hotel is unique because it contains a smooth combination of modernity with culture and tradition. The place is positioned in a very well place from where you can see so far. The hotel is situated on the slope of Fulseck. The hotel rooms are arranged in a manner that you can get everything when it is needed. They have a special double room for couples which is known as Dorfblick. Shower, washroom, kitchen and drying room all are available. For two to three-person, Gasteinerblick and Bernkogelblick and Edelweiss are there. For 4 to 5 people or for a whole family, there are Apartment Fulseck and Dorfer Himmel. The table cloths, the paintings on the wall and the design and architecture all give the example of the tradition with modernity. The homelike atmosphere always helps you to be calm. 

There is no need to worry about the cooking because the chef is already a gold and silver winner in his field. Also, there are water beds and a special bathtub to relax and a special facility of massage will give you the perfect afternoon. During summer, the autumnal harvest festival is started and people from various countries and neighborhood localities come here to attain this. An interesting and funny hiking trail is also present to entertain the summer vacation. A hike of legends where various mythical characters will show up. During winter the Dorfgastein becomes the place of skiing. Cross country skiing with stoke rock and ice skating attract a lot of people. And the scenery from the hotel rooms of the Dorfgastein mountain region is awesome.

This calm and quiet hotel offers you herb garden, farm, terrace, restaurants, barbecue area, TV, seating facility in garden motorcycle, car rental facility, ski storeroom, drying room, free internet and a lot of other things. There are also special arrangements are available for children like sandboxes, indoor games, bed, and other equipment. From the hotel, you can arrange your sports choice. Tobogganing, hiking, paragliding, mountain climbing, and other activities also. 


This hotel also contains the touch of tradition with a mixture of modernity. It will take hardly 10 minutes to reach this hotel from Fulseck Gipfelbahn by car. The hotel is placed in between the Hohe Tauern mountain region. Now let us check what this hotel offers to us? The traditional style rustic furnishing furniture offers very comfortable sitting. The bright rooms with splendid aroma start to win your mind. The rooms are connected through a WiFi connection and TV is in every room. The cuisines will surely attract your eyes because they are made of Austrian culture. 

Huatessen restaurant is a specialty of this guesthouse. Noodles and tasty ribs are the best dishes here. Veg and nonveg all are available here. In the evening they offer special three types of snacks. The hotel will offer you the food, you wish to have. I mean if you have special restrictions on some spice or other ingredients then they will make it in that way. They always offer healthy foods to their guest. Generally, in the time of winter, the terrace is open for breakfast and lunch in the shiny sunlight. In summer, a special barbecue is arranged on the terrace at night. Now let us talk about visiting places nearby. 

Entrische Kirche is the famous stalactive cave for which a lot of visitors come every year in between May to September. Entrische Kirche is the largest mysterious cave in the Salzburg mountain region. This place is known as the place of strength among the local people. Apart from these, there is a castle placed nearby which is also amazing in infrastructure. So you can have a visit there.

Smart Hotel

The environment of SmartHotel will give you the touch of Alpine lifestyle. This hotel is popular among visitors due to its hospitality. It may look like the advanced era has somehow mixed with the ancient tradition. The hotel is situated in the Salzburg land of Dorfgastein. The beautiful Fulseck gorge is about 300 meters far from the hotel and you can see the beauty of nature by standing on the balcony. 

Dorfgastein Grobarital skiing area and Hohe Tauern Hiking area are also close to this hotel. So, you can cover almost every visiting place from here. The Grobarital skiing area is the branch of Ski Amade Skiing Network. You can join this event with your friends and family members. The track is so easy and a guide will be always with you. The snowshoe hiking and horse sledding can also so be done in the wintertime here.

In summer the world near the hotel becomes a fully new one. Biking and hiking are common in summer but activities like gold panning, hunting bow course are very cheerful to the visitors. Apart from these, the Gasteinertal Ferrara track is also present there to give you the taste of adventure. In hotel, buffet, well-groomed bedrooms, kitchens, well cooking service, smoking, and non-smoking areas, breakfast room, barbecue facility, boot dryer, WiFi and special arrangements for pets are available. The hotel is perfect for spending a holiday with your family and the best thing is the hotel is decorated in a manner that always gives you the home-like feeling.


This 5-star hotel is located at the right of the central bus stop of Dorfgastein. From the balcony of this hotel, you can see the remarkable landscape of Salzburg land. The hotel itself provides you the Alpentherme thermal spa. There is a total of 26 rooms in the hotel. A proper homelike traditional touch has given to the rooms. The rooms are filled with needy equipment in our daily life. The large rooms and hall can allow a total of 50 people. 

Parking Lodge and a protected garage are also there to keep safe your vehicle. Each apartment contains children’s room for the security of children while the adults are busy doing other works. There is a huge playground along with training of hiking for children are available there. If you put your eyes on the window then you can see the moving Cable cars with the gorgeous mountain landscape in the background.

Ski Amade area is placed nearby. Cross country skiing in Sportsgastein and hiking facility during wintertime gives you an unforgettable experience. Your eyes will fill with joy and you will fall in love with nature. During the summer, the view of nature looks like a picture book. Gastein’s Thermal water is here to fresh your body and soul from the scorching heat of summer. And the food in this hotel is delicious. They have a very talented chef to give perfect satisfaction in flooding. 

These are the best Hotels in Dorfgastein. A lot of other hotels are there. But those who are near the visiting places, have a high demand. Among them, these hotels offer the best fooding, lodging and other comforts as well. And the most interesting fact is all these hotels are offering a very pocket-friendly price. So try to be one of them to make your journey comfortable.