How to Spend Time in Fuschl am See?

From the name you can easily understand that this place is full of water and lakes. Apart from lakes, a lot of other things are available to visit. Let us see them one by one.


You will feel like, you have come to the paradise somehow while you reach to this place. The sunbeams, the chirping of birds are amazing at the final destination Eibensee Lake. The food facilities have changed during recent years. So start your journey after completing your breakfast. The way to Eibensee Lake is straight forward and after crossing miles and miles by car, now you can see the pleasant stream of Eibensee lake. 

After crossing the lake behind you can see the Wildmoos nature preserve. It will take hardly half an hour to reach that destination. The calm and cold stream flow will amaze your mind. You will never feel bore in the area of the river like this. The thick layer of the forest will give you the shadow of nature’s love. 


Wanderweg of Fuschl am See valley which has the hiking track number 40 is present near this lake. If you are feeling tired by crossing a huge distance then the wonderful lake stream will recharge your battery again. Fiblingsee Lake will guide you to the way of “Salzkammergut Bergeseen Trail”. On the way to the Fiblingsee Lake, you will come across the beautiful creation of nature. 

This route is a total of 350 kilo meters long. This route has covered almost 35 lakes in the way. It will take almost 45 minutes to reach this lake. You can see your face clearly on this lake’s water due to its pollution-free neat water. As I mentioned before, the combination of flora and fauna of this lake will surely amaze you. So, make a note to visit the Fiblingsee Lake while you are here.


When you are in Fuschl am See and you are planning to visit Hintersee lake then hiring a bicycle and traveling the way on cycle will be the best way to enjoy nature and adventure. The way is not so long. So if you want to use your legs instead of going to a bicycle, then you are welcomed also. 

While you are going through this path you can see Hirschpoint swimming area near Hintersee lake. You can find out adventure in the way where ever you want to find. There are a gravel path and a small ground near the bank where the children can spend their time playing. The cool water is best to refresh your body from the scorching heat of the sun. You also can have fun playing volleyball in the water.


Ebenau and Plötz waterfall are the attractions of here too. It will take hardly 15 minutes to reach this place on foot. This place is quite hard for bicycles, so you have to cross this way on foot. There is a nature-made mill can be found. This mill is very old. Once it was very active but in recent days, it is only used for landmark purposes. This mill is used as a landmark because when you will reach it, you can hear the roar of the waterfall from this place. You can have the fun of bathing under the waterfall.


If you ever have seen any pictures of this place then you must be wonder when you will come here. Because you will amaze that the scenery is more beautiful than the photograph. Words will not be enough to explain the beauty of this place. The most interesting part which will sure pinch your mind how the people of this locality accept nature with their daily life. 

The sunlight of the morning, the bath of the natural tubs, the song of the birds and the shades of the forest will make you comfortable. You have to come to Felsenbad in person to feel this beauty in front of your eyes. After following the Almbach stream and spending long after the canyons of the Strubklamm canyon to take a bath again, you can see the Wiestalstausee Lake which is very hygienic is glowing in the sun. It will attract you and you can’t deny it. In the evening time, the bath in the lake is surely an adventure. 

How We Can Enjoy the Summer Time Here?

The area approximately the loch is recognized due to its charming natural world flanked by imposing mountain varieties and neat and clean lakes. Everyone seeks their memorable holiday information. So let us check about the boat trip. The special electrical barge which is made of wood keeps you from Fuschl am See to Fischerei Castle in Hof in the neighborhood of Salzburg and back once more. 

The Fuschl am See has huge glide, heated open-air swimming pool, a huge territory, fitness region, sauna, and so many needy things also. If you love the place which is very cool and quiet and you want to spend the whole day there then Fuschl am See and Hintersee is the best option.

For hikers, the Fuschl am See is like a paradise. Faistenau-Hintersee has 150 kilometers of hiking tracks and mountain territory which ensures charming imposing and landscapes. The Alpine area is covered with meadows. Families can have the full fun in Fuschl am See during their holidays. Moving around the surroundings with the cycle in the Fuschlsee region is not a bad idea. 

Friendly racing is a common sport here. You can enjoy the thrilling adventure for sure. E-bike rentals are also available for those who love to dive in more adventure. A number of draw attention to such as the amorous deer feeding or a horse-drawn toboggan ride through the snow-covered winter scene inclusive the winter gift. The Gaissau Hintersee Skiing arena with 30km of ski gradients is very comfortable for our companions. The cross country journey in Faiseau is also very thrilling and gives you the worth of your money. Two floodlit ski areas are also there to give the viewers a perfect journey on the skiing. A huge number of sports and cultural events are taking place all year.


You can find the fabulous looking castle just the opposite of the lake. It is known as Fuschl castle. To visit this place you have to take a boat. Though, calling this wooden material as a boat will be a serious criminal offense as the local people have named it Zille. “Zille” is a smooth grounded water car with a pointed bob. It can be marked especially commonly in Austria. 

This meaning of the name Zille which is in Fuschlerin refers to very extraordinary because it links Fuschl am See with the fishery positioned of the other side. If you ride on Zille, it would be a unique adventure of your life. On the way of going castle, the beautiful scenery of the surrounding, as well as the playing of fishes in the water, will catch your attention. You can also find some swimmers are swimming across the lake. This place is open for swimming for all the visitors also. So if you are interested to dive into the water and want to take a small trip to the other side then you are most welcomed here.


If you are an athlete’s then Fuschl am See is the best place to do training. Athletics from different countries also come here to train themselves and a special hotel is arranged for them to provide necessary equipment during the training session. the Mohrenwirt hotel one of the hotels for athletics which is located in the center of Fuschl am See. The hotel is well aware of when and where the trainees need what kind of help and they are always prepared for them. 

Trainer and experts are also available there to guide you to the very best and always give you the perfect tips and tell you the tricks to reduce extra effort. Apart from these, the hotel is also well aware of nutrition for athletics and according to this, they prepare their food for their guests. And if you are interested to do training all by yourself then also you are welcomed here. A specific ground is organized for this purpose to give the space to the guests who want to train alone. If you come here for triathletes purpose then your performance will increase for sure.

The swimming facility is also open for the guests if the weather is ideal. If your luck is very good then you can enjoy the best pools in Fuschl am see bad. This region is very famous among the sportsman due to the availability of swimming, racing s well as athletics features. Whatever you want to do here like, cross miles and miles by cycle through the road or try to get the topmost position by hiking or pass through the maximum distance by skiing or swimming the whole, all are here to give the perfect enthusiasm to the sportsman inside you. The running track is here to give you the ideal training experience. The wide track is around the lake and not so far from the mountain regions. 

Apart from all of these, the impressive flow of water, the calm deciduous jungles, the well-arranged golf course, and under which the organization trail passes. The Fuschlsee castle which is placed near it has a perfect landscape that film studios are always picking this place for their background. You will wonder to hear it that this place is also a hotel. Not only just a hotel, but it is also a five-star hotel. So if you are planning to spend time here then you will feel like paradise. 


The town Thalgau is recognized as the doorway to the Salzkammergut. This place contributes well to village traditions. Thalgau is a place where you can find well treatment for guests, well food staff, beautiful landscapes and the perfect place to roaming around. 

The Salzkammergut to Thalgau is the best place to spend the holiday. The city of Mozart is also included in the list due to a lot of visiting places there. The lakes like Fuschlsee and Wolfgangsee are very loving to the visitors and local people due to its cool and calm streamflow. During the time of autumn, the Salzburg’s city has decorated itself in a new manner that visitors always feel attracted to it.

Here are the places which can be visited during the holiday.The tiny Koloman Church which is in Kolomansberg is the last wooden church in Austria which is famous as People Shrine.The Wartenfels ruin is balanced on a precipice on the gradient of the Schober which is the attraction due to nature’s awesome creation. That was the year 1261 when the castle was first built up. But now the ruins are left only. But these ruins are the attraction for the visitors. The harvest festival is another attraction of this place. A museum is located here where you can find out the past left out things of the castle. They have opened this place for the visitors to have the sight of the things. This is all about the summer vibes in Thalgau. 

During winter Thalgau is also pleasant and has something to offer you. In winter you can walk through the landscapes provided by the Thalgau mountain area and also can do hiking with your choice. With the light sunbeam, hiking is the best feeling of the wintertime. You can have guides with you. But if you want to spend the time along with your family members then also you are welcomed.

This is all about the visiting place and training places for you in the Fuschl am See. If we conclude then this place is perfect for a holiday in both summer and winter. But if you are a sportsman then a lot of things are there to entertain you and give you the best adventurous sports. So, you must visit this place once.

Featured Hotels Fuschl am See

Hotel Mohrenwirt

Double rooms from: € 61.00
The charming family-run Hotel Mohrenwirt boasts a picturesque location in the lakeside town of Fuschl am See, Salzkammergut. It is set amidst tranquil green gardens, just 200 m from the splendid shores of Lake Fuschl. Facilities include a fine private beach on the lakeshores, private parking, restaurant, shuttle service and Wi-Fi Internet access, small spa and wellness centre, conference room. The property is an ideal base for a relaxed vacation in this amazing region of Austria, as well as for day trips to Salzburg, Bad Ischl, Hallstatt and St. Wolfgang.

Hotel Waldfrieden

Double rooms from: € 40.00
The small and intimate family-run Hotel Waldfrieden offers homelike comfort and warm hospitality for a truly pleasant and relaxed vacation on the shores of Lake Fuschl, Austria. It enjoys a quiet and picturesque green setting on the edge of Fuschl am See – a small lakeside town, just a short stroll from the lake and an ideal starting point for excursions in the Salzkammergut region and to the nearby city of Salzburg. The property has a small spa area, restaurant, fitness, sauna, private parking and wireless Internet broadband. All 15 guestrooms are en-suite, featuring stylish and elegant furnishings.

Hotel Seerose

Double rooms from: € 98.00
Hotel Seerose is the ideal destination for a memorable romantic vacation in the lovely lake district of Salzkammergut. It enjoys a superb lake front position, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Lake Fuschl and in the same time just steps from the town centre. This small family-run property will charm you with warm Austrian hospitality, undisturbed tranquility and top quality of present-day comforts. All guestrooms have private balconies with spectacular panoramic views over the lake and to the picturesque surrounding mountains, ideal for romantic moments contemplating sunsets over the lake.

Seehotel Schlick

Double rooms from: € 74.00
Seehotel Schlick is a perfect choice for a relaxed and romantic holiday in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria. It boasts a splendid lake front location in the pretty small town of Fuschl am See. Overlooking the crystal clear-waters of the alpine lake, surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery, this family-run establishment is only steps away from the central shopping area of the town. The on-site restaurant with panoramic terrace serves tempting regional specialties, many of them with fresh fish from the lake. The property has a private boat house with beach, bar, parking space and Wi-Fi access.