A Trip to Hall in Tirol

Hall in Tirol is situated merely 10 km in the east of Innsbruck in face of the imposing Bettelwurf massif. By now in 1231 AD, Hall was named as saline. The salt factory in the Halltal gorge was once the most blooming parts from the 13th century to 1967. Salt was elated through the salt path to Matrei am Brenner. 

After a time it was delivered even to foreign countries like Switzerland, the Black Woods and the region around the Rhine river. In 1303 Hall was grown to the rank of town. The name of the hamlet gets from the word “Halle” which has the meaning of “city of salt workers”. The symbol of the city is the example of two golden lions on a red ground with a saline tub in the heart part of the city.

Two attractions of the gorgeous city are its ancient district and the Hall Mint Museum and the Mint Tower. In 1477 the archduke Sigmund which belongs to Tirol had the regional mint transported from Merano which is located in South Tirol to Hall. Probably because of the surrounding area of the silver pit of Schwaz. 

In the year 1748, Maria Theresia thaler the owner of the mine was donated about 18 million times and recruited all over the world as a means for the expense. But this duration of time is enlisted in the Hall Mint Museum which is at Hasegg Castle. This castle was restarted in the year of 2003. The Mint Tower is also a wonderful place to visit.

But in the ancient district, you can feel the time of the Middle Ages. Especially, the Obere Stadtplatz square where the town hall is located. The Gothic Saint Nicolas parish church is there to make the city more colorful. The largest preserve area is under the protection of the government. In some distance, the Stiftsplatz square with the Sacred Heart basilica is situated. 

Especially, the ancient city of Hall is bigger than the ancient district of Innsbruck. It is more advance but also capable to be seen. The Kurpark of Hall is standing still beside the modern tower and the park hotel. The Christmas market is one other attraction of this place. So if you are planning to visit this place before Christmas then you must spend Christmas here. 

So many other events and occasions are going on the Hall in Tirol, all the year like Hall Radish Festival, the Organic Mountain Farmers’ Festival, cultural highlights, etc.  So must visit the place with your family and friends. The most demanded places are listed below.

Hall Mint Museum

With the help of “Franz”, the acoustic guide guests can examine on 500 years of mint the past and can still obtain on to the trail of cast controllers and obviously, technical atmosphere. By offering so much mint they want to attract more visitors to be there and see the collections of historical items. 

The perfect explanation system is there to teach their young guests. They have a child tailored version of the acoustic guide and they are allowed to open their minds here to get knowledge. The Mint Tower is considered as the symbol of the city. With so much lighting and sound effects and by using limited glamour they offer data on the past of this city in the Hall Municipal Museum. 

The computerized system offers context knowledge about the city and structural designs and produces a special computer program for guests. The rise of the tower is awarded by a wonderful sight. But the falcon region organizes falcons that have been kept up in the peak and you can see the live animals. Archaeologists always involve themselves in work and research to do more improvement in the Archaeology part of the museum. 

The products of the middle Ages are exhibiting in the virtues and make known the unbreakable situations of these days. The triple run staircase is one of the best example archaeology can be found here. It keeps you to the Europe Thaler which is the biggest silver thaler of the world is here to attract attracting viewers from all the country. The weight of the silver is almost 20 kg. At the time of leaving you can put your coin in the shops of the museum.

Inline Skating

Whatever it may be like uphill, downhill or alpine skating, you can have the fun here. The special treatment and protections are available for the children also. Inline skating is a famous sport and known to the whole world and locomotion “in one line” is one of the stunts which is becoming rapidly accepted. 

These popular sports approached from the USA. The skating system is intended in 1980 by the Olsen brothers from Minneapolis. Moving on a skateboard and traveling a long distance with friends is surely a thrilling experience. There are so many skate parks are available in the Tirol. Here I am mentioning some of the famous skating areas with the name of the parks. These are Olympia world Innsbruck, Skate park Park In, Skate park Kufstein, Speedskatearena and Skate park Lienz. 

Inn Cycle Route – Tiroler Unterland

This cycle track goes through the inferior Inntal valley which is very flat. Spruce villages and townlets have situated the length of the track and at the back, the Tirolean alpine world increases up to the sky. Regardless of, The way from west to east which is mentioned here or from east to west. The beautiful green valley with Inn river is ideal and pleasant for cycling.

Beginning at the Ottoburg, the R2 Cycle Route goes in the direction of the east through the parks on the reservoir for the Inn in the center of Innsbruck. 

After passing through the Olympic Village you can go to the Hall in Tirol by enjoying the sights. Here the cycle path alters to the southern reservoir of the Inn until Wattens what went before the Swarovski Kristallwelten. Everywhere you go on a cycle on the northern reservoir of the river will show up again. 

You can keep your trip on going until Schwaz and Jenbach comes. This is the place where a cycle road spread off in the direction of Lake Achensee. But the Inn Cycleway comes first again in the direction of east and after crossing the hamlet of Strass, the Zillertal Cycle path is also spread there. The after that hamlets the length of the Inn River in Brixlegg. These are subsequently after the Rattenberg which is the small medieval municipality. 

This place has the true significance of visiting. Past Kundl, Wörgl  which is the connection to the Brixental Cycle path and Kirchbichl, you can pass those areas with cycle. You may see the meadows until Kufstein comes. The municipality with its imposing defenses is the most recent main city all along the Inn Cycle-Path. 

At Erl, just by crossing 16 km along the down position the area of Tirol trimmings are finally comes to end and the Inn Cycle Path carries on to Bavarian territory. After passing of 175 kilometers in the neighborhood of Passau, the cycle path finally unites with the Danube Cycle route.

Mining Museum Hall in Tirol

The Mining Museum is placed underground which is located in the center point of Hall in Tirol. There is an amazing and eye-catching rare things are available in the Fürstengasse valley in the city of Hall in Tirol. The Bergbaumuseum Hall in Tirol is opened for all aged people. You must bring your child to take a visit once. It is situated in the famous “Schmalzwaage” where the products were preserved. 

This place is once an old mining place where the salary was stored for the workers. The Mining Museum Hall in Tirol is a reflection of a channel of the salt pit in the Halltal valley. This valley was stopped up for 50 years ago. Almost 800 years of well functioning it has been stopped. Here you can feel how it looks like to be in an underground place. Hall in Tirol has a very close relation to salt because it landed a hand to build the city in 1303. This mining can be a reason behind the wealth of the city.

The mines are carrying the history and pain of the workers who once gave their effort to build this. You can see various minerals and ruins part which are containing the history for a long time. 

Spring hiking from Lake Herzsee to Hall in Tirol

This walking trip is generally suggested in the springtime due to near to the ground mountain scenery from the southeast of Innsbruck. It has spread to Judenstein and from side to side the Hasental valley. The preliminary point of the trip is situated on top of the hamlet of Aldrans in the vicinity of Lake Herzsee. 

You must follow the road sign which will lead you to the small lake and then the tarmac path from side to side the Herztal valley in the direction of the Wiesenhöfe farms. These farms are where you will arrive almost 15 minutes from the start. From here you can enjoy the amazing sights of blossoming meadows to the Nordkette mountain chain and the Inntal gorge. 

You have to keep on walking side by side of the Knappental valley which is a circular path down a woodland path through the forest. The path keeps going to some extent downhill awaiting the connection to Judenstein. A small gradient escorts you to the pastures of Rinn in the neighborhood of the location of the village.

The tarmac path then follows the Mooshöfe farms to the place of Mary Church which is famous as the name of Mariä Heimsuchung. Down the woods route you must stroll down into the Zimmertal gorge and the woods path will lead you to the atmosphere of Volderwald. This is the place where you can adjust to the different sides of the gorge. 

After that, you can pass through the footpath flyover over the Inn River and approaches to the heart of the Hall in Tirol where the journey gets a full stop. If you are feeling tired then taking a bus or train is the best option to come back home.

The journey from Lafatscherjoch saddle to the Hallerangerhaus

The old Salt Road from side to side the Halltal valley begins in Absam close to Hall in the Inntal gorge. At the corner of the Bettelwurf quarter where the path is close to traffic closed to traffic. This place is an exception to the ferry facility. Also, a parking place is there for walkers. 

The most excellent path during the thin gorge is the Fluchtsteig route which is going analogous to the tarmac path and is most important to the St. Magdalena snack bar. This place is an only relaxation point for the ramblers. The place is not so high. The height is almost 1500m. You have to walk through the Issjöchl saddle which is nearly 1,670 m in height. This height is enough to enjoy the alpine scenery of the Messenger from where the incline to the Lafatscher Joch begins. 

There is the highest peak of 2080m which is our final destination and quite long due to others. The summit of the Karwendel Mountains has faced on the way to the sky from the Wildangerspitze.  You can see the other mountains like Stempeljochspitzen, Mount Lafatscher, and the Speckkarspitze which have also an amazing sight from that point. 

The path finds its way to reach the Karwendel Alpine Park which is a highly preserved location. The thin tracks guide you to downwards to the Hallerangerhaus which is at 1,768 m. This part overlaps with a phase of the Karwendel track. You can rest in the huts there and the cooking is very delicious to get back the full energy. 

Hall in Tirol is decorated in a fully different manner during the wintertime. The snow falls and lighting in this area will give you the feeling like a paradise.

Recommended hotels Hall in Tirol, Austria

Parkhotel Hall

Location: Town Center  Rooms from: € 98.00

The luxury 4 star Parkhotel Hall enjoys a privileged location in the immediate vicinity of both the atmospheric medieval town centre and the marvellous spa gardens of Hall in Tirol, commanding inspiring panoramic views to the mountains and over the old town. It offers 59 comfortable modern accommodations in a futuristic building with an impressive tall glass tower, each of them equipped with all contemporary amenities expected from a top quality contemporary hotel, including a mobile computer with complimentary wireless Internet connection, direct dial telephone, TV, radio, mini bar, hairdryer, safe and scenic mountain views.

Austria Classic Hotel Heiligkreuz

Location: Panoramic, near old town         Rooms from: € 76.00

Boasting an idyllic panoramic location just a 10 minute walk from the old town of Hall in Tirol, the modern and elegant 4 star Austria Classic Hotel Heiligkreuz offers top quality of contemporary accommodation, warm hospitality and breathtaking views towards the mountains in the heart of the amazing alpine province of Tyrol. Facilities include an on-site à la carte restaurant, conference room, free Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the building, complimentary private parking, easy access to a nearby public outdoor swimming pool, day bar, cozy lounge with fireplace, private garden with astronomical observatory. Rooms are large, brightly lit, decorated and furnished in an inviting alpine style. Most of them enjoy inspiring mountain views. All have free access to the Wi-Fi network, satellite TV, safe, private bathroom, hairdryer and safe.

Hotel Goldener Engl 

Location: Medieval Centre           Rooms from: € 105.00

Hotel Goldener Engl is a romantic historic hotel with a splendid location in the picturesque medieval centre of the town. It is housed in an original 14th-century palace with well preserved original features, providing an attractive mixture of old world charm and top quality of modern 4 star comfort. Guestrooms and suites are spacious, bright, furnished and decorated in traditional Tyrolean style, equipped with a number of modern-day facilities, including high-speed wired Internet connection, mini bar, satellite TV and in-room safe. Guests can dine in the property’s three rustic-style small restaurants, serving mouth-watering regional specialties from Tyrol in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Other services include free private parking, airport shuttle and room service.

Gartenhotel Maria Theresia 

Location: Heiligkreuz      Rooms from: € 77.00

Gartenhotel Maria Theresia is a welcoming and elegant 4 star hotel with a superb tranquil location in the Heiligkreuz district of Hall in Tirol, enjoying spectacular panoramic views to the surrounding Tyrolean Alps, a short walk from the romantic medieval old town. The hotel has an on-site restaurant with elegant and inviting halls, serving tempting specialties from the regional and international cuisine, well combined with excellent wines from its own wine cellar. Furthermore, guests have at their disposal a charming garden with panoramic mountain views, garden café, children’s playground, well-equipped conference centre, free Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the property, ample parking space next to the main building. Rooms are designed in a pleasant Tyrolean style with ample wooden elements to create warm and relaxing atmosphere. Most of them have balconies with inspiring mountain views.