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Heiligenblut is a place where you can learn a lot about the past. A total of 6 museums are there to give you the perfect knowledge of Austria’s past. Apart from this, there is the largest national park which contains a perfect combination of flora and fauna. Let us check them out.

Hohe Tauren National Park Region

In the Alps, this national park is the largest reservation for the animals. The Hohe Tauern National Park is the greatest nature preservation region in the Alps and which is spread throughout Carinthia, Eastern Tyrol and Salzburg. This national park is also very old. This is the oldest and 100 years ago, this park had been found. In the year 1939, first, the concept of the national park has been found in Austria after inspiring by America’s Yellowstone National Park which was found in 1872. 

In the year 1987, The Hohe National Park was taken under government custody after passing an agreement among Carinthia, Eastern Tyrol, and Salzburg. The Hohe Tauern National Park is situated upon 1856 sq. km. The huge spread area is almost triple of any ordinary national park. This region has passed through an ice age, volcanic age and contains so much evidence of that. A minor broad range of weather and climate within the National Park is a collection from oceanic to continental. This builds a perfect combination of flora and fauna.

At the center of the Heiligenblut Adventure Regionit provides wonderful options for activities for those who want to taste the holiday here. Carinthia is a place where you can see art, culture, adventure, sports, dance and eye-catching landscapes with your family and friends. Nationalpark Kärnten Card is a place where people wait eagerly to see the views. This park combines an all-embracing event of reductions and advantages in immediately “one single card”. 

In company with the in excess of 100 desirability, performances and interesting places which are surrounded by the touchstone Kärnten Card. The National Park report also provides extra knowledge with advantages purposely inside the National Park area. In distinction to criterion Kärnten Card while the National park of Kärnten Card is not allowed to be obtained economically. At the same time as being in Carinthia’s National Park Region, you never feel bore.

If you want to move around with your family members and want to spend time with more interesting places here are those. Those are Grossglockner High Alpine Road with the Grossglockner Cableways. You can also visit the gold-mining village close to Heiligenblut. These outside journeysare area under discussion to specially offered by their partner corporations. The guests mainly focus on Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe. The natural park taxi is another point of interest here.


The cableways will reach you to the top of Heiligenblut. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain, smelling the aroma of the air and absorbing the natural views at the gorge below. To reduce your journey, the cable cars are available here and it will safely reach you to the top of the mountain. Every meter you are going up, surely see the beautiful and stunning beauty of nature and the surrounding mountains make the valley more attractive. 

At the topmost position, you can see the whole world beneath you and from there the Hohe Tauern begins. While the winter season comes, the cableways become the vital center of the Heiligenblut ski region. It will reach you securely, smoothly and very quickly to the mountains. Here you can see beautifully formed pastes are at your footstep. 

The gondola liftkeeps you through the village of Heiligenblut. Its final destination is to the Schreck summit. From this place, you can see the whole skiing arena of Heiligenblut. Within 55 kilometers of skiing area, a total of 12 skiing arenas are there for you. These will give you the full adventurous satisfaction.

The summit of the Schreck mountain is some steps ahead of the place where the gondola lift leaves you. It’s hard to feel the awesome view of nature by traveling within a short time but it is the bet you can do here. The Grossglockner is present at the altitude of 2600 m and there are 4 skiing arenas within that range. 

Geotrail Tauernfenster is a place where the cableway summit station starts. During the summertime also, you can take the fun of the great mountain peaks and by traveling the cable cars. They offer June to September, a special offer to travel and doing ski riding in the arenas. The gondola lift also brings you to the National Park of Heiligenblut.

Grossglockner High-Alpine Road

Grossglockner High-Alpine Road is placed very close to the National Park of Heiligenblut. The Grossglockner High-Alpine Road is a great example of an engineering study that is placed in Heiligenblut. It was formed in 1935. Franz Wallack, the civil engineer of Austria made his dream successful to build a link between North-South Salzburg and Carinthia through the  Fuscher-Törl. This connection was his determination and finally, he got success. Within 5 years only 4000 labors had made this connection. No one hoped about its completion but they never gave up. Now this place is considered one of the great visiting places in Heiligenblut.

Every springtime, the road was covered with snow. They have a special team to remove the snow from the road and make it clear for the visitors. The design of the machine is given by the engineer himself and because of that, the traveling purpose gets very fruitful. During each springtime, the snow thrower teams are here to celebrate their joy. A lot of visitors come here to celebrate this snow throwing event every year. The starting of May results at the beginning of the summer months in the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road. Camper vans, motorbikes, and cable cars and lots of other things are making their way through this path. The gorgeous sights of the travelers and riders of the Hohe Tauern mountainscape are just amazing and can be enjoyed. Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe is the main attraction of this place. 

In this high location, you can feel like you are flying in the sky and you could easily touch the clouds whenever you wish to do this. The ‘Gamsgrubenweg’ trail and the Pasterze Glacier Trail with so many other hiking trails are passing through this region and make the area more attractive for the sportsman as well as the adventure seekers. The Grossglockner has everything like sports, adventure, and information in various ways. Numerous hiking tracks and roads which are going through and also connected to Hohe Mountain. 

The Pasterze Glacier track keeps you near to the glacier’s everlasting ice while the ‘Gamsgrubenweg’ road guides you again in the direction of the center of the mountains. Those who love to do long-distance hiking; this place is perfect for them. Hohe mountain tracks offer them the road almost 15km long. The Grossglockner High-Alpine Road is as well creased with ample family well-matched actions counting plentiful showing and museums positioned on both elevations of the highway. 

Their issues assortment from near to the past manufacturers and recent maneuver of the street. To know about the interesting information about the Hohe Tauern mountains. If children are feeling bored and want to play some games then there is a huge playground present for them. One thing about this trip, you will agree with me that fun is more in the valleys than the scenery.

Historical Glacier Cableway

The Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe to the Pasterze glacier, the cable car will give you the ride with perfect landscapes. When you land your car at the popular Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe then you are allowed to see the beautiful landscape of Grossglockner High-Alpine Road. 

Stretch out your muscles because the journey will begin now. In Pasterze, the greatest glacier is located in Eastern Alps. During the building of the cable car stations, it can still go through the never-ending ice; But now, the glacier’s ice has receded so much. This is why before lifting on the cable cars; the passengers must walk some distance. This cable car ride is one of the amazing feelings which you can feel when you will be at the top of the Hohe Mountain. 

In summer and winter, both the time you can have a special discount on the ride. The Glacier Cableway begins in a straight line at the celebrated way to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe and from there it will seize you downwards to the gorge station. It will take 30 minutes to reach the glacier’s border. 9 km of undying ice make bigger previous to you and when you ignored by Austria’s longest mountain. This mountain is almost 3798m in height. 

The Glacier track is a fabulous and more or less exigent rock climbing road guiding from the Glocknerhaus which is located nonstop on the Grossglockner High Alpine Street to the Pasterze. The greatest glacier in the Eastern Alps is present here. The way brings you from side to side the dramatic, high-alpine scenery of the National Park. 

This place is famous in the name of ‘Hufeisenbruch’. This long route is very tough but well-trained guides will be with you. They will take you swiftly to the very top position without any difficulty. And on the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Art and Culture

At the highest position, you can also see the combination of art and culture. It’s tough to be acquainted with where to begin, bearing in mind the riches of habits, lifestyle, craftsmanship, and creative and educational legacy. You would feel affection for to split with the Heiligenblut area. 

The countryside itself is noticeable by a confused in addition to attractive precedent and a lot of those who have survived during significant improvements or occasions will willingly provide just around the corner into their knowledge. The area also provides a frequent carefully planned arrangement that vibrantly transports the earlier period to existence. Here you can see 6 top most famous museums. Connect to the authority while going to that surpass time, into what went before and expectations of Heiligenblut am Grossglockner.

Obtain brush up in the gold hustle and feel an ideal relations escapade. The Heiligenblut Gold mining hamlet is a very old village that precise rebuilding of a real 16th-century agreement that on one occasion busies a very similar place. This charming position keeps the entire family back to the oldest days. 

In the Hohe Tauern Mountains, an event is organized every year to celebrate the gold quest. The wonderful event always expresses the beautiful gold and its brightness. Though the exhibition is placed in short of time it always attracts huge visitors every year. In Grosskirchheim’s  Putzenhof Inn which is almost 500 years old and popular as ‘Gewerkenhaus’. This place carries the evidence of being a gold mine in that place for a long time.

Winklern’s famous ‘Mautturm’ tower also organizes an event: beneath the designation of ’Tauern Crystal Treasure’ which contains a mind-blowing appearance to keep you on away into the enthralling nature. This underground place will give you the perfect adventure of seeking mystery. If you are a history lover as well as the lover of a thrilling experience then you will like this. That history or specifically the dark past is shown to the exhibition every year. So you will like this for sure.

There is another outdoor museum in Heiligenblut which vibrantly offers the history to existence to its visitors. The whole museum is natural and unarranged. But the simplicity of this museum gives you the feeling of our predecessors. While you will enter into this museum you will feel like you come to the age of its beginning. So much thrilling experience is waiting for you here. 

Heiligenblut is a place where you can find out the perfect requirements of a family trip. Hiking, cycling, cable cars, playground, swimming pools and antic museums all are here to give you the perfect holiday. I hope you will like this place for sure.

Recommended hotels Heiligenblut, Austria

Hotel Glocknerhof 

Location: central, panoramic       Rooms from: € 64.00

The 4 star Hotel Glocknerhof boasts /marina-city-aparthotela fantastic panoramic location right in the historic centre of Heiligenblut, facing its 15th-century church with an impressive Gothic needle spire and the surrounding mighty peaks of the Grossglockner Alps/marina-city-aparthotel – the highest and one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in Austria. This welcoming, recently renovated family friendly hotel is just steps (2-3 minutes on foot) from the ski lifts, being at the same time an ideal starting point for hiking and biking tours in the summer months. Facilities include an on-site /marina-city-aparthotelspa and wellness centre with indoor swimming pool/marina-city-aparthotel, sauna, fitness, solarium, beauty treatment and massages. Furthermore, guests will avail of a restaurant, bar, Wi-Fi Internet access, modern business centre, children’s play room, babysitting and child care, free public parking space.

Hunguest Hotel Heiligenblut 

Location: 300 m from village centre         Rooms from: € 59.00

Perched on a sunny slope 300 m from the village centre, the charming Hunguest Hotel Heiligenblut offers /marina-city-aparthotelquality 4 star accommodation for an enjoyable family vacation or romantic break/marina-city-aparthotel amidst the inspiring mountains of the Hohe Tauern National Park. The hotel is just a few hundred meters from the valley station of the cable car, boasting splendid panoramic views over the Mölltal Valley, the historic centre of the village and the surrounding peaks of the mighty Grossglockner Alps. Facilities include restaurant, parking area, kids club, babysitting, Wi-Fi Internet connection, indoor swimming pool and tennis courts. Rooms are elegant, with en-suite bathrooms and private balconies, creating romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Pension Bergkristall 

Location: Großglockner Cable Car              Apartments from: € 38.00

Pension Bergkristall offers comfortable 3 star accommodation in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, enjoying a fantastic location /marina-city-aparthotelon a panoramic slope, just 30 m from the station of the Großglockner Cable Car and a couple of steps from the centre of Heiligenblut/marina-city-aparthotel. Facilities include breakfast buffer served every morning, free Wi-Fi Internet in the common areas, private car parking, BBQ facilities, ski storage and ski boots dryer. Summer bookings for two or more nights include complimentary Nationalpark Kärnten Card with many discounts for the attraction in the region. All /marina-city-aparthotel11 studios and two-bedroom apartments/marina-city-aparthotel are decorated in a warm and inviting alpine style, equipped with pleasant wooden furniture and an array of modern-day comforts, including fully equipped kitchenettes, tea/coffee makers and satellite TV.

Panoramahotel Lärchenhof 

Location: panoramic, 100 m from centre               Rooms from: € 112.00

Panoramahotel Lärchenhof boasts /marina-city-aparthotela fantastic elevated location, commanding spectacular views/marina-city-aparthotel to the more than 3000 m high summits of the Großglockner Mountain Range, as well as over the Mölltal Valley with the picturesque historic village of Heligenblut and the needle spire of its 15th-century Gothic church. The hotel is /marina-city-aparthoteljust 100 m from the centre of the village and the valley station of the cable car/marina-city-aparthotel, ensuring quick and easy access to the excellent slopes of the Heligenblut-Großglockner ski area. Facilities include panoramic à la carte restaurant, spa and wellness centre, free Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout the building and private parking area. All 26 rooms and suites have welcoming alpine décor with comfortable wooden furniture and a range of modern-day comforts, including wireless Internet access, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, bathrobes, telephone, in-room safe.