The Best Hotels in Leogang

Austria is in a beautiful state situated in Europe. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. Due to the rich influence of its neighboring states like Italy, Hungary, Poland the state boasts of old majestic Basilicas, Galleries, and Cemeteries. The most celebrated ones that a traveler can visit are the Zentralfriedhof cemetery, Minoritenkirche church, Belvedere, and Schonbrunn Palaces. 

The beautiful cities of Austria are Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Significant and legendary people have been born in this charming state like Sigmund Freud, and Mozart. It’s a state rich in heritage, and its influence found in the education, music, cuisine. The state attracts millions of visitors all over the world who come with an appetite for sightseeing of ancient, charming, and graceful forts, towers and castles. 

Austria has a diverse setting like stunning and mesmerizing lakes, snow-covered peaks, and green meadows. Its city Vienna is famous for producing tasty wines which are heavily imported by countries around the world. The city of Salzburg transforms during the winters into a snow land filled with the sounds of Christmas bells and markets. Innsbruck is a romantic city for the lovers, as it’s filled with dreamy structures like the illustrious Renaissance Ambras Castle, Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl). 

Stockinggut by Avenida Hotel & Residences Leogang by Alpin Rentals

The beautiful, elegant hotel is safely nestled amidst the rich, green and tall trees. It looks quite picturesque from outside as it’s made of wood and metal which give a fusion of rustiness and modernity. The atmosphere around is peaceful and calm with blue skies and green meadows around. 

Interiors of the room are cozy and warm with beautiful beds and pillows. A nature lover will truly love watching the white snow mountains from the apartment. The hotel offers facilities like a terrace, spa, restaurant, skiing, cycling hiking, breakfast, bar. The rare attractions which the couples and families will find stunning are the spectacular Krallerhoflift, and Steinbergbahn. 

Things to look out for:

  • Skiing
  • Coffee 

Holzhotel Forsthofalm

The hotel is located in the middle of the mountains situated in Leogang, which provides tourists with an enjoyable experience of nature. The cool evenings are mostly spent at the rooftops, with lovely views of the mountains surrounding them. The room consists of huge wooden beds, with soft and white linens. Book lovers can spend their evenings in the comfy room reading, beside a bedside lamp. Huge wooden paneled, glass windows provide an excellent view of the mesmerizing sight of the snow-clad mountains and the green meadows. 

Beautiful, romantic evenings can be spent on the balconies, surrounded by seasonal flowers and shrubs. The Lake Zell and Pinzgauer Saalachtal enthrall the tourists with their nature’s beauty. The dining area boasts of sophisticated yet rustic tables and chairs offering a positive setting to dine the loved ones. 

The winter vacation or the Christmas holidays provides the best experience for the tourists and visitors at this hotel. The major landmarks of this hotel are Asitz Cable Car and Hermitage of Saint George. The hotel provides various amenities such as a fitness center with a gym, free wi-fi, spa, shuttle bus service, and pool.

Things to look out for:

  • Hamam
  • Rooftop Pool

Mountain Lodge

The hotel is located around 2.1 km from the bike park in Leogang. It is surrounded by the Regal snow-clad Dentsn du Midi Mountains, that shield the hotel from the hustle and bustle of the town.  The interiors of the room are warm and cozy, with white linen beddings and pillows. 

The rooms offer a calm and tranquil ambiance for the couples that are looking for privacy and relaxation. As the hotel is silently tucked away from the noisy town, it offers a spa, billiards, and indoor movies as a way of entertainment. The food lovers are sure to binge on the exquisite seafood, and the European dishes that are bound to raise their taste buds.  

The utility area is well maintained with massive bathtubs offering comforting bath after the travel. Ski and snowboard areas, biking trails, trams, and geological formations are some of the famous magnetism near to this hotel. Within a radius of 10kms, there are various tourist attractions such as; Familienberg Maiskogel, Schattberg X-press, Leoganger Bergbahnen, and Naturdenkmal Seisenbergklamm.

Things to look out for

  • Skiing
  • Terrace 

Das Rivus

Ardent travelers, lovely couples that one to escape into a mystic, yet a modern place then Das Rivus located in Leogang is for you. The hotel’s edifice is a fusion of ancient yet and classy elements that are bound to enthrall upon staying. Its wooden shielded glass windows offer a lovely view of the alluring and marvelous mountain ranges. 

Spa facility and the massage areas are an excellent way to spend the time with the loved ones while rejuvenating oneself. The Heated pools are excellent spots for the tired souls who need a bit of body reawakening. The dining area offers a diverse and unique range of dishes that have an Austrian element that can be enjoyed over a glass of exotic wine and champagne. 

The Valley Station which has the cable car is located near to this hotel. The cable car ferries the tourists across various attractions located in the city. The hotel has a distance of around 45 km from W. A. Mozart Airport. This hotel is more famous for relaxation purposes after a whole week’s work. Nonnative speakers will have the least difficulty in conversing with the staff as they communicate in English. 

Things to look out for:

  • Spa 
  • Sauna 

Sonnrain 13

Nature is the best place to relax and rejuvenate souls from constant wear and tear. The majestic yet noble hotel Sonnrain 13 situated in Leogang, provides an excellent stay for young couples who want to escape the drudgery of everyday lives. The floors and the ceilings of the rooms are carved in wood. 

Its appealing interiors and soft lines are white, which offer utmost peace and tranquility upon arriving into the room. Ample storage is provided by the well-furnished cupboards and drawers that will safely take care of the possessions. The sleek tabletop contains a coffee maker, to give quick adrenalin rush in the mornings. 

The washing area is inexplicably clean and white, with shining steel sanitary ware. The wintry and frosty nights can be spent at the outdoor fireplace with a glass of appetizing wine. Complacent lounge and TV are a den for the lively souls who have an appetite for entertainment.   The major facilities of the hotel include; free Wi-Fi, BBQ facilities, a terrace, and free private parking. 

The garden in this hotel is a relaxation asset for the tourists who had a day’s long skiing. The game room at this hotel is another common area that has over 100 games that keeps entertaining the tourists across various ages.

Mama Thresl 

The hotel Mama Thresl is positioned in the Leogang area, just 3oo meters distance from the Asitzbahn Cable Car. It’s a home for the fervent luxury lovers, as the rooms are designed elegantly adding the brown color to the interiors using wooden textures. 

The beds are alluringly soft and comfy which ensures a good sleep at night after the tiring journey. The classy, extensive glass windows provide a panoramic view of the attractive hills and the meadows.

The washing area is exceptionally spacious and sparkling to ensure a good mood. Diverse Asian, Austrian, Grilled, cuisines are served to the visitors to accommodate all the taste buds. Entertainment is guaranteed as the hotel provides varied options like cycling, hiking, table tennis, board games, and puzzles. 

Salach River, Zeller Sea are the tourist attractions that can be toured at ones comfort Free parking and Wi-Fi are the perks for opting for a soothing stay at the Mama Thresl hotel in Leogang. 

Things to look out for:

  • Live music performance
  • DJ

Hotel Gasthof Erbhof Anderlhof

The Hotel Gasthof Erbhof Anderlhof is nested in the small town in Leogang, amidst the entrancing green forests. Extensive snow dressed mountains, encompass the surroundings offering a magical feeling to the place. The quiet and village-like atmosphere sucks the visitor as soon as he comes to the place.

The hotel gives a rustic, and humble vibe with its wooden and metallic edifices. The rooms are designed to offer a simple yet contemporary ambiance decent sized beds and sofas. The surfaces and the broad windows are secured in timbre to offer a plush and an elegant mood to the vacationer. The washing area is immaculately maintained to ensure a comforting experience. 

Capacious terrace and tempting gardens offer the much-required comfort with the loved ones in the lap of nature. Holidaymakers are bound to top tale memoirs of the serene alpines and forest. Fun activities like cycling, hiking, skiing, table tennis are accessible to keep one engaged. To comfort the sore bones, Sauna is available which can be enjoyed with a company. The cuisine has been prepared to keep in mind the varied nationalities that visit the hotel.

Things to look out for:

  • Sauna
  • Special diet food. 


Leogang is a small town in the state of Austria that fulfills the appetite of travelers who come for vacationing purposes. It is a home for snow attired mountain ranges like Kitzuber, Kaiser and Lofer. Couples can take a morning walk along the Lake Zell which is a fresh aquatic lake. 

The cool, fresh blustery weather during summers makes it an exceptional holiday destination spot, that the vacationers should pack their bags immediately. A place for winter sports which also includes skiing and biking, Leogang is a famous tourist attraction across various seasons and holidays. The attractions across the city along with the hotel facilities provide comfort for the tourists. 

The time spent across the sceneries, mountain lodges, skiing, and biking remains as memorable for the tourists who had visited this city. Steinernes Meer plateau and Leoganger Steinberge are going to make the hikers go weak in their knees, as they offer stunning and colorful topographies for trekking. 

The sound toboggan run is an exclusive feature of Leogang, for the nature lovers who prefer tiptoeing across the scenic village at the comfort of a sled spread across the town. An exquisite platter of Leogang encompasses venison, Carpaccio, Risotto, goulash soup, pannacotta, wine, lasagna, schnitzel, and salads. 

They can be enjoyed in the nearby hotels’ outdoor seating, for dreamy late-night dinners. Bikepark Leogang provides nirvana for the heavy-duty bikers who will fall in love with the paths, as they are enclosed with the awe-inspiring alpines and colorful foliage. Leogang (Austria) should be on the bucket list for solo travelers, couples, and families, as it’s a Heaven on Earth. The vacationers will agree on visiting the place yet again, as it offers diverse and incredible experiences whenever traveled.  

The varying and incredible landscapes encompassing, meadows, valleys, mountains, lakes are bound to entice a person. However, the top-listed resorts and hotels are busy and crowded during the weekends and holidays. It is also difficult to maintain the snow security level for skiing tourists. Nonetheless, Leogang has a magical effect on the individual will leave one mesmerized and fascinated with its incredible beauty.

Featured Hotels Leogang

Ferienhotel Lindenhof 

Address: Rosental 10, Leogang 5771           Rooms from: € 60.00

The attractive Ferienhotel Lindenhof is located in a quiet and yet central area of Leogang, within a lovely and spacious garden, just a short stroll from the town centre, the Wimbach ski lift and the ski rental shop. The excellent slopes of Leogang-Saalbach-Hinterglemm skiing area are all easily accessible by the free ski bus service which can be taken right in front of the hotel. Among the on-site facilities guests can enjoy 2 cafés/restaurants , 3 nice terraces opened during the summer…

Hotel Der Krallerhof 

Address: Rain 6, Leogang 5771      Rooms from: € 125.00

Der Krallerhof Hotel is a family-run property renowned for its high quality of service. It is perched on a sunny slope at about 800 m above the sea level, in a beautiful and quiet surroundings, aside from the main tourist routes. This modern and cosy hotel welcomes guests in an elegant yet warm ambience offering all necessary comforts for a relaxing stay…

Hotel Löwenhof 

Address: Dorf 119, Leogang, 5771                Rooms from: € 99.00

The four-star Löwenhof Hotel has successfully combined the best in traditional service with modern facilities and professional service. The property is conveniently located in Leogang, close to a ski children garden and just 3 km from the Leogang-Saalbach-Hinterglemm skiing circus, easily accessible by the free ski bus or the hotel’s private shuttle. The hotel boasts incredible panoramic views. During the summer the hotel’s location is a an ideal starting point for hiking tours to …

Hotel Löwenhof 

Address: Dorf 119, Leogang, 5771                Rooms from: € 99.00

The four-star Löwenhof Hotel has successfully combined the best in traditional service with modern facilities and professional service. The property is conveniently located in Leogang, close to a ski children garden and just 3 km from the Leogang-Saalbach-Hinterglemm skiing circus, easily accessible by the free ski bus or the hotel’s private shuttle. The hotel boasts incredible panoramic views. During the summer the hotel’s location is a an ideal starting point for hiking tours to …


Address: Hütten 2, Leogang 5771                 Rooms from: € 114.00

The Forsthofgut Hotel is a charming 5 star establishment offering modern-day comforts in a friendly, homelike atmosphere. It is located in the very heart of the Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang ski area, overlooking the impressive Leoganger Steinberg Mountain. Housed in a beautifully renovated early 17th-century alpine house, the property has well preserved its traditional values, successfully combining them with all the latest facilities, including private parking, outstanding spa centre, private swimming lake and cost-free wireless Internet connection.