Top 8 Hotels in Poertschach am Woerthersee

Lots and lots of people go for the tour every year. Day by the number is increasing even more and so the number of hotels is also increasing. Sometimes it’s very easy to select the place to go for holidays or vacation but selecting a hotel there is not as easier as it seems to be. People book some hotels and aspects for some particular service of the hotel. But when they go there, they find that the service is not available there. So understanding this problem of the people we have brought 8 best hotels in Poertschach am Woerthersee.

There are a lot of hotels in Poertschach am Woerthersee and it is not an easy task to search the best one out of them while planning for the trip. So to lessen this problem of the people, we have prepared and produced the data of 8 best hotels of Poertschach am Woerthersee. These selection has been made on the basis of user rating, some research work and on the basis of a video blog of many travelers. So let’s start exploring each of them one by one.

1. Hotel Parkhotel Pörtschach


This amazing hotel is surrounded by a very beautiful natural view. It is located near the shore of Lake Wörth. It gives you a very amazing view of greenery all around as it is surrounded by a park of area 40000 Square meters. The hotel is very near to the Pörtschach railway station which is just 300m away. Klagenfurt Airport is also very near to it. It is just 22km away.

Activities and entertainment

This hotel offers many services to its customers. Most of them are free and some of them are on a small additional charge. Below is the list of some free services which include a sauna, tennis court, table tennis, hiking, swimming pool, waxing services, Neck massage, pedicure, body scrub, foot massage, back massage, and many others.

Some of the most popular off-site services offered by the hotel are windsurfing, diving, water sport, Golf, mini-golf, fishing, and massage.

2. Hotel Pension Krakolinig


The location of this hotel is very peaceful. It is situated above the lake Worth. From the balconies of the room, the hotel residents can enjoy the lake view. It is well connected with Velden and can be reached by car in just 5 minutes. The beach of the lake is just 800 m away from it. 


The hotel offers some outdoor activities. These activities can be availed while booking the room or even after booking as per the availability. Hiking is the most popular activity offered by it. The other two activities are Table tennis and cycling.


The Pension krakolinig offers many facilities which make it one of the high rated hotel. It offers free wifi in all corners of the hotel. So you need not worry about the network problem. Here you can also get free parking service so you can come here with your vehicle also without any tension of parking. If you love your pet and want to carry him on your tour also, this hotel would be best. This hotel also accepts the pets also but sometimes some additional expenses over this facility you may have to pay.

3. Hotel Villa Rainer


This hotel is one of the most booked hotels in Poertschach am Woerthersee. This very popular hotel is surrounded by a vast area park of 13000 Square meters. This hotel is well connected with the main railway station, airport and all major landmarks of Poertschach am Woerthersee.


This hotel offers many activities to all the customers. Many times it happens that people want a massage on the holiday but don’t get when they actually need it. Here you will not face any such issue. It offers massage service with a minimal charge.

If you don’t want to skip your fitness training, you can opt for this hotel. It offers a fitness center for every fitness freak.

If you love jacuzzi or hot tub, it is also available here for free of cost.

Golf course service is also available in it’s list.

Along with these, some other activities offered by this hotel are sauna, live sports events, table tennis, and many others.


In this hotel, you will get all those facilities which everyone needs. Wifi and free parking are the two most popular facilities offered here. Along with these the hotel also offers an airport shuttle, indoor play area, clothing iron, and many services.

The hotel provides everyone, who stays, some very special services. It includes fruits, tea, and coffee. It also provides a delicious breakfast and rooftop restaurant service.

4. Hotel Diana


Hotel Diana is one of all the very popular hotels of Poertschach am Woerthersee. This hotel is very near to Lake Wörth. Lake wörth is just 15 minutes’ walking distance from the hotel. The railway station and the city centers are also very near to this hotel.


All the major services which all the customers necessarily need, you can find here. The very common facilities like free wifi, private parking, Newspaper availability, etc you can find here Along with it, some other services provided by the hotels are Shuttle service, Airport shuttle service, tour desk,  room service, sun umbrellas, outdoor furniture, and many more others.


Many of the tourists want some specific activities during their hotel stay. For such people, the hotel offers many activities. If you love to ride a cycle in your free time of the tour, or cycling is your passion and you don’t want to leave it, this hotel may be a perfect choice for you.

If anyone wants to play table tennis, the hotel also provides this activity. Golf is also one of the major attractions of activities offered by this hotel. Along with these, some other activities offered by this hotel are spa lounge, sauna, Hiking, and many others.

5. Villa Christina


The very amazing Villa Christina hotel is also a grand hotel whose each service is up to the mark. The hotel is situated on the shore of Wörth Lake. The railway station and the boat pier are very close to this hotel. They are just 5-minute walking distance from the hotel. The Mossberg hotel is just 10 minutes’ walking distance from the hotel.


The Villa Christina hotel is known for its facilities which it offers to the customers. Along with all the basic services the hotel offers mini-market on site, soundproof rooms, on-site coffee house, Luggage storage, beauty shop, and many other facilities.


There is a long list of activities offered by the hotel. Most of them are free for all the customers and some of them are paid service for which, they may have to pay a few bucks. The list of free activities includes the name like beachfront, full body massage, yoga classes, etc. If you love to go for some very advanced and more fun-filled activities like hiking, golf, etc where you may have to spend a long duration outside, you may go for the paid activities. Some paid activities, other than golf and hiking are diving, bike tours, tennis court and many more.

6. Werzers Hotel Resorts Pörtschach


The hotel is surrounded by a park of area 3000 square meters. The hotel is situated on the bank of Wörth Lake. The view of the lake from the hotel balcony looks so amazing which can’t be exactly expressed in words. It is viny near to Klagenfurt Airport which is just at 20 on distance from it.


The list of facilities provided by the hotel is very long. It includes all the basic facilities along with some very special services. Some of its special services include permission for the pet, sun terrace, outdoor furniture, sun umbrellas, shuttle service, and many other facilities.


The hotel offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner everything in the room or wherever you want. All types of delicious cuisine either veg, non-veg, Austrian, continental or international, everything you can get here with the authentic taste. Along with it, you will also get coffee and tea lobby in the hotel.


Nowadays, when people book their hotels, they also seek some extra activities offered by the hotels. It may include both indoor and outdoor activities as per requirement.

Most of modern people are interested in activities like hiking, outdoor pool, golf, etc Which are offered by the hotel. Along with these some other activities offered by the hotels are a fence around the pool, water sports facilities, live sports events, waxing service, beauty services, hair styling, body treatment, body scrub, spa facilities, and many others. Some of them may be paid and some may be free for all.

7. Villa Auguste


The Villa Auguste in Poertschach is very famous for being the most favorite hotel for peace lovers. It is situated in the central part of Poertschach am Woerthersee. It has its own private beach on Lake Wörth which is just at a distance of 100 m from the hotel. Its distance of Villa Augusta is only one minute.


This hotel is considered as one of the top-rated hotels. It got an 8.5 user rating by the satisfied customers. Most of the customers are satisfied with the facilities to provide by it. Some major services which the hotel provides are free internet to every corner of the hotel, free car parking. If you love the pet and want to take them with you during your travel, you can have them. This hotel allows pets too with the owner at a very minimal price. Along with it, some other facilities given by the hotel are on-site mini-market,  gift shop, Atm machine indoor, terrace, garden, and many other things.


There are many activities offered by the Villa Auguste. Hiking is one of them. In this activity, you will have to do long and long traveling on the hills and small mountain elevation on foot. Diving is also a major attraction of hotel activities. Here you will just have to follow the instructions with intense swimming and you will emerge as a brilliant diver. Along with diving and hiking some other activities offered by the hotel are cycling, beachfront, sun lounge or beach and many other such activities.

8. Villa See Rose


Last but not least in this list is the hotel villa see the rose. The user rating of this hotel os 8.1. This hotel is well connected with the railway station which is not very far from it. The Wörth Lake is also nearby this hotel. The Klagenfurt Airport is just a 20-minute on foot distance from the hotel.


The list of the facility provided by is long enough to attract all of us. It provides some very special types of basic facilities along with some very unique facilities. The basic facilities of the hotel include free private parking of four-wheeler and two wheels too in some cases. Nowadays no one, who use smartphones, wants to be without a good connection. It happens mainly dura ing traveling to the new location. This hotel provides a very fast network connection in every corner of the hotel. Along with these two facilities, many other facilities are also by the hotel.


These days people prefer the hotels not just for staying but also for doing some activities provided by the hotel. This hotel understands this need of its customers very well. This is the reason it offers not just one or two but many activities for its customers. Some of it is paid also and some are free. 

Many of the tourists come here especially for the sake of this activity. This is a paid service. Hiking is another very important activity for which customers demand a lot. For hiking, times are also needed more than other activities and it is also a paid service. Along with these two, some other services offered by this hotel are fishing, golf, mini-golf, walking tours and many others.