Innsbruck and its Hotels

Innsbruck got its name from the German and there is a place in German named as Bavarian and therefore used it for naming the city. This city is the capital of Tyrol and lies in the fifth position in Austria in the category of the largest city. 

This city is situated over the Inn valley and has its junctions with the Wipp valley which helps it to connect through the Brenner Pass which is situated 30 kilometers away from it in the south direction. 

Innsbruck city of Austria is controlled by a Mayor whose name is Georg Willi. The total amount of area Innsbruck covers is 104.91 km^2 and along with an elevation of 574 meters. The city has a total population of about 132,493 people and covers a density of 1300 per km^2. The total number of metros that are running in the city is 228,583.  


From the various traces, it was observed that the inhabitants that were present in the city in the earlier period belong to the Stone Age period. With the stories of pre- Romans that were present there gave the information that the city was always a crowded place by the presence of people. 

The name of Innsbruck was generated from the Latin words like Oeni Pontum or Oeni Pons which refers to the bridge that is built over the Inn and as a mandatory thing should have it’s crossing point over the River Inn. The town was acquired by the Counts of Andechs during the year 1180 and later in the year 1248 it was handed to the Counts of Tyrol. 

The arms of the city have the impression of bird’s eye over it representing Inn bridge and this design was started from the year 1267. The Brenner Pass and the route passing through became the most important root because it helped in creating an easiest way of transportation and communication among the people living in either northern areas or the southern areas of Europe. 

A monument was built by the successors of the Maximilian in the remembrance of him. The main and famous monuments of Innsbruck are the ensemble that has a cenotaph and also the bronze statues of the ancestors of the emperor whose name is Habsburg . The statues that are present in the emblem are either the mythical ones or the real ones. With the help of Thurn-und-Taxis Post in the year 1490, Innsbruck was able to build the postal services on the regular basis with Mechelen. 

Ferdinand II who is the Archduke of Austria got all the access to Tirol and also over the Further Austrian possessions that were ruled by the Innsbruck during the time of the 18th century. He made orders for the construction of Schloss Ambras and asked all the unique Renaissance collections to be displayed which he has been hanged in the Museum of Vienna whose name is Kunsthistorisches Museum. 

During 1665, Innsbruck was ruled by the Habsburg dynasty and had many things different from them, especially the court of justice. The first Opera House of Innsbruck was constructed in the year 1620 in the northern side of the Alps. 

In the year 1669, a new University was founded. For fulfilling the requirements of the government and the court and as compensation was made by the Emperor Leopold I again came from Vienna. As this happened then the Tyrolean strips of the Habsburg was ended in the year 1665.

At the time of Napoleonic wars, Tyrol was ceded to Bavaria which is in the ally of France. While fighting for the Battle of Bergisel, Andreas Hofer along with the peasant’s army of the Tyrolean people fought against the forces of the combined two places, named as Bavarian and French forces. 

After all this Innsbruck was made the administrator for both the places. Innsbruck became part of Bavaria in the year 1814 and the combined army of both the places overtook the Tyrolean militia army. Until the announcement of Vienna Congress Austrian rule was released, the town remained part of the Austrian monarchy in 1918. This lies in the category of one of the autonomous towns that are present in Tyrol. Austrian monarchy was on the Austrian side after compromising with the rules and this all was done in the year 1867. This town also lies in the category of Bezirkshauptmannschaften and they are 21 in total and are present in the province of Tyrol. 

Andreas Hofer who was one of the Tyrolean heroes got executed in Mantua and his remains were brought to the Innsbruck in the year 1823 and he was interred in the church whose name was Franciscan. 

The thing that was noted at the time of the First World War was only the end of the war that was observed from the Innsbruck. Allied planes that flew from Italy towards the Innsbruck caused casualties among the people of Austria and all this happened on February 20, 1918. Due to this, there was no damage made to the town. 

But later in the year 1918 in November, III Corps of the First Italian army which consisted of about 20 to 25 thousand of soldiers in it, overruled the Innsbruck and all the towns and cities of Tyrol.  An Austrian Chess Championship was arranged in the Innsbruck in 1929.

There were many damage in the year 1938 when Austria was annexed by the Nazi Germany at the place named as Anschluss and during the 1943 to 1945, there were twenty two raids through the air and faced a lot of damage. The Innsbruck took years to overcome this damage but now has become one of the beautiful towns of Austria. 

The cultural and economic integrations were approved by the European Union in the year 1996 which helped in creating this bond between the Austrian province of Tyrol and also the Italian autonomous provinces of the South Tyrol and Trentino by checking the creation of Euroregion Tyrol South Tyrol Trentino.


Innsbruck’s climate is always humid continental type and it also uses 0°C isotherm or oceanic climate which uses -3°C as an original one isotherm. It has high-temperature variance throughout the year in its climate and the reason behind it is that Innsbruck is located in the center of the Continent. The other reason that affects the climate of the town is the mountainous terrains. 

The winter season is extremely cold as compared to all the other cities of Europe and there is extreme snowfall throughout the winter. There is the flow of foehn winds in the Innsbruck and they sometimes bring thaws that are pronounced. During the season of spring, the days are warm and have a temperature of about 15°C and at the time of night there is cold and sometimes it leads to freezing of snow on the walls and floors. 

Summer is a high variable season because it has a very unpredictable climate. Sometimes it is cold or rainy taking the temperature to 17°C and sometimes it has extremely hot and sunny days taking the temperature to 34°C. 

During the season of summer, there is a expectation of alpine influenced climate, the diurnal temperature variation is mainly high because of the nights as they are cold most of the times and the temperature that is observed is mainly about 12°C on average but in some days it dips down and reaches 6°C making the climate very cold.

The average temperature that is maintained throughout the year is 19°C.

Tourism and Hotels

  1. The Golden Roof which is considered as the landmark structure. This place exists in the Old town region of Innsbruck which is in Austria. This place was considered as one of the most popular buildings. The whole construction work of this building was completed in the early 15th century. The whole roof of this building was designed with the beautiful fire-gilded tiles made up of copper. 
    The building was built by the emperor named as Emperor Maximilian I on the occasion of his wedding with Bianca Maria Sforza. The main aim of the emperor behind making this roof is to observe the festivals, events and even they will enjoy the tournament’s of the town from this roof.
  2. Ambras Castle is also known as Renaissance castle. This place is located in the hills of Innsbruck which is in Austria. The height of the castle from the sea level is 587 meters which is 1926 feets. This place also comes in the list of some popular tourist attractions of Tyrol. 
    This beautiful place was built in the late 16th century. The place where it was built was firstly known with the castle of the 10th century. This client castle will also become the main power centre for most of the Counts of Andechs. The ancient connections of this building will be linked with the Archduke Ferdinand II.
  3. Gourt Church is also known with the name of Hofkirche. This church belongs to the Gothic culture. It is located in the region of Altstadt in Innsbruck which is in Austria. The church was built by an Emperor named as Ferdinand I and he made this building in 1553. He made this building in the memory of his grandfather named Maximilian I. 
    The church also contains the tomb which was built in the memory of national hero Tyrol Andreas Hofer. The construction work of the church was completed by Andrea Crivelli who belongs to Trento. The smoothness of the church will remember the royalty of Gothic style. It contains several renaissances.
  4. Bergisel Ski Jump is basically a ski jumping hill which is located in Bergisel in Innsbruck. The whole stadium of Bergisel has the capacity of 26,000 visitors for maximum. This stadium plays an important role in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup who was successfully hosting their third competition from the prestigious tournament of Four Hills. The very first match of this tournament was held in 1920 and at that time they used the wood material to construct the required materials for the competition.
    The final structure of this stadium was built in 1964 during the Winter Olympics. The reconstruction of this stadium was held because of the competitions that are going to be held in this stadium. Again after twelve years, this stadium was selected as the venue for the Olympics. The final and current structure of this stadium was built in 2003 by the British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.
  5. The Hofburg which was the palace of a former principal imperial is now converted as the royal house of the president of Austria. The President of Austria will not only reside there but he also manages his work there. This building was constructed in the late 13th century. 
    The work of expanding this place was started by many but there is no structural difference till now. There would be very minor changes in the whole building. The government of Austria took over this palace in 1279 and from then they decided it as the permanent residence of the president.
  6. Nordkette is also known as North Chain which lies in Inn Valley. It is not a palace or a restaurant, it is just a mountain range that is passing through Innsbruck Austria. It is one of the southernmost ranges of mountains that are passing through Karwendel.
    On the west side of it was linked with the Early the Stempeljoch Saddle which later on joined with the Gleirsch-Halltal Range. It was also considered as one of the highest mountains of Kleiner Holstein.
  7. Hotel Ramada Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful hotels in Innsbruck and if you are planning to go there then you should have to live the trip like a royal family. This beautiful place was built in December 2011 and it is mainly located near the airport’s, city centres and the railway stations. The hotel is at very small distances where you can even walk.
    The services that you will get in the hotel are- Fitness centres, skiing area where you can play with your family and spent some quality time, broadcast of some very popular live sports events, locker rooms where you can store your stuff safely, Sauna baths where you can relax up your body for a great adventure.
  8. Austria Trend is one of the most beautiful scenic hotels in Innsbruck. The mountains that will surround the whole hotel will make it even more beautiful. So if you want that in the morning when you open the curtains there will be a very beautiful scenic view of the mountains then we will suggest you visit this hotel once. Their hospitality services will make you feel even more special.
    Not only from the outside but this hotel will have a very fine architecture from inside also as it will have a very clean architecture and they also take care of the historical things and add them in their buildings. The furniture that they use will make you fall in love with it and they will make you feel more like your own house.
  9. AC Hotel of Innsbruck is one of the prettiest hotels that you will ever find. The best part about this hotel is you can get it near any railway station or the old town. This hotel was located in the heart of Innsbruck which is known as the Alps. If you’re a skiing lover then surely you are going to love it. They will have some amazing surroundings where you can ski with your family and with your loved ones. 
  10. Alphotel which comprises luxury, comfort and diversity. This place is like a hotspot for most of the travellers and the businessmen. Most of the visitors will come here for no reason. They will only come here to feel the luxury and the hospitality services of this hotel. The whole design of the hotel is in the house style. They will have some eye-catchingstructure in their hotel which will attract the customer with their textures and designs.

Government and Politics

There are many parties that fight during the election so that they can serve their country with their work and provide the best facilities from their side. The parties are chosen by the local people with their valuable votes. Here is the ratio of the parties that fought against each other in the year 2018 in local elections:

  • Austrian Green Party 24.16% (left)
  • Bürgerforum Tirol – Liste Fritz (FRITZ) 3.23%
  • Alternative Liste Innsbruck (ALI) 2.38%
  • Freedom Party of Austria 18.56% (right)
  • NEOS – The New Austria and Liberal Forum 4.73% (center)
  • Austrian People’s Party 12.17% (conservative)
  • Social Democratic Party of Austria 10.32% (left)
  • Gerecht Innsbruck (Gerecht) 3.10%
  • Für Innsbruck 16.15% (conservative)
  • Tiroler Seniorenbund – Für Alt und Jung (TSB) 2.72%

Innsbruck is a very beautiful place and organizes many cultural events so that maximum people can reach the place and admire the beauty of the place. Some of the events name are: Christkindlmarkt (Christmas fair), Innsbrucker Tanzsommer, Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik (Innsbruck Festival of Early Music), Bergsilvester (New Year’s Eve). 

There are also many people who are diehard fans of sports and go to different places to play and prove themselves. Innsbruck is best for skiing at the time of winters as it has many high mountains and also the intense snowfall supports a lot in this sport. There are many sports that can be done during the summertime and they are ski-jumping and mountaineering. In Innsbruck, there are many resorts that provide the facility of skiing and also the Nordkette which is served by an additional chair and also a cable car which helps in lifting up. 

Among many of the ski-resorts, some of them are Stubai Valley, Axamer Lizum, Tulfes, Patscherkofel, Seefeld, Muttereralm and Igls. Skiing is also possible during the season of summer with the help of the glaciated terrain which is in the latter.

Innsbruck has organized the Winter Olympic Games for the two times till now, first in the year 1964 and for the second time in the year 1976. A bond was rejected by Colorado in the year 1972 for providing the finance to Denver games and later they were awarded for the original one that was launched in the year 1970. 

The last game that was played in the German-speaking Alps was the Winter Olympics of the year 1976 and the countries that lie in German Alps are Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

The places that have hosted the Winter Olympics for the two times are St. Moritz in Switzerland and Lake Placid in New York in the United States. There are a total of three places that have done this. Innsbruck has also hosted the Winter Paralympics for the two times and in the years 1984 and also in 1988. In the year 2012, Innsbruck hosted the first-ever Winter Youth Olympic Games.

In the 19th season of the Austrian Football Bundesliga is the year 2018, FC Wacker Innsbruck played in it which is a football club in Innsbruck. The former teams that played in this were FC Swarovski Tirol and FC Tirol Innsbruck. One of the stadiums of FC Wacker Innsbruck is Tivoli Neu which was in the list of eight stadiums who have organized the Euro 2008 that took place in Switzerland and also in Austria in the year 2008 in June. Innsbruck has also hosted the Eurobowl XXII’s final football match which was between the Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna and the Swarco Raiders Tirol.

The opening games of the 2011 IFAF World Championship which is an American Football championship that is an official international. In the year 2018, Innsbruck organized two Championships that are IFSC Climbing World Championships which was from 6 September to 16 September and also UCI Road World Championships that were organized from 22 September to 30 September.

Infrastructure and Economic Measures

Innsbruck is one of the beautiful places of Austria and has more than millions of stay in the night time in the beautiful and comforting hotels. There are about 86,186 employees and a total of 12,038 employers in the city that work. Out of all employed people, there are 7,598 people who are working and self-earning. People of Innsbruck are not only employed but also people from the neighboring places are also working in different companies and come daily to the place for work. There are about 35,000 people who come to Innsbruck for doing their work on a daily basis. In 2012, the unemployment rate was calculated to be 4.2%. 

The economic data of Innsbruck is not set alone but it is set along with the Innsbruck Land District and was known as NUTS 3-region of Innsbruck and all this is set by the national statistics office which is named as Statistik Austria. The average of the GDP per capita was increased by 60% in the year 2013 by the NUTS 3-region Innsbruck and the amount was 41,400. 


Innsbruck is located on such a freeway that it can get access to places like Germany, Verona, Munich and Italy. A13 is the point which helps in distributing the converge of both A12 and A13 that is present near the Innsbruck. There are many railway stations that allow transport and make it easy. One of the most important and the busiest railway stations was Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof and this railway station is important for both the place like Innsbruck and Tyrol. 

Hauptbahnhof is the railway station with Lower Inn Valley line that helps in connecting Germany and eastern Austria, Arlberg line helps in connecting the west direction. The Brener line of the railway station helps in building the connection between northern Italy and southern Germany and is known as Brener pass. 

The airport of the Innsbruck is situated in the suburb of Kranebitten which is on the western side of the Innsbruck. The airport provides the facility to fly to places like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, and London. 

There are flights for the regional areas surrounding the Alps and also for the other destinations. At the time of winter, the transport facilities whether trains or flights are doubled so that people do not face any problem while traveling. This is also done because of the high number of skiers that come from different places to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere of the Innsbruck.


Innsbruck is a very beautiful place with a great history in sports. There are many visitors in the winter season because of the best location for skiing and provides the best experience. They have the best services for transport and even for sports also. They have many cultural events for the activation of people and provide employment to their people also.

Featured Innsbruck Hotels – Easy Online Reservations

Hotel Weisses Kreuz 

Location: Historical Centre           Rate: € 66.00/Double Occupancy

Hotel Weisses Kreuz boasts a prime central location in the romantic old town, just steps from its main square with the Stadtturm (City Tower) and the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), near the Imperial Palace and Congress Centre. It offers en-suite rooms with stunning views towards Nordkette Mountain Range. Weisses Kreuz prides itself with a long tradition in the accommodation business dating back to 1465 when it was founded as an inn giving shelter to merchants and farmers. Now this attractive historic hotel provides all modern comforts, whilst still keeping its old world charm. Room rates include generous Austrian breakfast, an excellent start of your sightseeing or business day in main city of Tyrol.

Penz West Innsbruck Airport

Location: Airport, Hötting District              Rate: € 85.00/Double Occupancy

Hotel Penz West is a modern and comfortable 4 star establishment ideal for both business and leisure visitors to the main city of Austrian Tyrol. It is situated near Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport and 3 km from the atmospheric old town – a few minutes by car, taxi or convenient public transport. The distance to the Medical University is 2.5 km and to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) – 4.5 km. This elegant airport hotel features free on-site car parking (ample space right in front of the building), Wi-Fi Internet connection in all rooms, wellness centre with panoramic Finnish sauna, business and conference facilities, tennis and squash courts, ski storage and facilities for mobility impaired guests. The welcoming and friendly on-site restaurant with a winter garden serves generous Austrian breakfast every morning. Rooms on the upper floors enjoy spectacular panoramic views over the city and to the inspiring Tyrolean Alps. Guests can also relax on the lovely roof-top terrace with incredible panorama.

Hotel Heimgartl 

Location: Outskirts, Alpine Zoo   Rate: € 48.00/Double Occupancy

Housed in a pretty and stylish 19th-century historic building, the family-run Hotel Heimgartl is situated on the northern edge of the city, at the foot of the breathtaking Nordkette Mountains, close to the banks of the River Inn and within walking distance (1.5 km or about 15-20 minutes) from the old town of Innsbruck. Something more – Heimgartl is a perfect starting point for longer walks to the old Weiherburg castle and the worth-visiting Alpine Zoo, which is within quick and easy access by the nearby Hungerburg funicular too. A public bus stop can be found 500 m from the hotel, from where regular bus lines to the historic district, the main train station – Hauptbahnhof (3 km), the airport (5 km) and Swarovski Crystal Worlds area available. Private car parking with ample space can be used right in front of the property free of charge for guests.

Hotel The Penz 

Location: Central, old town          Rate: € 130.00/Double Occupancy

The Penz features an absolutely perfect location in the heart of the city, 150 m from Maria Theresien Street and 300 m from the Golden Roof. This is a top quality design hotel with its own character and charm. More than satisfying breakfast is served every morning in the stylish 5th-floor panoramic bar, where guest can enjoy the excellent food contemplating breathtaking scenery over the roof tops of the old town and to the surrounding alpine peaks. The rooms are spacious and warm featuring a unique interior with Phillipe Starck touches. All of them are air-conditioned and provided with an array of amenities: mini bar, telephone, safe with laptop space, radio, satellite TV, Internet connection. The hotel has a private underground car parking with free places for disabled.

Romantikhotel Schwarzer Adler

Location: Old Town, Congress Centre      Rate: € 76.00/Double Occupancy

Romantikhotel Schwarzer Adler is a pretty 16th-century building with a privileged location in the capital city of Tyrol, Austria, just a 5-minute stroll from both its atmospheric historical center and its modern Congress Centre, 800 m from the train station (Hauptbahnhof) . Almost all main tourist attractions are within walking distance, including the Imperial Palace, Golden Roof and the Cathedral Church of St Jacob. Boasting centuries long tradition, the property offers old style charm in a perfect balance with all contemporary conveniences to create comfort on a level that is normally experienced only by royalty. The en-suite hotel rooms have separate living and working area with internet connection and a cozy seating corner, mini-bar, satellite TV and large bathroom. Everything above combined with the enchanting view from the windows will make your stay in Innsbruck unforgettable.

Hotel Innbrücke 

Location: City Center      Rate: € 57.00/Double Occupancy

Gasthof Innbrücke is a charming small b&b hotel, housed in a pretty historic building with flower-adorned windows and umbeatble location on the banks of the River Inn, right in the historic heart of Innsbruck, only steps from its atmospheric pedestrian area with the main sites, including the popular Golden Roof – only 300 m away, the Imperial Palace – 500 m and Maria-Theresien Street – 500 m. Overlooking the river and the handsome historic buildings lined up on its opposite bank on the backdrop of the City Tower, the belfries of the Cathedral and the breathtaking Tyrolean Alps, this attractive guesthouse style hotel in the old town is only 900 m from the Congress Centre, 900 m from the University and 1.5 km from the main train station.

Hotel Altpradl Innsbruck 

Location: Saggen Reichenau Pradl             Rate: € 49.00/Double Occupancy

Hotel Altpradl is a family-run establishment housed in a pretty historic building located in the prestigious Pradl district of the city, only 800 m from the Congress and Exhibition Centre, 1.2 km from the pedestrian area of the old town and 1.3 km from the main train station. It is well served by the efficient public bus and tram transport, featuring its own on-site car parking area (complimentary for guests). Ample Austrian breakfast buffet is served every morning in the property’s bar, designed in a cozy alpine style with generous use of wooden material, featuring a spacious panoramic terrace with inspiring views over the roof-tops of the historic quarter on the banks of the River Inn on the backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery. All rooms have free Wi-Fi Internet connection, satellite TV and seating corners.

Gasthof Weißes Rössl 

Location: Historical Center           Rate: € 65.00/Double Occupancy

Gasthof Weißes Rössl is a charming family-run hotel, enjoying an outstanding location right in the heart of the old town, close to the banks of the River Inn and Innbrücke Bridge, 150 m from both the Golden Roof and Maria-Theresien Street, 300 m from the Dom and 1 km from the train station. Its individually designed rooms are en-suite, spacious, elegant and have all contemporary comforts expected from top quality 3 star hotel in Austria. It is housed in a historic 15th-century building, carefully renovated to preserve its original charm, while offering an array of modern-day amenities. Room rates include continental breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi Internet connection in all accommodations and discounts on the nearby car parking.

Hotel Ibis Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof 

Location: Railway Station              Rate: € 71.00/Double Occupancy

Ibis Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof is an elegant modern 3 star hotel, housed in an attractive building with an original façade made of glass and steel, ideally located in the city centre, right opposite of the main railway station and within easy walking to the main city sights, such as the Triumphal Arch in Maria-Theresien Street, the Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace and the Cathedral of St. Jacob. Guests of this top quality railway station hotel will also enjoy short and easy walking access to the stops of several main bus lines of the local public transportation which can easily bring them to the nearby skiing and hiking area. Among the many facilities it is worth mentioning the free cable internet access in all rooms, the private underground car parking and the air-conditioning system in the entire building.

Best Western Plus Hotel Goldener Adler 

Location: Historical Center           Rate: € 85.00/Double Occupancy

Situated in the very heart of the unique Innsbruck Old Town, overlooking the Golden Roof and within short walking from all main points of tourist interest, the Best Western Plus Hotel Goldener Adler boasts a long tradition in providing top quality of accommodation service, well combined with cordial Tyrolean hospitality. Founded as an inn in the far 14th century, it is proud to have such famous persons as Mozart, Goethe and Emperor Joseph II in the list of its honorouble guests. Its historic building is a charming mix of old world elegance, tradition and luxury 4 star modern comfort. The guest rooms are air-conditioned and furnished in a tasteful rustic style, equipped with en-suite bathrooms, hairdryer, Sky TV, high-speed Internet, radio, direct dial telephone, mini safe and mini bar, tea and coffee preparing facilities.