Experience the Nature at Its Best in Kirchberg In Tirol

If you are a traveller by heart and have a deep love for Mother Nature then you can plan a trip to Kirchberg in Tirol. This region is situated in the valley of Brxental. So, you can easily imagine the natural beauty of this small town. On top of it, this place has to offer you the bliss of solitude as there are only 5000 inhabitants and this region is far away from the hustle and pollution of city life. 

Every year, hundreds of people visit this place just to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. However, with the changing time and preference of the tourists, this place has also evolved by a huge margin. People visit this region, to enjoy the lovely winters and the pleasant summer as well. 

The scenic beauty snow-covered mountain is not only breath taking, but it will also make you forget about all the problems in your life. Kirchberg in Tirol is known as the heaven of earth, and once you visit this place you will realize the justification behind this name.

Give Your Family Members a Memorable Experience

Kirchberg in Tirol is known for its scenic beauty and this aspect of this place makes it ideal for romantic travelers with their partner. However, that doesn’t mean that this place doesn’t suit the need for family travelers. People who are visiting this place with their family can easily enjoy a lot of different activities with their family members. 

Skiing is the top attraction of this small town of Austria and every year thousands to tourists visit this place for skiing only. The ski resorts are one of the high-quality ski resorts all over the country and during the winter season, you will be lucky if you manage to book a suite for your entire family. 

However, there are zillions of other ways to keep your child and family members occupied while traveling here. You can go for a small hike with your family members if you want to explore the natural beauty of this place. 

During the summer, people visit this region to experience lakeside camping. The small forests are a big attraction for family travelers, as this allows them to go on camping trips with their family members. There are various small tour companies in this region, that will arrange camping kits and guide for the family travelers. 

Well, if you are the person who likes to enjoy the nightlife and awesome delicacies of the region then this place will not disappoint you. You can borrow a car from the car rental service providers and roam around with your family without any hassle. However, if you are traveling internationally then you will need an international driving license for this purpose. 

Small breweries are situated all over the town, and you can enjoy a steak with homemade beer with your family. The regional dishes of Austria has won the heart of millions. This hilly region has a lot of offers, from beefsteak to delicious lamb chops. If you are a food lover, then this place can turn into food heaven for sure. 

And the best part of the regional food is, the raw materials are derived naturally in an organic manner as commercial firms are not very popular in this region. So, if you are from a tier 1 city then you will get the taste of organically developed food products, which might be rare in your city.

A healthy environment is expected to heal all the pains, and damages have been caused by daily workload. As the number of inhabitants is extremely low due to poor connectivity, that is why the weather in this region is free from small particles that pollute the air.

Also, the high altitude has made positive contributions to the improvement of the air quality of this region. Patients who are suffering from chronic lung issues are expected to get relief in this environment, and many health experts suggest their patients spend their holidays here. 

Sports Activities and Entertainment

If you are visiting Kirchberg In Tirol just to spend your vacation, then you have just made the best decision of your life. This place will give you the highest adrenalin rush of your life, as there are loads of adventure sports on offer. You name it, and they will arrange everything for you. 

If you are not afraid of heights, or willing to face your fear of height then you can try the sky diving session. The one-week long sky diving session, or two-day long sky diving session with the instructor will not only give you an adrenalin rush, but it will provide you the opportunity to enjoy through the bird’s eye view. 

However, if you want to experience the importance of breathing in your life then you must experience the bungee jumping session. Jumping from the rock and almost touching the water o the lake is a breathtaking experience and it will prove you sheer joy. Well, you might say that you don’t want to risk your life that much and you are a water baby, still this place will not disappoint you. 

There are multiple freshwater lakes that are huge and some are so big that it will take multiple days to cross the entire lake. You can enjoy jet ski, and speed boat rides with your family in these lakes. However, if you are somebody who likes to just sit back and relax then you must try white water fishing. 

Not a pro at fishing, then don’t worry. You can easily get rental fishing rods and other equipment from the local vendors. If you want to learn fishing, then there are instructors as well. The instructors will teach you the right technique for fishing, and you must try your luck at this game. 

Well, if you don’t want to rush the moment and willing to spend some quality time with your family members then you can also organize a picnic with your family members by the side of the lake. Well, for the couples who have recently visited this place for their honeymoon can also arrange camping tents and bonfire by the side of the lake and spend the night together.

Well, there are a lot of adventure sports on offer for a couple of tourists as well. You can take a mountain quad bike and explore the forests in the hilly region with your loved ones and fall in love with each other once again. 

Culture, That Will Mesmerise You

Kirchberg In Tirol was established in the Bronze age, and since then this place has been a place for living for small communities. Due to its height, and poor connectivity people never thought of living here. This factor has also kept this place far away from the crowd and noise of the city. However, due to its rich historical background people can witness some examples of rich architecture and heritage while visiting here. 

In the heart of Kirchberg In Tirol, there is a well-known church that has thousands of superstitious stories related to it. Some people believe that the church material was purchased by the local Christian community to build a church in the plane area. However, stories revolve that, birds took all the material and kept it on the top of the hill. By using the same material, in the year 1426, the St. Ulrich church was built. This is one of the most famous tourist spots of this region, and from the church, you can get the view of the entire valley. 

However, this church is not only a spot for religious attraction but the architecture of this church has attracted many architectures and culture lovers as well. The modern St. Ulrich church is 32 meters long. The height of this church is 12 meters and the weights of this monument are 11 meters. You can easily imagine, the effort and hard work that has been contributed to developing this monument.

Local people state that the community members worked for 20 long years to build this church. However, it is also confirmed by the regional people that in the late 18th century the church was reconstructed to give it the aesthetics of the regional community leader. Well, the strong design of the church and the scratch-resistant exterior of this church reveals that throughout the time multiple repairing projects have been conducted by the community members. 

However, there is a Jewish cemetery close to the church as well that has attracted the attention of the tourists as well. In the community, there is a strong Jewish influence and many people in this place belong to the Jewish community. In this locality, the is an 18 meters bell tower which has also attracted thousands of tourists. 

This bell tower was established in the late 18th century only. The half-timbered house is another point of attraction for the tourists which is an important monument. The local post office is another example of rich architecture and every aspect of it speaks with history. If you are a history lover, then you will find a rich example of rich architecture and history in every corner of this region. 

Food and Local Cuisines

If you are a food lover, then you might fall in love with this place. Well if you are looking for continental restaurants then you might get disappointed. However, in recent times you can find roughly about 60 outlets of different restaurants that have been developed for travelers. 

However, you can also get pizza, roasted chicken, beef steak, sushi and a variety of dishes. But if you want to enjoy the local food, then you must try their pork sausage. Sausage is the regional food, and there is something special about the sausage of this region. However, you want to try the authentic local breakfast then you must try white bread with light jam, and sausage, and liver soup. 

Well, for lunch you can find noodles with pork meat. The local people like pork and lamb meat and most of the regional dishes are based on pork and lamb meat only. Most of the local people eat their food with white bread and noodles as their side dish. Liver soup is locally very famous here, you will get this dish in almost every food joint. 

If you are hungry on your ski trip, then you can also enjoy the local meat pie at any local food joint. The meat pie is a very good snack option, and it will keep you filled up throughout the day.


Finally, it can be concluded that if you want to experience heaven then you must visit this place. this place is a live example of peace full living, and you can experience natural beauty at its best after visiting Kirchberg In Tirol. Well, if you are a ski lover then there is no other better place than this. Often huge competitions of interstate skin championships are hosted here, and people from all over the world visit this place in the season of skiing. 

No matter, if you are visiting this place with your family or your partner you can have a different traveling experience after visiting this place. However, if you are planning to visit Kirchberg In Tirol in the winter season and enjoy skiing then you must book the hotels before 6 months. No matter what your interest is, this place has a lot to offer to all its visitors. For the food lovers, the organically grown fresh collection food will keep them energetic throughout the day. 

Also, you can experience long trekking to keep yourself close to nature. The lightly dense forests will help you to find out the inner explorer of you. A large number of adventure sports will allow you to have a sudden rush of adrenaline and have the best moment of your life. Recently some large resorts have been developed to accommodate international travelers. With the help of these resorts, tourists can have a different level of traveling experience in a convenient manner.