Lech Am Arlberg: The Beauty of Austria

Lech Am Arlberg is a village in Austria, and Lech Am Arlberg is primarily known for several mountains seen at that place. So, people call it a mountain village in Austria. You can find an exclusive ski resort and bludenz district in a state of Vorarlberg, Austria. All of these are located and the bank of the river Lech. It is one of the most common and favorite places for people to ski, a Dutch Royal family and Russian oligarch do regular ski at that place. You can say that the village is related to the Tannenberg district. However, the tourists say that it’s a part of the Arlberg region. Whatever the world says about this place doesn’t matter because the location of Lech Am Arlberg is very much exciting and adventurous, especially for ski and snowboard.

Learn More About Lech Am Arlberg

Sometimes because of icing and atmosphere, you can say that it is integrated with neighbor villages like Zurs, Zug, Oberbech, and Stubenbach. The government of Lech Am Arlberg has officially announced the place as an international winter sports resort on the mountain. They have made it easy for foreign Royal Families by giving one airport facility to them for Landin on Lech Am Arlberg Austria. People call it as Jet Set. They have founded the Lech Am Arlberg in the fourteenth century. The founder was Walser Migrants, and he founded the place from Wallis Switzerland. 

They named it Tannberg and didn’t change it until the nineteenth century, and it was originally founded as Tannberg Am Lech from where the present name come. For worship, there is one Church constructed of St Nicholas in Lech in the 1390s. Also, there is one court built for justice in 1806. However, the last decades have to lead to very much development, and a small town is developed for tourism. It’s designed by the flourishing municipality because they were influenced by winter tourism and because of increasing the summer tourism also. 

Basic Information

The Lech Am Arlberg Austria, as the name suggests you that it’s located in the Austria County. The state in which the Lech Am Arlberg is located in the Voralberg state of Austria County. This beautiful and attractive place is located at the banks of the Lech river in a Bludenz district. If we talk about government and municipality policies or governmental agencies and policies, the mayor is Ludvig muxes. 

The total area that Lech Am Arlberg Austria acquires is about 90.03 square kilometers. It’s located at the elevation of 1,444-meter height as compared to sea level. The total number of population at this place is 1,568.

Places In Lech Am Arlberg To Visit

As we already talked about its being famous for winter tourism as well as summer tourism, we can say that there must be something attractive and adventurous to see, right? Yes, otherwise, why would anyone go to this place in both of the season Summer and Winter? So, let’s go too in-depth about Lech Am Arlberg to see what’s attractive and exciting for people. We also would like to share with you people that the place was visited by one Writer Ludwig Bemelmans (was an author of Madeline books) in 1949 who wrote the comic of an Eye Of God.

Places To Visit In Lech Am Arlberg

The Skyspace Lech

It’s a known fact that The Skyspace Lech is an art installation James Turell. We can say that a Skyspace Lech is open to the sky and an enclosed place. It’s free to the atmosphere because it consists of a central hole at the ceiling wall. The color-changing lights are installed there to make it more attractive and beautiful. Visitors get excited by seeing the color changing lights at the wall side and upper side. It’s the recent activity by the municipality in Lech Am Arlberg, Austria. Because it constructed in 2018. 

Horizon Fields

Horizon Fields are the life-sized human sculptures; they all are made by the sculptor Antony Gormley. All of them are constructed, designed, and placed around the mountains and the nearby wall. All of those sculptures are 2039 meters high. They have built lots of sculpture, and one record says that they were hundreds. However, most of them were removed by the municipality in 2012, but still, there are few very attractive and beautiful sculptures available to see the scene.

A Green Ring

Green ring offers you three-day trips or tours around Lech Zurs in Voralberg. Here, you can go hiking to enjoy with friends, family, and your loved ones. You can go hiking along with one hiking guide, and a hiking guide serves you a more than you think. At this place, you can find a 35 art installation. All of those art installations consist of stories about local people, stories, and other sculptures. People call it a leader project done by two artists Daniel Egger, and Daniel Kocher. The art of literature project is known as the Green Ring. 

A Huber House

It’s also known as A Historic Huber House, now known as a museum. It’s designed, developed, and built-in 1590. We can say that it’s an earlier example of life that you can see at that place. It also includes the kitchen and workshop that can lead you to learn something about that place, including the training sessions.

A Church Of St Nicholas

The church of St Nicholas was designed, constructed, and built-in 1390. And it was again renovated in 1987. It was initially designed in the gothic style. The particular features are the rococo interior that was dating in from 1791. It’s one 33 meters high tower, and it’s integrated with onion-shaped Dom. It’s one of the oldest frames from the sixteenth century.

Famous Ski Centre

In recent years, Lech Am Arlberg has become one of the most attractive and exciting places for ski. It’s only one in the world that is known as the ski destination. Also, it’s known as the home of ski destination for Olympic Ski Centre and Olympic Ski Game. For piste and off-piste skiing games, Lech Am Arlberg is known commonly worldwide. The municipality of Lech Am Arlberg has mechanically connected all the neighbor villages to Lech Am Arlberg like Zurs, St. Christoph, St. Anton, Stuben, Warth, and Schroken. 

They all communities are connected via the groom’s piste and mechanical lifts. Because of the connection of all of these cities and villages to the Lech Am Arlberg, it’s known as the world’s largest connected ski area in Austria and one of the largest in European Countries. That’s a proud moment for those people who are interlinked with the municipality of the Lech Am Arlberg and people associated with the area.

Events and Entertainments

We have talked about almost all the beautiful places to visit in Lech Am Arlberg. We also discussed the history of the Lech Am Arlberg that when and how it was founded. Now how can we forget about the events and activities that municipality of Lech Am Arlberg Austria and the private sectors do for entertaining people who visit this place or the people who live here in Lech Am Arlberg? So, let’s talk about what events and activities or Entertainments that municipality of Lech Am Arlberg Austria in association with private sectors do. 

Arlberg Classic Car Rally

The Classic Car Rally in Lech Am Arlberg is the heart of the municipality of Lech Am Arlberg and people who live there. They have started this historical car rally in 1908. Municipality of Lech Am Arlberg celebrated 8th Arlberg Classic Car Rally in 2017. It was done by preparing the route between Arlberg and Zugspitze, and 120 classic cars from 1908 to 1973 are on the route between these two cities. 

The trip was known as a rolling museum for three long days. This car rally is a memory. So, it’s decided to launch a car rally in memory of road builders, who were the beginning of the real leads from lech down thorough the Flexenpassgalerie to Stuben and finally to wald Arlberg. The route was decided between Zurs and Lech, it was opened in 1897, and it was regarded as the Technical Masterpiece. 

Medicinum Lech

Anyone can guess what should be there in this event. Did you guys be able to decide what the actual event by the name Medicinum Lech is? Maybe Yes, because it’s one of the most common activities that are held by the municipality of Lech Am Arlberg Austria. 

It’s a public health event organized to deal with different topics related to health and nutrition. In this event, some of the health-related workshops are done, and some of the individual lectures are scheduled to replace misconceptions of people by perfect health-related concepts.

The White Ring

This event, named The White Ring in Lech Am Arlberg, is also known as a Der Weibe Ring. It’s one of the ski races organized in this world, and we are happy to tell you that it’s the longest ski race in the world. Guinness Book Of World Record had officially put the name of this race in Guinness Book by recording it’s all travels in length. 

At the altitude of 5500 meters, where the oxygen is required sometimes to carry with yourself, the race was organized as the longest ski race of the world. Because this race was initially started and finished for 22 kilometers in ice, and it was the longest Ski race. Now you people may have thoughts like who can invest in such a complicated and life-threatening, dangerous ski race, right? Yes, because every event required capital to get finished in the desired path. 

So, the investor is Skipionier Sepp Bildstein, and he invested lots of money and wealth for completing this race to get the world record for this name. The ski resort is connecting the villages of Lech, Zurs, Zug, and Oberlech for more than 59 years. So, it’s like we can call it the legacy of this system associated with the ski. The White Ring event was founded to declare the official skiing holidays. So, people can enjoy their lives. It’s a gift like things for winter spotters. The first race was held in Lech Am Arlberg, Austria, in 2006 for the 50th anniversary of the place of the ski resort.

Fictional Talking About Lech Am Arlberg

People call it the center of the thriller, an exchange of eagles by Owen Sela. Here, a group of American and German conspirators tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1940. All of this was done during the dictators present as the resort at that time. However, there is no such evidence about this event happened.

It 2004, it was officially declared as the most common and attractive and most exciting filming locations available. So, film companies use to go there to film their scripts and start shooting. However, still, people use to go there to shoot their films. Recently it was decided to shoot some of the real-life scripts written to encourage the world. And all will be done at Lech Am Arlberg.


By understanding the knowledge of the history of Lech Am Arlberg, we can say that this knowledge must be sufficient to excite you, people, to visit this place once in your life. We also discussed the ordinary things and necessary information about this place, where we talked about the areas, locations, and other essential things. 

We also went through some of the most exciting places available to visit at Lech Am Arlberg, Austria. We tried to guide you, people, through some of the events and Entertainments that are organized by the municipality of Lech Am Arlberg to entertain people who are coming to visit that place and the people who live there. 

We also talked about the longest ski race, and it’s a World Record Holding race, and it has its name in Guinness Book Of World Record for completing 22 kilometers in ice as ski race, which makes it the longest ski race in the world. We hope this information can excite you to visit Lech Am Arlberg.

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