Leutasch: A Great Holiday Destination

Holidays are meant to give us time to enjoy life. It breaks the monotonous routine of life which seems to be very difficult to carry on for a longer time. Holidays also give us the chance to spend more and more time with the people we love the most. So whenever you get a chance, plan a good holiday with your loved ones.

When we talk about holidays, many people want to enjoy their holidays in the lap of nature. From time to time they keep visiting the places due to some work but hardly have they gone on the mountain for climbing, hiking, etc. So spending the time in nature during holidays would be a great choice. Such times spent with nature during holidays also refreshes people who are bored with city life, air pollution, noise pollution, etc.

There are many places in nature even, where you can go to experience natural vibes. But today we have brought a very amazing place which is known for its natural beauty, rock climbing, hiking, etc. This place is Leutasch which is filled with a lot of good things to do, to see. In this article, we will tell you some very important things about this place.

Here you can do different types of activities. You can choose activities as per the season you choose to go to.

In the summer season, you can enjoy here more activities like hiking, cycling, etc.

Whereas in winter you would like more to go for activities like skiing, skating, etc.


It is a part of the Innsbruck land district. And this district is situated in the Tyrol state of Austria. This a small village situated at an altitude of 136 m from sea level. The total area of this place is about 104.36 square km. This village is the part of a valley that shares borders with Germany. The valley has a large number of gravels and sediments. The river Leutascher ache also flows through this place.

The Leutasch municipality is comprised of a total of 25 small villages and different types of houses here and there. The whole Leutasch has also been divided into three main categories that are 

Upper Leutasch, Lower Leutasch, and New Leutasch.

The other popular names for these divisions are Oberleutasch, Unterleutasch, and Neuleutasch.

Leutasch Spirit of George

This place is very famous among the tourists who come here. It is also a very famous destination among the kids. The  Leautasch spirit George is a 75-meter great canyon. This place is supposed to have the spirit of George and his water dwarfs. The entry gate of this place starts near the German border attached to Leutasch. This place comes under the district of Schanz. Nearby this place parking is there to park your vehicle.

There are two ways to reach this canyon.

the first one is a 3km long spirit George trail. In this path, there is an 800 m walkway too.

One who chooses to go with the second path will have to cover 1.9km goblin trails. It has the stones and rocks in this place. It also gives information about the glacier which was formed during the ice age.

The entry to this place is free for all. Sometimes you may also find the tickets at the cost of dollar 3.0 Euros.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the activities which many people want to do during their holidays but not all the destinations you will find this facility. But the case of this place is very different than others.

Climbing gardens are one of the major attractions of Leutasch. In this garden, you can enjoy climbing on the rocks under the open sky. Not just one or two but there are many climbing gardens which you can choose to enjoy at your convenience. 

Let’s know some of them one by one.


This is one of the most famous rock climbing points here. It offers the service at a very affordable price. Here the starting point is just beside the street. The height of the climbing is almost 40. There are a lot of routes to go for it. The number goes approximately 291.

Kempler Staumauer

This place is also quite popular for its very good service. You can also search for the place as Stubaital or Camp. The height of this place is about 14 m. The number of routes is almost 6.


If you will go for rock climbing here, you will definitely love it if you really like rock climbing. It is also known as Maurach. The total length of the altitude of this place is about 40 m. The starting point of it is mountain station Rofanbahn. There are more than 40 routes to reach here.


This place is also famous as wilder Kaiser. The starting point for climbers is at Achleiten. There are more than 30 routes and the height of the climb is approx  40 m.

These were the few important climbing points of the places. There are even more options you can go for like Monkey island, Frenz Senn Hutte, Kreithof and many more others.

Hiking in Leutasch

Activities like hiking are very tempting for many of us. Lots of people every year enjoy this activity here. Lots of places are there around the world which offers this facility there and still, it is not sufficient as per the number of people.

This is such an activity, which mainly attracts the youth of different -different places. They do hiking to refresh their moods and to challenge own self. It requires a lot of courage and patience to do hiking. It also takes a couple of days which is necessary for this very challenging activity.

Leutasch is also a good destination for this activity. It is one of the ideal places for hiking. There are many different types of places which you can choose from as per your level of experience in this activity. It offers a more steeped and higher altitude hills for the experienced and well-versed people in this activity. However, it also offers hiking spots with less height and less steep. Some of the main locations for hiking at this place are described below.

Eagle walk stage

This is one of the very amazing hiking points in Leutasch. It offers a very unique hiking experience to the hikers. The journey of hoping starts from Solesteinhaus.The total height of this hill is about 870 m. It is a 20 km long distance to cover during this hiking. The total time taken for hiking is around 7 hours. It may vary also according to the capacity of a different -different person.


This place is very popular for its beauty even. The beautiful sight scenes during the hiking give a soothing feeling to everyone. One may also see the group of cows here and there grazing the pasture from this place. The journey of this hiking starts from the point Sulzbach car park. The hight of this place is around 335 m. The total length of the hiking distance is around 11km and it takes around 3hours 30 minutes to complete this journey.

Along with these some other very popular hiking points of Leytasch includes Karwendel George, Karwendel high trail, etc.


cycling is an activity that keeps people energetic every day. Not all the tourist places offer this facility to the tourist due to a lot of rush of the crowd there. Sometimes these tour places also do not have the proper surface also for a better cycling experience. In Leutasch you will even get a good chance of cycling. The place here is not much crowded either by the local people or by the tourist. The road surface is also very good here to provide you with a good experience while doing cycling here. Due to these all and many such good combinations, this place seems to be a perfect destination for cycling lovers also.

Here in the Leutasch valley, you can enjoy your cycling while enjoying the calm surrounding. The starting point of this bicycling tour is from Alpendbad Leutasch. This is a 26 m long cycling track. The elevation of this track is about 142m. It takes around  2 hours to complete this cycling.

Mountain biking

It is also a kind of sports activity which tourist search when they plan their journey in any hilly area. In recent years the number of people going for this activity increased rapidly due to the availability of many latest bikes based on new technologies.

In mountain biking, people need to ride bikes in the different types of rough road surfaces in the mountain range. Though the bikes of these racing or riding have many similarities with the normal bikes, it comes with many other features also which are not much required in normal bikes but have a great use here. Based on the different surfaces and types of bike used, mountain biking is divided into many categories. 

Here you can find almost all types of mountain biking. Some of the main motorbikes soot of this place are 

Ehrwald Scharnitz

This point is like heaven for mountain motorbike lovers. The total distance of this biking trail is around 40 km. Its elevation is about 990 m. Anyone can complete the riding here very easily. The average time taken to complete the ride is around 4 hours. It may vary from person to person also.

Along with this, some other points are the Four-day karwendel loop and many others.


This famous place of Tyrol also owns a museum. This museum is dedicated to a local poet named Ganghofer. This museum was not a museum in the past. In the past, it was an elementary school. This museum shows many different things based on the novels of the poet Ludwig Ganghofer. Along with his famous work-related items, this museum also has some very unique things to look at. These things are related to the history of the valley, it’s past, etc. This museum opens from 10 am to 12 noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and 4 pm to 6 pm on Thursday and Friday. Parking is also available near this museum.

Accommodations  and hotels

For all the tourism, good accommodations are very important. In the absence of good accommodations, the taste of the good experience of the tour gets affected adversely. 

There in Luetasch, you will get the hotel, according to the budget of everyone. There you can find a mid-range to higher range hotels very easily.

Some of the very famous hotels in this place are given here below.

Hotel Kristall

This is one of the most famous hotels in this place. The user rating of this hotel is above 4.5. These hotels offer many types of additional services to visitors like a steam bath, Finnish sauna, swimming pools, spa, infrared sauna, and many things.

Hotel Garni Weidacherhof

This hotel is also very famous among the visitors due to its vicinity. This hotel is very near to most of the tourist attractions of this place and markets. There you will also get 5 hours of relaxation from the month of May to October. The charges of this hotel are also not very high, unlike many other hotels. The rating of this hotel is 4.8. It offers all the main cuisine of the different countries and regions.

Hotel Quellenhauf

This hotel is situated in the central part of Leutasch. It offers all the major services demanded by tourists. The cuisine here is also world-class which includes both veg and non-veg. All the main dishes of the different countries you can find here.


Above we have discussed many other features of Leutasch like hiking, cycling, and many things. It is a good place to visit with friends and family. Here you got just the glimpse and the expected things present over there. The real enjoyment you can do only after visiting this very beautiful place.

Featured hotels in Leutasch, Austria

Anti-Stress-Resort Alpenhotel Karwendel 

Location: Ostbach              Accommodations from: € 50.00

A warm Tyrolean welcome, perfectly combined with top quality of modern 4 star accommodation comfort await you in Anti-Stress-Resort Alpenhotel Karwendel – the ideal destination for a long waited ski and spa vacation in Tyrol, Austria. It boasts an idyllic panoramic location in the Leutasch hamlet of Ostbach, right at the foot of the breathtaking Karwendel Mountains, next to a ski bus stop, only 3 km from the ski area and a couple of minutes by car from an excellent golf course. Cross-country ski trails, as well as a variety of biking and walking/hiking paths can be found within short walking from the hotel. Ample free outdoor parking space is available on-site of the property. Guests will benefit from a fully equipped private spa and wellness centre, indoor swimming pool, restaurant and marvelous alpine garden with a small lake and sunbathing lawns. All rooms and suites feature a private balcony, en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, cable Internet connection, hairdryer, safe, complimentary toiletries. Most of them enjoy scenic panoramic views of the Karwendel or Wetterstein Mountains. Generous breakfast buffet with fresh fruits and organic produce from the local farms is served every morning in the on-site restaurant.

Hotel Haus Almfriede

Location: riverside, ski bus             Accommodations from: € 30.00

Haus Almfriede is a charming small and quiet hotel with a scenic riverside location in the pretty Leutaschtal (Leutasch Valley) in Tyrol, Austria, surrounded by a breathtaking alpine panorama, just meters from a stop of the ski bus, within short walking (less than 5 minutes) from a super market and a restaurant. It is the ideal base for e relaxed and restorative ski and snowboard vacation, hiking and biking in the summer, visiting the interesting nearby town of Seefeld and the unique historic city of Innsbruck (30 km). Set right on the banks of the Leutascher Ache, the establishment features a delightful garden to unwind and sunbathe during the warm months, admiring the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding peaks.

The local ski area is just 4 km away, accessible in only minutes by regular ski buses. Excellent classic and skating cross-country ski trails pass right outside the hotel. Various biking and hiking paths can be found in the close proximity of the property too. Facilities include generous Austrian breakfast buffet served daily in a charming Tyrolean styled dining room, free Wi-Fi Internet, storage room for ski and snowboard equipment, lockable garage for bikes and motorcycles, complimentary private parking.