Neustift im Stubaital: A Must Visit Place for Holidays

Nowadays life is very stressful for most of us. No matter what is your job, business or anything like that, you may have some kind of stress, related to your hectic schedule and timing of your job and business. Holidays play an important role to break these monotonous routines. It refreshes you and fills you with a new energy which boosts your working capacity and thinking power. After some fixed duration, everyone should go for a holiday at least once a year. You may plan it with your family, friends or partners. You may also opt to go alone if you feel not better with them and want to spend a good time with yourself.

Whatever the reason be, a holiday seems to be a must for everyone. Now the question is where should we go and how should we select a good destination. Actually, there is no specific idea about where you should go or not. It all depends upon your mood, need and the availably of time. Yet if you want some suggestions and can’t decide yourself, many options could be given to you to select. One of such best option to go for your holiday in Neustift im Stubaital.

This place is filled with many amazing things which will surely attract you and will leave many good memorable moments behind. Below are given a few details about this place.

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Tyrol is one of the very famous States of Austria. There are many places within Tyrol. All of them have something to offer to both the local people and for the tourists. What today we have brought for you is Neustift im Stubaital, an amazing holiday destination for everyone. This place is quite famous in Tyrol as one of the major tourist attractions. Lots and lots of people come here every year to enjoy some good moments at this place. These moments keep in their memory for a lifetime. This place influences their life so much that they want to come here again and again in the future.

Neustift im Stubaital is located in Innsbruck. Innsbruck is known as the home of many other tourist places also for the tour lovers. It is a state of Austria. It is also ranked the third position as the largest municipality of Tyrol. The total area of Neustift im Stubaital is around 249 Square km.  The elevation of this place is about 995 m. Neustift is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from the Innsbruck in South. It is located in the Stubaital valley, that is the reason its full name is Neustift im Stubaital.

At the entrance of it, there is a huge limestone structure. The upper part of the valley is covered with granite and gneiss. It is well connected with Innsbruck. Anyone can move between Innsbruck and Neustift im Stubaital with the bus service operated between these two places. 

The history of this place and name is full of very interesting facts.  Previously the Stubaital name was first mentioned in writing only as Stupeia. This place is also said to be concerned with Caeser Augustus. As per the many historic evidence it was found that German was not the language of this place before the middle ages.

Hiking in Neustift im Stubaital

Nowadays when people plan their holidays, they also take care of the type of various outdoor activities accessible through or in that place. Hiking is one of such activities which people search a lot mostly in such outdoor activities. It is really good to know that this place has a great tourist spot which offers hiking also along with many other things.

The thrill and excitement of covering long distances on foot while looking at the beautiful surrounding are really what makes it so good for the hiking lovers. And after reaching the top destination, the view, people get to look at, is really one of the best feelings after traveling the long distances on foot.

Before going for hiking activity, you need to have many tools that you will need during your hiking here. Some of the very common things are

A good quality shoe pairs specially made for hiking with a good number of spikes in it. These shoes will comfort you during your long on-foot journey. It will also keep your body balanced.

A good backpack can be used for keeping the necessary objects and things during hiking.

Some other things include water bottles, torchlight, a small number of foods, hanky, medicines and many other things.

There are many good hiking points in Neustift im Stubaital which you can select to go as per your hotel location. Some of the very famous points are mentioned below.

Stubai High trails

This is one of the very famous hiking points of this place. Every year many of the people from all over the world come here. The starting point of the hiking tour is at Starkenburger Hutte. The elevation of this place is 5081 m. The total distance to be covered in this tour is about 78km. It takes around five days to complete this tour. 

Wildewasserweg Stubai

This is also a very famous hiking point in the area. The total elevation of this place is about 1250m. The actual journey of this point hiking starts at Wildewasser Arena at a quarry in Ranaut. Here the hiker will have to cover a total distance of around 22 km. The time taken to compete for this hiking journey is about 10 hours.

Falbesoner Ochsenalm

This place is too very popular among the tourist who comes here especially for hiking. The starting point of hiking is Neustift. The total length of this hiking journey not very long. It is only about 6 km. The elevation of the top of this place is around 675 m. It takes around 3 hours to complete this hiking.

Along with these some other popular hiking places for hiking here are Mischbachalm, Franz sen hutte, and many others.

Skiing in Neustift im Stubaital

There are many outdoor activities which people love to do during their holidays. Skiing is one of those. Many tourists love this activity so much that they especially go for a tour just for the sake of skiing. Nothing more excites them more than the snow-covered hill stations of the destinations for them. Skiing is a good activity to refresh the body and the mind both. Though it is very famous all over the world, there are only a few good destinations in the world for skiing. Some of those good destinations are present at this place.

In Neustift im Stubaital, there are many world-class skiing points where anyone can enjoy skiing. These places are always full of tourists during skiing season. All the skiing points here offer easy to the mid difficulty level of skiing here. For enjoying the skiing at full, there is some very common essential requirement which you should get before going for it. 

Skiing shoes or boots; These boots or shoes are very important to keep your feet safe in the cold floor of snow and balance your slide. 

The poles; poles are very important while changing the direction and stopping the sled. 

And the sled itself; a sled helps you to glide or slide over the snowy surface easily.

Though all the skiing spots available here are unique, below we have discussed briefly some very important skiing spots of this place.

Meiders Ski Resort

This Resort is situated at the foot of Serles Mountain. The altitude of its piste is about 1750 m. It has four lift services. It is suitable both for a beginner and experienced people in skiing.

Schlick skiing Resort

This is one of the largest Skiing resort of Tyrol. It can be easily reached from Innsbruck just after 10minutes drive. It has something to everyone either kid, parent, newcomers, experienced, etc. The length of its piste is about 2140 m.

The ice grotto amusement 

How fascinating it would be to be surrounded by ice. Either it is right or left, up or down, everywhere just ice, ice, and only ice. Ice grotto is something like this. As the name suggests grotto general meaning is a small cave. So what does the ice grotto means? As the name suggests the ice grotto is a small cave made by the beautiful artistic use of ice to make a small cave. This cave is logged with different colors of light but mainly with blue color which is considered the color of water also sometimes.

Here in Stubaital there a small ice grotto as I told above. It is very unique in many ways. The walls of the cave shine brilliantly under the effects of light and it’s shiny surface. The light looks even more beautiful when it comes to any crack or opening. This is one of the musts to go place when any tourist comes in Stubaital. Before entering this cave, you must be equipped with all the requirements to keep you safe inside the cave. For this purpose, you may choose a thick leather jacket, a good pair of shoes, a scarf or muffler. Gloves etc.

The cave is constructed at an elevation of 3 km. The walls of the cave are very thick and every year a new layer of snow is collected on it. It resembles just like the ring structure inside the main stem of the tree. The cave is 2 meters wide and about 2.5 m high. The entry in the cave is not free. To come to this place, people mostly choose the ropeway. The whole look of the place is totally spell bounding and after entering the cave you will forget about all the other things for a while.

Hotels in Neustift im Stubaital

Can you imagine a Holiday without any accommodation? Nobody can. Either the holiday is for short duration or long duration, good accommodation matters a lot. It becomes even more important especially during the long duration holiday, a trip with families.

While selecting a hotel, many factors should be taken care in mind. Some of them are 

The comfort

The hotel should be chosen where you could get all the basic facilities and some specific services which are must as per your needs.


The location of the hotels plays a crucial role. It should be near the market where you could purchase the other required things easily. Also, it should be well connected with the famous spots of that place. It should be nearby the spots of hiking and skiing when you especially come for these activities.


This is also one of the very important factors which everyone cares about. While going for any hotel we should explore many of the same kind and should search the best one in your budget.

Neustift im Stubaital 

Has many hotels at different places in this area. As per your budget and need, you can go for anyone of them. Most of them are equipped with all the facilities which make a holiday memorable Yet there are some best of these kinds. Below we have given the brief of those selected ones.

Hotel Almhof Danler

This hotel is one of the best hotels available there. Along with all the basic facilities it also offers some very important services which you can opt for. In this hotel, you will find the service of gym and fitness. It provides free wifi to every hotel residents. A hot bath facility is also here. Free parking, lounge, gaming are also available here.

Landhaus Severin

This hotel is also very influential to its customers due to the services it provides. It also provides all the basic facilities along with some special facilities like wifi, delicious multi-cuisine, parking, etc.

Along with it, some other hotels which you can go for are Alp art hotel, Pension Elferblick, Fleckhof, and many others.


Above we have discussed many things about Neustift im Stubaital. We have discussed things like famous places of skiing, some major points of hiking etc. Whenever you get a chance, you must go to this place. The things which I told above,  you can read-only. The real taste of this holiday tour you can only get when you will give it some time and spend some good moments there. After that, you may realize that whatever has been mentioned here about that place is actually not sufficient to give it the real impression which you will get there.

Accommodation Neustift im Stubaital

Hotel Cappella 

Location: Neder, Neustift               Rates from: € 104.00/Double Room

The Hotel Cappella offers a friendly ambience and personal touch in the unspoiled nature of the Tyrolean Alps surrounding Neustift im Stubaital. The property features an excellent wellness area, massages, solarium and indoor swimming pool. All accommodations are with a private bathroom/WC, telephone, TV, radio, mini safe and a wonderful panoramic balcony.

Forster Neustift

Location: Neder, Neustift               Rates from: € 144.00/Double Room

The Hotel Forster has an excellent location in a beautiful park with a marvellous lake and only a short walk from the town centre of Neustift im Stubaital. The hotel wellness area is very well equipped with numerous spa facilities and treatments. There are large indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre and a fine restaurant.

Pension Mariandl

Location: Kampl, Neustift               Rates from: € 47.00/Double Room

If you are looking for a budget accommodation in Stubaital for a relaxed and pleasant holiday, the pension Mariandl is the ideal choice. It is located in the centre of Kampl, close to Neustift, surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty and providing the ideal base for skiing in the winter and hiking tours in the summer. The establishment offers guests outstanding services among which a sauna, a charming panoramic terrace, a sunbathing area and a fitness gym.