Some High Rated Hotels in Schladming

We all need to work for arranging the things in life systematically and running it smoothly. Though it’s very important to work in life, some people are so much involved in their work, they do not feel the need for some gap in their continued working schedule.

However, it is proved also that after some time off work, we need to take a break to fulfill the body and mind with some new energy and freshness to do the work more enthusiastically.

A holiday is one of the best media to refresh the mind and body in a great way. During this holiday people can do some activities also. Some of these activities may be so good and easy that you can continue that in your daily life also after reaching home from vacation. A good holiday is meant to give relaxation to the tiredness of the mind and body. 

It also lets you explore some of the hidden parts of the world from your eyes. Many people also discover many new things in their own personality and find the real self. Thus a holiday serves as the medium to find out the hidden and interesting new personality within your existing personality also.

After making up the mind to go for the vacation, the next challenge comes in front is to get a good place to go on holiday. If anyhow you find the place to go and plan to go there, another problem stands in front of you is to find a good hotel where you can stay comfortably.

In this article, we will discuss the place Schladming and some interesting things about it. We will also discover some of the very good hotels to stay there. So let’s start dealing with every important thing about a vacation in Schladming in some depth.


Austria has a number of good places which are visited by tourists every year in large numbers. One of such tourism-based place in Schladming. But it was not the tourism spot in the past. Earlier it was a simple town only which later on developed as a great hot spot for tours. It is situated in Styria which is a state of Austria. 

Now it is recognized as a leading winter sports resort. Along with tourism it also organizes winter sports competitions. The total area of Schladming is about 211-kilometre square. The elevation of this place is almost 745m.

This place is very famous among tourists and sportsmen who love skiing. It offers world-class skiing. Here there is a peak for the sport which is locally known as Planai. Planai consists of many slopes of different colours. Some of the slopes there are in red and black colours. It is considered best for skiing people who are experienced and want to do skiing for competitive purpose. There are also some blue coloured slopes on this mountain peak. It is considered one of the best skiing slopes for beginners.

One other mountain in this area is  Hochwurzen. This skiing area consists of three red run, chair lift and one sledge run. Though it is also for every skier, it is considered the best for experienced skiers. Due to these skiing and boarding slopes, the mountains remain filled with a lot of skiers in the winter season.

This place also has something for the outdoor activity tourist in the summer season also. There are many other mountains in the surrounding of the skiing slopes. These mountains are best suited for hikers and climbers during summer. Here in summer season downhill toboggan and outdoor swimming areas are open for tourists.

Schladming was first mentioned in history in the year 1180 but that time the name of this place was not Schladming. Its name that time was Slaebnich.This name got originated from Slavic culture.

When German came here, the place got influenced by their character to a great extent but still, the Slavic element and essence are preserved by the people and authority there.

In this place, the transport facility is also very good. Here you can get the bus service to move from one mountain to another. This service is open for tourists and locals throughout the year.

The Planai is an important location for ski racing as it hosts the Alpine ski world cup race since 1973. However, since 1997, this race name has been changed. Now the race is known as ‘Night race’ as the race takes place during the night only.


Hotel Die Barbara


Hotel Die Barbara is one of the most booked hotels in Schladming. It is located in the central part of Schladming. Planai cable car station is just opposite to this hotel. Europe’s largest après ski bar is also very near to this hotel. In this area of the hotel, you will also get Schladming’s indoor adventure pool which can be reached just after the 5-minute walk. This hotel is one of the Sommercard partner hotels so you can use Planai cable cars, buses, toll roads and all swimming lakes free of costs.

Facilities and services

As a tourist, you will get a lot of facilities and services here for free of costs. In this hotel, you can enjoy the free wifi service which is very important to connect online for various purposes. Free car parking is also available here to keep your own favorite car even during traveling. Along with these the other services provided by the hotels are allergy-free rooms, lift, soundproof rooms, designated smoking area, bars, etc.


Activities for the tourists are also on the priority list of the hotel. It offers more than one or two activities for its tourists. A hotlist of activities here according to the tourist review are skiing, solarium, spa and wellness center, hiking, cycling, etc. The hotel also offers the facility of skiing kit storage free of cost to all the customers.

Stadtvilla Schladming Boutique Hotel


The user rating of this hotel is 9.3 out of 10. The location of this hotel attracts all the tourists to go for this during their traveling. Panai stadium is very near to this hotel. The distance between these two is just about 500 m. All the major landmarks and hotels and railway stations are well connected with this Stadtvilla Schladming Boutique Hotel.


During your stay in this hotel, you will not lack any facility. It offers almost all the facilities which anyone may expect from a premium hotel. In this hotel, you will get a specially designed area, where you can smoke without disturbing others. For the families with children, this hotel provides the facility of free gaming room inside the hotel. 

It also provides the facility of an airport shuttle with the help of which you can get to the airport very quickly and without any difficulty. Along with these some other services offered by this hotel are outdoor furniture, sun terrace, CCTV security, and many other things.


These days people go for enjoying activities also and this hotel takes care of this need of the tourists too. It offers many activities to its customers, Among all those activities, skiing, hiking and golf course are favorite for most of the tourists. Along with these some other activities offered by this hotel are horse riding, cycling, canoeing, squash, walking tours, and many others.

Hotel Pichlmayrgut


This hotel is also one of the most booked hotels in Schladming. Reiteralm Cable Car is just at a distance of 500 m from this hotel. The user rating of this hotel is 8.4 out of 10. Here the tourist can enjoy the program grenzen.los.aktiv which takes place from the starting of may to the end of October. This very famous hotel has good connectivity with all the famous places and buildings in the area.


This Hotel Pichlmayrgut has all the facilities which the customers need. Here you can get the free vending service for getting snacks and cold drinks. The airport shuttle facility is also there, using which you can move between the hotel to the airport very quickly and easily. 

If you are from the people who order mainly the packed lunch, and dinner, this hotel will be a great choice for you. Here you can get the free packed lunch and dinner service whenever you want. Along with these some other prominent services offered by the hotel are on-site coffee sites, sun umbrellas, shared lounge, swimming pool, and many others.


In this hotel, a great number of activities are there to offer to all the customers. If you are skiing or climbing lovers and want to spend a good time in the shadow of nature, this hotel is perfect for you. Along with these some very popular activities offered by the hotel are a fitness center, hammam, squash, yoga classes, horse riding, body treatment, steam rooms, and many others. 

Pension Steiermark

Located amidst the fully natural environment, this hotel is best suited to the people who love nature and peace a lot. However, this hotel has something to offer to everyone. The user rating of this hotel is  9.6 out of 10. The center of Schladming is not very far from this Pension Steiermark hotel. Just after doing 8 minutes, you can easily reach there from the hotel.


We all need some basic facilities and services during our hotel stay and all those facilities and services you can avail of in this hotel. In this hotel, you will not face the problem of parking the car if you come with your own car as this hotel offers the car parking services to every customer without any extra charge. 

In the shared lounge of this hotel, you can enjoy some good moments with your guests and friends who may come to meet you occasionally. Some of the other good facilities like these are free wifi, allergy-free rooms, sun terrace, mini-market on-site and many other things.


There are many activities which this hotel offers to its customers. With the help of these activities, you can go skiing with many other facilities related to skiing. If you want to go hiking instead, even then this hotel would be a great choice as it offers a hiking facility also. Along with these two, some other notable activities offered by the hotel are sauna, spa facilities, horse riding, sun umbrellas, and many others.



This hotel is located in the lap of nature. Here from this hotel, you can enjoy the great view of mountains, hills and vast meadows. Here from you can easily catch skiing bus as during winter just in front of the hotel, the ski bus stops for a while. The hotel is connected with all the famous buildings, landmarks, and the railway station.


In this hotel, you will get a buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the famous dishes of international cuisine you can taste here in the convenience of your room. Along with these fruit juice, wine, coffee, and tea can be enjoyed here.


Services and facilities are offered by this hotel are huge in numbers. Here you can get free wifi to connect with the online world very easily. If you own any pet and want to keep that with you during your hotel stay, you can do it. The hotel allows pets also under some terms and conditions.


The hotel offers many activities to its customers. Some of the most favorite activities according to many tourists are skiing, golf course, and sauna.


Above we have discussed many things about Schladming and it’s importance as a great tourist destination. We have also seen some of the facilities provided by some of the best hotels to stay in Schladming during your tour. But all these things will matter more to only them who will really discover the place and hotels in their holidays. 

Once you will go there and enjoy the vacation you will find that the things which we have mentioned here are not the only attractions of those the place and hotel. Indeed you will get more attractive features and enjoying moments there on your tour.

Schladming Accommodations

Appartements Tritscher 

Location: Schladming        Rates from: € 77.00/Double Room

The holiday apartments Tritscher are situated in the small and beautiful town of Schladming, right in the heart of the famous Dachstein-Tauern skiing area. Beside skiing, this location provides perfect base for walking, hiking and bike tours in the surrounding mountains. The on-site facilities include sauna, solarium, steam bath, ski room, children’s playground, bike rental and garden.

Hotel Landauer 

Location: Outskirts            Rates from: € 124.00/Double Room

The delightful hotel Landauer boasts an unrivalled location in the renowned Dachstein-Tauern skiing region, just a five minute drive or half an hour of pleasant walking through a romantic path along the river Talbach to the town centre of Schladming. The establishment is the ideal choice for an active winter or summer vacation, a memorable romantic weekend, conferences, a sport vacation or just a relaxed and restful break in the beautiful mountains of Styria.