Best Places to Spend the Vacation in Seefeld

A lot of attractions are waiting for the guests who are willing to spend their time in Seefeld. Let us check out them one by one.

Lake Wildsee

Sevelt, a word of German means the field at the lake. Lake Wildsee is popular as Sevelt in Tirol from 1022. This place is used only for fishing purposes during Emperor Maximilian. It is assumed that due to this lake, this village has named Seefeld. This area has promised as an Olympic region. Not for fishing only, people use this lake as for their amusement also. 

The temperature of the water in the lake is near about 22 degrees Celsius. So, while you jump into this water, you can feel the coolness is flowing through your veins. During the summer, a lot of visitors spend their time here to refresh their souls. There is a special treatment is organized for the children. 

Apart from these, restaurants are there to make you energetic after swimming. Fun Kayaks, volleyball playground, heated outdoor pool, benches at the bank all available to make you comfortable and give you the best fun. The western side of the lake is being protected for a long time. In some distance, there is a natural reserve which is popular as Reither Moor. A combination of all types of plants will surprise you. 

Seefeld Christmas market

In the evening, if you are feeling bored at the hotel rooms then you can go to the Christmas market. You will wonder to know it that in 1964 and 1976, this Christmas market was used as an Olympic game’s venue. Besides, the stalls of this market offer you hand-crafted ornaments, goods, delicious foods, and so many interesting things. 

Your legs might be stopped by the melody of the Christmas song doing by an orchestra band. Not for the adults, there are so many amazing things are available for the children also. Children can draw and make things as their wish and for this purpose, the market authority has organized a special place for their little guests. So, let your child letter to Santa Claus and you choose the best gift to present him.

Mount Seefelder Spitze 

The Seefelder Spitze in the western part of the Karwendel Mountain chain. You have to start your journey from Seefeld to Rosshuette Hut. It is almost 1740 m long. Along this path, you will reach Seefelder Joch Ridge. From here the main hiking will be started. On the way of going there, you can see the views of Alpine to Zugspitze and from Isar to Karwendel mountain chain. 

The path which is going between Reither Spitze and Haermelekopf is too narrow. The road is continuously going uphill and downhill. Climbing these routes are taking place through ropes. From here you can choose a cable car to reach north from the way.

Then the car will take you to the Rosshuette mountain hut and from there it will take you to Seefeld. This hiking journey is almost 4 km long and it will take about 2 hours to complete it. This place is open all the time. But make sure about the weather before starting the hiking. Otherwise, the journey will be memorable. 

Olympia Swimming Pool

If you are going to visit Seekirchl Church then you must go to the Olympia Swimming pool. This pool is near to this church and you can go on foot. Or more specifically, this swimming pool is situated at the border of Seefeld. You can visit this place with your family in leisure time. 

The full name of this place is The Olympia Sports and Congress Centre, also known as SKZ. You may feel like, you have reached paradise somehow. This place is perfect for a family vacation. Apart from this, there are so many other attractions are available to catch your interest. The special facilities for sports, cinema shooting, and availability of various foodstuffs in restaurants are a common thing of this place. 

Indoor and outdoor areas are opened for swimming purposes. There is another thing where you can have fun with your family. “Silver Star” is the name of this special attraction. It is a synthetic cupola and so adorable to kids. This place is open all year. The interior part of the SKZ is designed for the children where underwater massage loungers and rock island with jets are available. 

Large changing cubicles, spacious showers, lift from indoor to outdoor make things easier for guests. If you come to the upper floor, the eye-catching sight of the Sauna landscape can be found. In winter if you want to do the skating then the pool offers you that too.  

Isar Cycle Route

Deggendorf is linked with Munich and the Karwendel Gorge through 300 km long Isar Cycle Route. Our concern is to deal with the first part means, the upper part of the road.  This route guides from Mittenwald into the Tirolean Hinterautal gorge. 

This place is the source of the beautiful locality of the Isar. Beginning from Mittenwald the cycle route guides you to the way of the Isar River (stony outside) which is located to the Riedboden. After that, you have to cross the edge of the Tirolean hamlet of Scharnitz. 

If you follow the road signs carefully to the Karwendel Gorge through Hinterautal Road until the Wiesenhof inn comes, you can feel the paradise there due to its amazing landscapes. You have to move your cycle downhill through the northern side of the gorge after passing the Gleirischhöhe hill. From there you have to go to the reservoir of the Isar river. 

Then you can see a gravel route is going upward again. The Karwendel area is famous due to underwater massage facilities that have risen to the plane here. The Hinterautal MTB Route, the gravel route keeps on moving through three kilometers into the gorge to the Kastenalm. Here the valley separates. 

This trip requires a mountain bike and without it, the journey seems to you incomplete. You can get this from the Karwendel Nature Park. 

Halls and Film Facilities

In the halls of the Innsbruck, mainly 2 categories of movies are released. The two types are Hollywood blockbuster movies and another one is highly rated films like Leonkino and Cinematograph. They also offer movies with the original language. 

In the villages like Mayrhofen, Kufstein, Imst, Schwaz, and Seefeld, you can see the film is shooting due to the beautiful background. The halls can be found out easily because they are spread all over the Seefeld. In shopping malls, market areas and other commercial regions are full of cinema halls. So if you feel bored in the evening then you can go there to utilize your time.

Olympic Region Seefeld Skiing Region

The Olympic Region of Seefeld is a large area which includes the villages like Rosshütte, Leutasch, Gschwandtkopf, Birkenlift & Geigenbühel, and Neuleutasch. Seefeld is a flat terrain where the sun kisses the roads every day. This city is surrounded by the Karwendel mountain chain and the Wetterstein Mountains. 

And if you are enough lucky to the snowfall then you are going surprised by its beauty. Among the five mentioned names, the sunny Rosshütte on Mt. Härmelekopf is the greatest. Gschwandtkopf is the perfect place for practicing for ski teams due to its 1490m altitude. You can see the gorgeous view from it. The skiing arenas like sunny Neuleutasch training place and the Birkenlift & Geigenbühel skiing regions are preferably for the children and family members. 

There is also a swimming pool is available to entertain the children. The peaceful Hochmoos skiing region in Leutaschhas an expansion up to Mt. Katzenkopf. 

You are moreover ruined for the picking if you wish another curriculum like curling, snow-shoeing, tobogganing or a horse-drawn sled ride. The Happy Ski Card Seefeld permits to use of all features of the Rosshütte, Gschwandtkopf, Birkenlift & Geigenbühel skiing regions. Again the Snow Card Tirol contains more than 90 skiing regions in TheTirol and the Tirol Regio Card is also for lessening for free time features in The Tirol.

Rosshütte skiing area – Seefeld

Skiing and snowboarding are like adventures. Everyone can have the fun in Bergbahnen Rosshütte lifts features. This place is perfect for family members and the children because the height is low and the journey is easy and comfortable compared to others. The skiing area has the height of 1,760 m where a hotel is placed, called Rosshütte mountain which offers you to have some meal there

The 25 km of the long ski area of Olympic Region Seefeld has inward bound the quality reward of Tirol. You sure like the “Kaltwasser” training train and the BMW xDrive “Skimovie Race Track” which is near to this place. Härmelekopf has almost 2500 m height and it is a peak of the Karwendel mountain chain. This peak was expanded somehow and then a portion gets straightened.

Snowboarders are also allowed to look presumptuous to the Fun Park  which is named “Crazy Hole” for Landing Bag. “Sportis Kinderland”, a widespread area is offered only for children. They can have all the fun in a small playground in Seefeld. And again here also The Snow Card Tirol offers more than 90 skiing regions in Seefeldas well as the Freizeitticket Tirol contains 31 skiing regions and other amazing features in Seefeld. 

Cross-country skiing in Innsbruck and surroundings

Sellraintal valley and Kühtai are these cross country skiing regions which are snow-covered. Let us know more about this cross country skiing region of Seefeld. Due to the presence of a perfect climate throughout the year, skiing on the snow land has become so popular here. 

Although there is a special arrangement for snow-farming which is a great step taken by the Tyrol government. If you successfully climb to 1300 meters on the Alps mountain then you will come in touch with the very old traditional lifestyle of local people which is known as a Nordic lifestyle.

Fear and risks of life are not too much in this sport. But we need to take precautions all the time to avoid any danger. In Seefeld, the cross country skiing tracks are made in a very special way and they have also made the rescue service stronger. In the year of 2013, the initiative of ski trail rescue service had founded. 

By experiencing the hard situations and measuring the quick solutions they have prepared a rescue service operation. You can also visit the place “Cross Country Academy” where the basic rescue training is given. 

The cross country skiing region is passing through the center of the Alps mountain. So while you are skiing through the Alpine, the mind-blowing scenery is waiting for you. You can’t ignore the beautiful landscape which has ended far from your eyesight. Due to this beauty, the Cross country skiing region of Seefeld has awarded from the German Ski Federation and also from the German Automobile Association ADAC. 

You will be surprised to know that this place is nominated for the Olympic region for practice and competition also due tothe presence of perfect ingredients. The interesting facts about this place are the renovation of two brand new ski jump facilities along with snowmaking facilities on the path.

 The longest skiing network is also spread throughout this region which is almost 3.5 km long. This will provide the trainees an ideal climate and place to practice. This skiing region has awarded ‘Best of Alps’ for its top-quality facilities.

There are a lot of options available to do this adventure because presence of so many clubs. Here are some of the names- Axams – Birgitz trail, Axams; Grinzens trail; Bilgeri trail, Kühtai; Kammerland trail, Oberperfuss; Aigling trail, Oberperfuss; Golf trail, Rinn; Panorama trail, Rinn; Tirolean trail Lüsens – Moos, etc. 

These are all about the details of Seefeld. The high demanded places are mentioned here and how you can enjoy yourself, it is also explained. I hope I am successful to guide you for your next summer vacation. 

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