Villach: A Historic and Beautiful Place

Villach is a city in Austria and comes at seventh position in the largest city of Austrias list. It is also the second-largest city of Carinthia. It is famous for its traffic junction and the total population of Villach is 61,887. This town was also awarded the Alpine Town of the Year in 1994. 

This city was located on the Drau River which is nearby to Gail tributary. The area covers also come under the western rim of the Klagenfurt basin. The city will have several corporate areas like Obere Fellach and Neulandskron. But in 1905 a part of St. Martin was declared as incorporate area. 

This area of incorporation was increased in 1973 when Maria Gail, Fellach and Landskron comes into it. The climatic conditions of Villach are always cool with some summer humid continental climate. 

The tribe that was found in Villach is Neolithic. These are the oldest human traces of the world. This city was situated near a Roman road which is leading from Italy and established in 15 BC. This place became the principal place for Carantania after the Migration Period and Slavic settlement of the Eastern Alps took place. 

Villach received their market right in 1060 but till then it was not considered as the town in records. The city got this position in a town in 1240. A church which was dedicated to St. James was established in 1136. The city also faced some disasters as many earthquakes hit this city many times. 

Many times the buildings faced fire damages which destroyed them completely. The first Mayor of Villach was decided in 16th century. He is the first documented Mayor. There was a time when the local people of Villach will become the protestors because of the priestly rulers. 

In 1600 many of the residents are allowed to leave this city because of the downfall in the economic wealth. finally in 1759 purchased the Carinthia territories on the price of one million dollars from guldens. 

Villach becomes the administrative center for Carinthian districts. In 1809 during the Napoleonic wars, French troops occupied this city and make it the part of Illyrian Provinces. This will become the part of their provinces until the Austrian troops recover this city from their trap in 1813. 

They merged this city in the province of the Austrian empire in 1816. A railway line will finally improve the economic status of this city and the status of their economic growth will be increased in 1864. Not only the improvement of the city but they also grow this city and take it on the path of development.

Villach Popular Places

With popular faces, this place is also famous for its great attraction for which a lot of tourists come every year to flourish its beauty. The whole city was surrounded by the astonishing mountains which create specular scenery. The lakes which attract a lot of tourists to give their presence near it.  There is a lot of attraction in this city like:

Villach Main Square

After having several connections with bridges the old city of Villach creates a specular scenic view for most of the visitors. This is the best place to start exploring Villach. This place was at the center of Villach and connected with the main bridge of Drau. Trinity Column was standing in the middle of this place from 1739. 

This place is full of the old building with some old courtyards which looks stunning. This place is also popular for its shops and expeditions.  Not only the shops but the cafes are also attracting a lot of tourists with their great infrastructures. Some of the cafes in Villach will offer patio seating. 

Villach Fine Churches

Villach, which is considered as the home of churches and these churches are the result of its great historic period. In all these churches the main church which is known as Holy Cross Church is the main building. This church was constructed in the 18th century and become a source of photography for visitors. The main highlight of this church is the interior design of the church which includes some great infrastructures. 

The interior includes great vaults which are constructed in 1960. Another church that is popular is the Parish Church of St. Jackob which was constructed in the 14th century. This church was attracting everybody with its arched vaults. This church also includes some barbeques. The entry point of this church includes 239 stairs which create a stunning look for the entry point.  

Monkey Mountain

A great attraction place for those visitors who are visiting for zoology here. This pace is basically a zoo which includes different species of Money in them. This is a full family attraction place. You can visit here with your family and hope your children will feel a great experience here. 

The whole tour is of 45 minutes but these 45 minutes are the best minutes of your life. In this time you can see the various species of monkeys which you have never experienced before. 

There are other zoo places like Rosegg Zoo which is also an exotic place for local domestic creatures. This place also concludes some fun games which are designed so that the visitors will feel fun while visiting here. This zoo also concludes the cafes and canteens which are also ready to give services. You can book the ticket online. 

This zoo will have an eye-catching bird view that includes different types of prey and birds. These zoos are built upon the historic buildings. The zoo consists of about 164 Japanese macaques and they are allowed to roam in the area and can visit the people who are coming to see them. You can not only see them but can also see how they grow their kids, swim, eat and live their life.

The Carinthia Relief Model

It is located in the Schiller park which is located at the end of the Villach along the Peraustrasse which is the Carinthia Relief Model, which is a great attraction for the people who love modeling. It was built in 1913 and was very famous for its production of the plastic relief model and is the largest company.


There are some twinned cities near Villach like Bamberg in Germany, Udine in Italy, Suresnes in France, Springfield, Illinois in the United States. 

There are several festivals in Villach in the whole year like:

  1. The carnival of Villach which starts from 11th of November and ends on the 4th of March
  2. The arts and crafts festival takes place with self-made goods. 
  3. Villacher Fasching or Mardi Gras
  4. The streets-art festival is a platform to show the talent of singers and artists.
  5. The Villacher Kirchtag which starts in the whole week of Summer and ends up on august first Saturday).
  6. Various performances on floating stages which looks fantastic.


After the development, the population growth was increased with a great frequency and till 1880 this city will have a population of 6104 people. Not only this in world war 1 this city will become the 110th army place for Austro- Hungarian forces.     

This town got the status of statutory city in 1932 during the interwar period. In 1938 Villach become the site of nationwide Kristallnacht pogroms and they have violent attacks on Jewish people. This city got hit by 37 times in world war 2. 

The bombs that are released killed 300 people and damaged 85 percent of buildings. But this attack will make a great impact on their infrastructure and today they will have some infrastructures in their city with a great history.

The city has its own municipal corporation which includes 45 members which consist of Mayor which is equivalent to the president and other members who are selected in the 2015 elections. 

They have several political parties like Freedom Party of Austria with 7 seats, Austrian People`s Party with 10 seats, Social Democratic Party of Austria with 23 seats, Austria Green Party with 3 seats, Verantwortung Erde with 1 seat and NEOS with 1 seat. 

The city government of Villach will have seven members in it including Mayor which was directly elected by the people. The other main members are vice mayor and councilors which are elected by the municipal corporations. Mayor of Villach is Albel, First vice mayor is Dr. Petra Oberrauner, Second vice mayor is Mag. Gerda Sandriesser, four councilors are Peter F. Weidinger, Erwin Baumann, Harald Sobe, Katharina Spanring. 

In 2015 the Mayor Albel was elected with the 55.46 percent of total votes. In Villach, there are a lot of people of different countries who reside like 1549 people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1421 people of Germany, 1238 people Croatia, 482 people of Italy, 459 people of Slovenia and 364 of Russia. 

Villach Popular Faces

The city includes various Notable citizens like Anton Janezic, a Carinthian Slovene who is a philologist, author, linguist, and historian. Oskar Potiorek, Austro Hungarian officer he becomes the governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ruled there from 1911 to 1914 this is the time period when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was in the assassination. Anton Ghon who was an Austrian pathologist he lived from 1866 to 1936. Hans Kurath was an American linguistic and connected to Austrian origin. 

He got originated in the US in 1907. Carl-Heinz Birnbacher who was a naval officer of the Austrian Army and not only this he is also the Vice-Admiral of the German Navy. Albert Bach who was an Austrian soldier, skier, Generalmajor and he also competed in Olympics in 1936. Hubert Petschnigg who was an Austrian architect he was born in Klagenfurt and studied in the schools of Villach. 

Heidemarie Hatheyer who was an Austrian actress and she did about 42 movies between the period of 1938 to 1988.  Paul Watzlawick was an American psychologist, therapist, philosopher and theorist of communication. Kurt Diemberger who was a mountaineer and an author. 

Bruno Gironcoli who was an Australian artist. Heidelinde weis who was an Austrian actress. Hermann Knoflacher who a civil engineer in Austria. Peter Brabeck Letmathe who was the CEO of Nestle group. George Zebrowski who was an Austrian science fiction author and editor. Zoltan J. Acs who was an American economist and professor at the London School of Economics. Felix Tretter was an American psychologist, cybernetician and psychiatrist. Werner Kofler who was a postmodernist novelist. 

Gerald Kargl who was an Austrian film director and he was a famous director who made a famous film named Angst. Wolfgang Ilgenfritz was an Austrian politician and was a member of the European parliament. Gernot Rumpold who was an Austrian politician. Peter Loscher who was a successful businessman in Merck & Co now he was a CEO at Siemens in 2007. 

Michael Martin Kofler was a flutist of classical music. Eva glawisching Piesczek who was an Austrian politician and he is also a member of the Austrian Green Party. 

Not only the artist, actors, and businessmen there are some sport faces also have fame in the world. Ernst Melchior who was a famous Austrian football player and played for Austria Wien, FC Rouen, FC Nantes. Hanns Brandstatter was an Austrian fencer. he took part in 76,74 and 1984 Olympics. 

Johann Hans Lindner who was a hammer thrower took part in the 1984 summer Olympics and 1984 winter Olympics. Alfred Groyer who was an Austrian ski jumper he competed in 1978 to 1984 and also in the 1980 Olympics. Alex Antonitsch who waa a famous tennis player is from Austria, he becomes a professional player in 1988. 


In 1526 the people of Villach become the protestors and this city will become the center of new faiths in Carinthian states. The rate of this population growth in this city is not that much as from 1910 to 1923 the population was increased with a rate of 12.5 percent and till 2016 they will have a population of 61,221 people.