Best Hotels In Vienna And What To Look For

Many people dream about visiting Europe and one of their most popular vacation spots in Vienna. Indeed, many people do come to this historic town to experience culture, history, and sights that are unique to the Germanic nations. However, most people would agree that no vacation (anywhere) is complete if they don’t stay in a good hotel. 

You are probably one of these people. If you have ever contemplated visiting Vienna which is considered to be the ‘heart of Europe,’ read this article. However, no one would argue with the general belief that the quality of the hotel you stay in influences your overall vacation experience. In general, the better the hotel, the more enjoyable your vacation experience will be. You’ll learn about the best hotels in Vienna.

Why should you stay in a hotel while in Vienna?

You know that you have many choices in terms of places to stay when vacationing. After all, you can stay with relatives, stay in an Air Bnb, or stay in a hostel, among other places. So why should you stay in a hotel when you are in Vienna, especially when you are on vacation? Well, there are many reasons why and they are briefly mentioned below:

  • Your length and quality of nightly sleep will increase
  • You can relax in your own room at your own convenience. For example, you can watch the T.V. at any time without having to worry about disturbing your uncle’s sleep.
  • You can sleep soundly at night because you will be sleeping in a comfortable and cushiony bed. These types of beds tend to rock people into a deep sleep. If you stay in a hostel, you may get a hard bunk bed to sleep in, and that’s if you are lucky!
  • You have the ability to spend time for yourself. This comes in handy if you are contemplating the places you saw and the things you did during your vacation. You can also post images and content to social media platforms while in private.
  • You can work while on vacation. While no one likes to think about that, many professionals find that they have to take calls or send some emails even when vacationing. You will need a reliable and continuous Internet connection for this, and this is what the best hotels in Vienna offer.
  • You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. This is because you will be by yourself. 
  • You can always end your vacation when you want to. This may come in handy if your aunt gets deathly ill with the coronavirus and you have to suddenly and immediately rush home to help her!

What are the best hotels in Vienna?

Now that you know that you should stay in a hotel while vacationing in Vienna to improve the quality of your vacation and touring experience, it’s time to review some of the best hotels in Vienna.

Motel One

  • This luxury hotel sports the best in terms of Victorian architecture, style, and design that were popular when it was built in the 1800s. If you are not impressed by the outward appearance of your hotel, the fact that it is situated in downtown Vienna may motivate you to book this hotel. You’ll be able to see all of the cultural attractions and birthplaces of some of the most creative geniuses in the world from here. This is because it is in close proximity to most of these places.
    • Motel One is a three-star luxury hotel
    • Motel One is located in the posh Innere Stadt district. It happens to be within walking distance of one of Vienna’s most famous cultural landmarks – the Vienna Operahouse.
    • You can walk to Vienna’s major train station from here
    • You’ll be treated to personal comforts like the complimentary cherry on top of a made bed
    • This motel offers regular and quality housekeeping and room service.
    • The spa in the bathroom will allow you to take long baths which you can enjoy while improving your health.
    • Motel One has a quality restaurant, the One Lounge. You can enjoy the food there at any time of the day. Since it’s bar opens in the evening, you can enjoy a Martini while posting pictures of you in front of the Vienna Operahouse to Instagram.
    • You’ll love its reasonable and affordable hotel rooms

Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof

  • This is the hotel for you if you love to shop for luxury items and unique (luxury) souvenirs. This hotel is less than a mile away from Vienna’s famous and coveted luxury shopping district the Hofburg and the Goldenes Quartier. Since it was built more than a century ago, its architecture, style, and design reflect traditional Vienna architecture. But of course, it has the modern creature comforts that characterize luxury hotels anywhere. These include free and continuous WIFI, a minibar, regular housekeeping, and room service.
    • It’s a five-star luxury hotel
    • Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof has 196 rooms so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to reserve a room at the last minute. Also, since it’s located in downtown Vienna, you can take amazing pictures that show Vienna’s culture, beautiful buildings, and rich history. These will be perfect to post on Facebook or Pinterest.
    • Unlike as is the case with most European luxury hotels, you’ll be relaxing and sleeping in suites that are so roomy you’d swear they were designed for royalty and their entourages. 
    • Each room has a different theme and style which ranges from modern art deco to Baroque.
    • You’ll be able to see some of the buildings that put Vienna on the map. They include St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Ringstrasse.
    • Your gastronomical tastes will be more than satisfied by the many restaurants and cafes that are either inside or surround the hotel. For example, you can enjoy traditional Viennese gourmet meals at the Restaurant Herrlich which is open all day. Its food and service have earned it the motto of being ‘marvelous by name, marvelous by nature.’
    • If you ever get hungry or thirsty while sightseeing, head to the Schanigarten. This is a beautifully designed cafe that offers finger foods and a variety of beverages
      • Note, you can also head to the Herrenhof Bar if you prefer outside dining. Visit this place and you will be sitting under a 14-meter tall glass dome. This is the perfect place to enjoy a biscotti with a morning cup of cappucino.
      • If you visit the Herrenhof Bar at night, expect to be entertained by pianists while you enjoy gourmet and exquisite cocktails.
    • As with all major luxury hotels around the world, the Steinberger Hotel Herrenhof has many amenities at reasonable prices. You can relax at the Spa World Comfort. They offer comforting massages and an even greater variety of quality makeup than Sephora does. Since this place has a gym, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently packing on those extra ‘tourist pounds!’ All of this and more is what makes the Steinberger Hotel Herrenhof one of the best hotels in Vienna.

Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

  • You will have to head to the Schottenfield District if you want to enjoy your stay in this luxury hotel. You’ll love the many activities that you can lose yourself in there. For example, you can dance the night away, or you can binge movies. 
    • It’s a three-star luxury hotel
    • If you love to binge movies, the Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna is for you. You’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy the best classical Hollywood feature films after 6 P.M. The go-to place is the movie lounge on the 4th floor.
    • The hotel has a library on the 3rd floor whose collection includes almost every book that has ever been published. This is for you if you love to ‘lose yourself in a good book!’
    • You definitely will never get hungry or thirsty because you can avail of the services of the 24/7 galleys which are on almost all of this hotel’s floors.
    • Go to the ground floor if you love to savor unique and delicious hotel food. You’ll find the bar and cafe which is never closed. This is the place to find a chicken schnitzel or a plate of stroganoff pasta with a nice and smooth beer.
    • The bar offers free guitars which you can rent. You can jam and sing karaoke with some of the finest musicians in Vienna. Every floor has a guitar amp that will allow you to hear the melodious guitarists strumming away in the bar. The hotel also includes outlets for you to plug your laptop and mobile devices into. 
    • Don’t worry if you don’t have any mobile devices, you can always stay abreast of hotel and city events with a hotel provided tablet.
    • The hotel features some of the best organically grown food from around the world in its buffet breakfast.
    • You can enjoy Vienna’s beautiful nights from Ruby’s spacious and beautiful rooftop terrace.
    • Also, don’t worry about having to take public transportation throughout Vienna. Hotel Ruby has come to your rescue with rentable, free bikes.
    • The Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna is one of the most genuine and accommodating luxury hotels in Vienna because it offers many free amenities that any other hotel would charge big money for.

Hotel Stefanie

  • If you want to stay at the best luxury hotels in Vienna, the Hotel Stefanie is for you! It’s located in one of Vienna’s oldest areas, Leopoldstadt. Since the hotel was built more than 400 years ago, it’s loaded with antiques that will help you understand its vibrant history much better. Its location in the center of Vienna is strategic. In fact, you will be able to see the courtyard right from your balcony if you book the right room! 
    • It’s a four-star luxury hotel
    • The Hotel Stefanie comes with all of modern comforts and amenities you can’t live without. Examples are free WIFI and breakfast. The hotel also accommodates the ethnic, gastronomical, and religious needs of Jewish people.
    • For example, you will be able to request Kosher foods and meals. This is especially true for breakfast.
    • It features a posh restaurant which serves the finest in classic Viennese food\
    • You can also find gluten-free food and dishes there
    • A venture into the restaurant will greet you with the finest in decor and furnishings. You’ll see lavish chandeliers hanging graciously from incredibly high ceilings and classic Viennese room decor.
    • You can venture into the restaurant’s open-air section which is fondly referred to as Hofgarten.
    • Venturing into Hofgarten will give you a panoramic view of Vienna.
    • If you have a sweet tooth or are a coffee addict, you’re in luck because the hotel has a patisserie offering delicious pastries and confections from all over the world. You can also visit the bar for gourmet Viennese coffee.

Hotel Konig von Ungarn

  • This is literally 2 minutes walking distance from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Its close proximity to the cathedral was the reason why many cathedral dignitaries and their horses stayed there in times past. It is currently very posh and family-owned. Walking through the hotel will allow you to see the attached Mozarthaus. Mozart built it to live in when he was alive. It’s been converted into a museum because it’s his only house that’s still standing.  Mozart lived in the house for three years – from 1784-1787. 
    • It may have been built several centuries ago, but tourists and guests love it for its modern amenities.
    • The furniture is modern and neo-classical, while the architecture reflects more traditional and classic Viennese styles.
    • The marriage of modern and tradition is what gives Hotel Konig von Ungarn the unique charm that makes visitors want to flock to it!
    • You may be surprised to learn that some of the hotel rooms have been refurbished and renovated according to modern styles.
    • This is the reason why you can either stay in a modern room or a more classic and traditionally designed room at this hotel.
    • The modern rooms have ‘new age’ designs, styles, and colors in terms of furniture and wall colors.

You can go for a late-night browse of Vienna and still make it for a 10:30 A.M. breakfast because its daily breakfast service ends at noon. You can savor delicious and calming teas from around the world in its restaurant. Additionally, its dishes are cooked with the gastronomic sensitivities of many of its guests in mind. For example, you can get food that is 100% soy-free. 

Hotel Konig von Ungarn is for you if you crave traditional European culture in the form of opera, concerts, and theater. You can make arrangements for all of this and more through its concierge service. You will also be immersed in Viennese culture during your stay here.  

Grand Hotel Wien

This is and has been the go-to place for the creme de la creme of Viennese society and for its movers and shakers. You can think of the Grand Hotel Vien as being ‘a city away from a city’ partially because of its close proximity to all of downtown Vienna’s attractions, and partly because of its many features and accommodations. For example, you can enjoy delicious, savory, and traditional Viennese food in its restaurant. You can also relax in its spa which is reserved exclusively for guests. If you are an opera lover, you’ll be pleased to know that you can walk to the Vienna State Opera House. It will only take you three minutes to do so. 

What makes the Grand Hotel Wien one of the best hotels in Vienna is its architecture. This is also what differentiates it from the other Viennese hotels.  The interior of the Grand Hotel Wien is covered with classic Viennese decorations.  This theme continues onto the individual rooms. 

Indeed, you will feel as though you have stepped back in time if you view the interior of this hotel. But the decor doesn’t stop there. The richness of Viennese history is reflected throughout the hotel in the form of rare antiques and rare and beautiful fabrics. If nothing else, this will serve as eye candy when you are relaxing after a long day of touring Vienna and its surroundings.

If you stay at the Grand Hotel Wien, you’ll appreciate the marble bathrooms that are replete with countertops that have two sinks. It’s easy to see the city or the beautiful courtyard from your balcony. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Vienna from your balcony. 

The management at this hotel has your gastronomic preferences in mind. This is because the hotel has 5 restaurants that serve the finest food in Vienna and around the world. You can savor from the best in Japanese and Arabic food, for example. However, no other restaurant makes the entire fine dining experience as pleasurable and rememberable as the La Ciel by Toni Morwald. You can enjoy the finest food in the world which is personally cooked by Chef Roland Huber. The restaurant is located on the hotel’s roof.

You can enhance your stay in Vienna by expanding your culinary horizons and knowledge. The Grand Hotel Wien offers a variety of cooking classes from its world-renowned cooking school Le Grand Chef. you’ll soon be able to make gourmet dishes from around the world in no time. 

The Grand Hotel Wien has a refreshing spa that is in room 605. This is the perfect place to unwind after a hard day of sightseeing. You can relax with an invigorating massage and a glass of your favorite wine.  The hotel offers services like an on-call doctor and free child care. This is rare even in luxury hotels anywhere in the world.

Hotel Am Parkring

This can be easily considered to be one of the most popular hotels in Vienna. You can find this glowing gem in the tallest building in Vienna, the Ringstrasse building. While there, you will be pampered and treated like royalty in this posh four-star hotel. All of its hotel rooms are on the 11-13th floors of the Ringstrasse. You’ll see the best of Vienna and Viennese daily life every day. Since the majority of the rooms have a terrace or balcony, you can always relax with a cocktail in your hand in a lawn chair on the balcony of one of these hotel rooms. Additionally, the rooms sport furniture that can’t be found in luxury hotels, either in Vienna or in the rest of the world.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the mobile devices that will keep you connected to today’s bustling digital age. Every hotel room comes with a tablet that will allow you to keep current on the best landmarks, buildings, and places to see in Vienna. You can also peruse through catalogs that will tell you the best places for dining and entertainment. Hotel Am Parkring follows the standards of luxury hotels around the world by offering you free WIFI 24/7. You can now look at Facebook while sitting in bed at 2 A.M. or you can finish that important business proposal for your boss while eating dinner in one of the hotel’s many restaurants.

You’ll love Restaurant Das Schick if you love gourmet international cuisine and good wine or liquor. Asides from being able to order traditional and mouth-watering Viennese dishes, you’ll be able to order a half roasted chicken, paella, or any other Spanish dish imaginable. You can also order a savory East Tyrolean mountain lamb. The quality, depth of flavor, and juiciness of the meat will amaze and tease you and your taste buds. These are just some of the food choices you have at the restaurant which is located on the 12th floor. You’ll love the fact that you can see the entire city from your table.

Many people love to take inexpensive public transport when they vacation. They find it more relaxing and less tiring on their feet than walking all day. If you are one of these people, you will be pleased to know that you can take a trolley from the Weihburgasse Tram Stop which is strategically located by the hotel. 

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

This is one of the finest five-star hotels in Vienna. It’s a heritage building because it was built to accommodate the extra people who would be coming to see the 1873 World Exhibition that was hosted in Vienna. This was a major event that showed off the scientific, intellectual, and other accomplishments of the then industrialized and advanced West. The World Exhibition put Austria and Vienna on the map. You’ll find this beautiful hotel in the Borse district. The building stands out in this section of the city because it marries the luxury and opulence you would associate with a five-star hotel with the contemporary beauty and strength associated with modern architecture and design. All rooms have balconies facing the inner courtyard, so you can relax on a lawn chair while enjoying the birds chirping at sunrise. You can also marvel at greater downtown Vienna from one of your many hotel rooms. 

This is the hotel for you if you want to sample the world in terms of food and flavors. You can, for example, snack on delicacies from around the world in the lobby’s lounge and the bar and cigar smoking place. If you are in for some heartier and savory food, head to the Die Kuche for a causal schnitzel or hot dog. You’ll want to try its most famous dish the Kasekrainer. If you are more into the formal dining and savoring the finer foods in life, Edvard is for you.

If you do dine at the Edvard, expect to eat like a king. You will be served the finest four-course or seven-course dishes currently available on the planet. The restaurant also offers you the option of ordering Mediterranean dishes by the menu. If you are into formal gatherings, head to the lobby lounge and bar for tea. Tea time lasts from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. every day.

You can savor delicious and exotic snacks from around the world during tea time. Some of the more popular snacks are the beef tartar and coconut and mango pralines. Additionally, the warm and welcoming environment of the tea room will make it easy for you to make life long friends. 

You can relax at any time at the hotel’s lavish and luxurious spa. While there, you can enjoy the best in typical spa services.

Some of Vienna’s hidden gems may actually be in its hotels

You probably think of Vienna as being a beautiful city with a deep history that is situated in Europe’s heartland. Those factors alone make the capital of Austria worth visiting. However, now that you know more about some of the best hotels in Vienna, you may want to consider booking a room in one of the hotels mentioned above if you plan to visit Vienna soon!

Featured Vienna Hotels, Austria:

Ambassador Vienna 

Location: Innere Stadt (view map)            Double rooms from: € 158.00

Hotel Ambassador boasts a brilliant central location in the beating heart of the cosmopolitan city, on the lively Kärntner Straße and the historic Neuer Markt within walking distance to almost everything in Vienna. All popular city sights, such as The Imperial Palace, The State Opera, The Musikverein and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are just outside the hotel. The property perfectly mix a long tradition with a modern comfort and luxury. The guest rooms (some of them with nice balcons) are large and luxuriously furnished featuring all moder amenities: individually controlled air-conditioning, direct dial telephone, Internet connection, workspace, TV etc.

Hotel Wilhelmshof 

Location: Leopoldstadt (view map)           Double rooms from: € 64.00

Wilhelmshof is a nice family run hotel, offering cozy bed and breakfast accommodation close to the world wide known entertainment park – the Prater and just 10 minutes by public transport to the historic centre. The property is housed in a beautiful historic building with an old style charm, well combined with all modern comforts. All guest rooms are spacious and stylishly furnished. The superior ones offer king size beds, wireless Internet access, individually controlled air conditioning and heated floors.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel 

Location: Innere Stadt (view map)            Double rooms from: € 145.00

Hollmann Beletage is a charming boutique hotel featuring an excellent location in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Vienna. Most of the historic monuments, theatres, museums and Viennese cafes are at easy reach on foot from the hotel. The hotel’s interior is stylishly decorated in a modern way to create comfort and relaxing atmosphere. All guest rooms have bathroom, hairdryer, individually controlled air-conditioning, WI-FI internet, direct dial telephone, CD player, cable TV etc.

Tourotel Mariahilf Vienna 

Location: Neubau (view map)     Double rooms from: € 35.00

Hotel Tourotel Mariahilf Vienna offers comfortable bed & breakfast accommodation in a convenient location at almost equal short distance from both the historic city centre and the famous Schönbrunn castle. The property has a long tradition in the hotel business and offers all modern comforts in a nice combination with the typical Viennese charm and flair. It features an excellent terrace bar and a private car park.

Eurostars Hotel Vienna 

Location: Josefstadt (view map) Double rooms from: € 55.00

The Hotel Eurostars Vienna features an ideal location, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Mariahilfer Straße. The historical city centre is only ten minutes walking away. There is a tram station just in front of the hotel. The property has been recently refurbished and now it offers all modern conveniences in combination with a long tradition and very helpful and professional staff.


Location: Innere Stadt/Historic Centre (view map)             Double rooms from: € 69.00

The Hotel Kärntnerhof has a perfect location in the heart of the city and at the same time in a very quiet small street. This location is ideal for all the sights, with St. Stephen’s Cathedral just around the corner. The guest rooms are clean spacious and stylishly furnished. The hotel staff is very kind and helpful. Guests can enjoy a charming terrace and use free Internet connection in the reception area.

Pension Neuer Markt 

Location: Innere Stadt/Historic Centre (view map)             Double rooms from: € 76.00

Nicely situated in the historical city centre at the Neuer Markt square with pretty fountain and between the State Opera and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Pension Neuer Markt is a quality family-run housed in an old baroque structure. Many of the most important spots of tourist interest are within quick and easy reach on foot. The breakfast is well prepared and includes more than you would expect.

Hotel Austria 

Location: Innere Stadt/Historic Centre (view map)             Double rooms from: € 86.00

The location of hotel Austria is unmatched – just a minute walk from St. Stephan’s Cathedral in the beating heart of the city and at the same time in a quiet side street. Most of the famous tourist sights, as well as Vienna’s main shopping area, a great number of cafes and restaurants are within walking distance. The hotel Austria’s staff is very friendly, corteous and helpful.

Kaffeemühle Aparthotel 

Location: Neubau (view map)     Double rooms from: € 35.00

The Kaffeemühle Hotel is well situated not far from the center of romantic Old Vienna and near to Westbahnhof train station, just steps from several tram stops and a few minute stroll from the famous Mariahilfer Strasse with its attractive cafes and shops. The guestrooms are basic but clean, airy, comfortably and tastefully furnished. The hotel is also within quick and easy reach from the airport bu public transportation.

Radisson SAS Style Hotel 

Location: Historical Centre (view map)   Double rooms from: € 125.00

The Radisson SAS Style Hotel has a perfect central location, ideal for seeing all important sights in Vienna and in the immediate vicinity of the well known Graben Street with its numerous shops and the famous Café Central. This luxurious 5 star property offers all contemporary conveniences, a long tradition in providing the best Austrian hospitality and very friendly, courteous and helpful staff. All accommodations have a DVD player, independent air-conditioning, free mini bar, satellite TV, safe, working corner, wireless Internet access, direct dial telephone with voicemail.