Top 11 Hotels in Salzburg

In today’s life, a short break from the daily routine life is very important. It reduces the workload, stress and gives you some time to spend with your loved ones and most importantly fills you with more energy to do all those daily routines work with more energy.

You can take the brake in many forms. One of the very common forms of such brake is going on holiday. There are many places in the country itself and abroad also. Any of the places you can choose to spend your holidays as per your budget and choice of activities in the holidays.

One of the very important tourist spots which people are choosing these days is Austria. The reason behind this is its so beautiful natural vibe and activities offered on holidays trip. What so ever trip you choose to go for, one very basic need will be required on every tour. This need is a good place to stay during the trip. There are many hotels available on the trip and it’s very hard to choose from so many numbers. Here we have brought some of the best hotel lists for the people who are planning to visit Salzburg this vacation. These top 11 hotels in Salzburg have been selected on the basis of user rating, real experience of the people and the services offered by them. So let’s know each of them one by one in detail.

1. The Eco Suite Hotel


The Eco Suite Hotel is a very famous hotel in Salzburg. Many of the tourists especially book this hotel due to its location. It is situated near the Salzach River. It is well connected with Salzburg’s old Town and Mirabell Palace. The distance of this hotel from Salzburg’s main railway station is about 20 minutes on foot. The Salbach River is just on 18-minute on foot distance from it.


This hotel offers all types of local, national and international cuisine. Here you can find a vending machine for snacks and drinks. So you don’t need to wait for anyone for snacks and colds drinks. Just yourself you can get it easily.


This hotel is famous for its special services other than basic services. Here you will get a free parking service. Free WiFi is also available here so you don’t need to worry about staying connected with online content. The other very amazing facility it gives is permission to pet. Here you can bring your pet with you.

2. Motel One Salzburg-Mirabell


This hotel is also situated near the Salzach River. The distance from the river to this hotel is about 10 minutes. The on-foot distance of this hotel from Old Salzburg Town is about 15 minutes on foot. The same from Mirabell Palace is about 10 minutes. The Railway station is just an 800m away from it.


In this Hotel, you will find both the none veg and veg cuisine. A large variety of veg food is a plus point here. Along with veg food Frit juice and shakes are also available here. There is also a bar in this hotel where you can enjoy food, drinks, party, etc at the same time.


The hotel offers all the basic facilities to its customers. Some other pro services offered by it are

Pet allowance-Here you can come with your pet with just some extra little payment.

CCTV cameras- The hotel is well equipped with CCTV surveillance to provide you with better security.

3. Plaza Inn Salzburg City

This hotel is very near to the bus station and just one km from the railway station. Mirabell Palace is just at a 0.5 km distance from it. Near it, you will find many shops. Just beside it, there is a very famous Italian restaurant. The historic center of Salzburg is also very near to it.

Nearby attractions

This hotel is surrounded by some very famous tourist attractions. Miller brewery pub is just 750m away from it. Mozart’s Birthplace is just 1.3 km away from it. Some other places with a 1.5 km radius of it are Mozarteum, Festival hall Salzburg, Hohen Salzburg Fortress and many others.


This hotel offers some very good services to its customers at free of cost. It offers free wifi in all the rooms. Good quality food is also available here. The people who smoke get also a particular smoking area in this hotel.

4. Adlerhof

The location of this hotel is very convenient. it is just at 300m walking distance from Salzburg railway station and just 15-minute walking distance from the old town. The very famous Salzburg congress center is also nearby it. It is just at a distance of the 10-minute walk.


Adlerhof is one of the most liked hotels in this area. And one reason behind this is some good service offered by it at free of cost. Some such free services include Private parking, good wifi connectivity in all areas, Daily housekeeping, Indoor playing area for kids and many others.


This is the hotel which offers some very interesting activities to its customers. Some of them are mentioned below.


It offers this activity to the tourist who wants it. It is an offsite activity.


Skiing is also an offsite activity offered by it. In this activity, you will get the free service of storing skiing kit in the hotel. Along with these some other activities offered by this hotel are cooking class, walking tours, cycling, Live music performance and much more.

5. Altstadt Hotel Hofwirt Salzburg


The location of this hotel is also well connected with many well-known landmarks of this place. Mirabell Palace and The congress center are both at a 10-minute walking distance. The nearest railway station is at a 15-minute walking distance only. Surrounded by all major famous attractions makes this hotel very special in terms of convenience.

Foods and snacks

The food at this hotel is famous among its customers. Both veg and nonveg food you can get here easily. Here you will get a very special Austrian buffet breakfast between 7 am to 10 am. In its bar, you can taste some very delicious modern cuisine too. especially coffee, snack and tea lobby are also there.


Along with delicious food hotel Hofwirt also offers some very good services to its customers. Just like all the Luxurious hotels it also offers free wi-fi to every corner of the hotel. You can bring your cat or dog also with you at a minimum extra charge. Laundry, daily housekeeping is also available here at free of cost. 

6. Atel Hotel Lasserhof

This hotel is very famous for its interior. The hotel looks really very amazing from every angle. From furniture to flooring, wall paint to design, lighting to color combination everything is just too amazing that you will just fall in love with this hotel.


The hotel is situated in the mid of the city. It all the major attractions of the place like churches and museums, old Salzburg towns, Theatre, railway stations are in the vicinity of this place.


Atel Hotel Lasserhof offers all the major services and basic facilities. Laundry, daily cleaning, room services, free wifi, etc. Along with these, the hotel also offers some special services like free parking, carrying your pet, Ticket servicing, ironing service, allergy-free rooms, etc.


The hotel also offers some outdoor activities facilities like hiking, skiing, etc. For skiing, you will also get free storage of skiing kit here.

7. All You Need Hotel 


This grand hotel is situated near the very beautiful Kapuzinerberg Mountain. The very famous Mirabell Palace, The Getreidedegasse, Mozart square many other famous places can be reached just on foot from the hotel. The hotel remains open only from the staring of July to the end of September.


The hotel offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here you can enjoy the multi-national cuisine of all the countries. Both veg and non-veg recipes you can enjoy here. It also offers tea and coffee to all its customers in its special tea coffee lobby.


The hotel takes care of all the needs of the customers as its name also suggests. Here you can get Free parking, Pet keeping facility, Free WiFi with good connectivity in every corner of the hotel, Indoor kid game playing area and etc. Here you can get all types of room either a single bed, double bed, family room, etc at affordable price.

8. Bloberger Hof

This hotel is very famous among tourists. It is surrounded by very beautiful scenic views. The bus stand is very near to it. Even on foot, you can go from this hotel. The old town is just 15 minutes away from it by bus. Here from you can enjoy the majestic view of Untersberg Mountain or Hohensalzburg Fortress.


This very amazing hotel offers all the basic facilities to its customers. Some of those services include free wifi, daily housekeeping, Lift, Luggage storage, and many others. Along with these some other special services are restaurant service on the terrace, picnic area, Your desk, allergy-free rooms, and many others.


The hotel provides all the major foods of all the countries. Both veg and none veg cuisine you can enjoy here with the authentic taste of the place. Along with these it also serves the specific Austrian food to its customers.

9. YoHo – International Youth Hotel


The hotel is situated at a very convenient point in Salzburg. The main city railway station is just at a 9-minute walking distance. The walking distance of this hotel from Mozarteum is only 600m. It can also be reached from Kapuzinerberg & Capuchin Monastery in 9 minutes only.


This hotel offers the following services to every customer of this hotel. Some of those services are

Free wifi -you can enjoy the powerful fast network here from any corner of this hotel.

Free parking-If you come here in your car, you can park that car in the parking area for free.

Designated smoking area-There are many people who want to smoke even during traveling and outing. For such people, the hotel has an especially designed smoking area.


The hotel provides all foods during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be either local, continental or international cuisines as per your demand.

10. H+ Hotel Salzburg


The user rating of this hotel is 8.5. The hotel is situated just opposite to Salzburg railway station. A nearby attraction to this place is Mirabell Palace and Old town. Hear from You can get the transport service for all the major spots. Nearby you can get a shopping market for all the very basic items.


The hotel provides some very special activities and entertainment services to the tourists. Some of those services include wellness and spa center, spa facilities, Relaxation lounge, sauna. These services, you can avail at a very affordable price. Some of them you can get for free and for some you may have to pay a small buck also.

Food and services

This hotel also offers all the basic food including hotel charges. Along with these it also offers some very famous multinational cuisine like pizza, barbeque, spring role, etc. Some popular services it offers are free parking, free wifi, outdoor activities, etc.

11. Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Centre

This conference center cum hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Salzburg. The distance of this hotel from Haus De Natur is about 1.58km. From Schloss Heilbrun, it’s only about 6.05 km. Some of the closest landmarks around this hotel are Jazzit, Motzko, Station post office, and many others. 


The hotel offers breakfast between 6:30 am to 10 am. In this Breakfast, you can select the items veg, nonveg, continental, etc as per your choice. Lunch and dinner you can also get here either from the hotel or from any outside restaurant as per your taste.


The hotel offers many services at free of cost, Some of these services are free wifi, free parking, laundry, etc. It also offers daily housekeeping, room services, allergy-free rooms, shared lounges for entertainment, indoor kids’ corners, etc. The user rating for this hotel is 8.7.

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