Holidays in Sankt Anton am Arlberg

Life of everyone seems to be different than others. At some point of life, everyone feels that he or she needs to take a break for some time from their day to day life and monotonous scheduled hours. Many of us think that their life is going on good and they never need any brake as they are totally capable of doing every single task without being bored and failed. But actually, it is not practical. At some point of time in life, we all get failed and lose the interest, even in those work which we love to do a lot.

These breaks fill us with very new energy which is very necessary to break the boredom of life and the workplace. There are many ways to take these intervals from the very busy schedule of life. However, one of the very common and easy ways is to take it in the form of holidays. During holidays you totally disconnect yourself from your work and just get involved in the beauty, excitement and pleasure of holidays. After completing the holidays, you will feel a very new vibrant energy in you, which you never thought, would ever come again in your body and working style.

Once you have made your mind to go for the holiday, the next thing is to choose a good holiday destination. The selection of the holiday you can do as per your nature, climate, budget and most importantly the time of holidays. If you select to go for a holiday in summer, Sankt Anton am Arlberg would be very good for you. It has everything which a good holiday tourist needs and that is too under your budget. So below we are going to discuss some of the very important topics about Sankt Anton am Arlberg and many other things related to it.

Sankt Anton am Arlberg

Austria is full of natural beauty and places that attracts everyone to visit them. Some of these places are so beautiful that people want to go there again and again and many of the time they want to extend the duration of their holiday at that place.

Sankt Anton am Arlberg is one of such places. It is also known as just St. Anton by most of the people. This very beautiful place is actually a village. It comes under the region of Tyrol.

Tyrol is a very famous state in Austria. Along with Sankt Anton am Arlberg, there are many other places in Tyrol which are famous for their climate, natural vibes, resorts, and many things but here we will stick to Sankt Anton am Arlberg only.

It is situated on the grand Tyrolean Alps. Sankt Anton am Arlberg is very popular among the tourists due to the various activities offered by it. Though the place can be visited at any time in the whole year, people love to visit this place mostly in summer.

This place covers a big area of Tyrol and hence more people come here every year. The elevation of this majestic place is about  1304 m. Its total area is somewhere about 165.41 square km. This lovely place is near the River Rossana. The location of this place also falls between Austria and Switzerland which is also very useful for this place. One very good thing about Sankt Anton am Arlberg is that it is surrounded by many airports. The Airports of Munich, Friedrichshafen, Z├╝rich, and Innsbruck can be reached from here easily by train or car. It really makes the travel of the tourist very easy and gives them a lot many options for traveling.

The climate of this place is very good. Yet it serves the best in the summer. The average high temperature of the whole year is 33 degrees Celsius and the average lowest temperature is  -0.2 degrees Celsius. This place receives a good snowfall also except June to September.

Skiing in Sankt Anton am Arlberg

As I told you earlier, Sankt Anton am Arlberg is famous for many different types of fun-filled and adventurous activities available here. Skiing is one of those advententutos activities. For this activity lota and lots of people come here every year.

As you noticed above that Sankt Anton am Arlberg receives a lot of snowfall in about eight months. Due to these snowfall mountains slopes and hills get filled with snow. It proved a good condition for skiing.

Skiing is an activity in which people slide on the snow-filled surface with the help of snowboards and poles. Before going for this activity, some very basic training is needed in most of the cases, especially for the newcomers.

Since in this activity, you will have to spend a long duration in ice and snow, you should be well prepared before going for this activity. In case of not well prepared, this very exciting activity may get converted into a very bad trauma too. So enter in the word of this skiing activity, only after having all the tools with you. Some of the major tools you may need are mentioned below.

A good skiing jacket- It is very important to keep you protected with cold and the unwanted fall and collapse during the activity. A skiing jacket fulfills this requirement.

Thermal baselayers- It also helps you to maintain body temperature during this activity and reduces the effect of coolness caused by snow.

Ski pant-This is also very important to keep your legs protected and also gives you good comfort so that you can do skiing without any discomfort caused by coldness or the fitting of the normal day clothes.

Skiing boots or snow boot-Snow boots are also very crucial for this activity. The work of boots is to protect your feet from the cold of the snow and another shock of hidden rocks or anything like this. It also helps you to get a good grip on the snow surface.

Some other very important tools for Skiing are snowboard, face mask, poles, gloves, goggles, and many other things.

After being well equipped with the tools now you should get ready for searching a good place for  Sking in Sankt Anton am Arlberg. It is a part of Arlberg which is famous for its skiing resort in all over the world. It has about 95 lifts and cable cars. The total length of piste here is about 350km and the length of the snow-filled run is about 200 km. The old Galzigabhan of this village has been replaced by the latest Funitel gondola. It enables the movement of the people doing skiing from one place to another very easily and comfortably.

There are many peaks in Skiing in Sankt Anton am Arlberg like Valluga, Kapall, Schindler, etc which are very high. These places are not just for the beginner or for experience only. It offers places for both the experienced and novice people on skiing. The mesmerizing beauty of the place and way it deals with everyone who skies here attracts more and more new people every year.


Whatsoever the place you choose to go, a good staying facility or accommodation matters a lot to make the holidays really worthwhile. There are lots many hotels in Sankt Anton am Arlberg also. Most of the people get confused, which one to select for the best experience. Here we have brought 4 best hotels in Sankt Anton am Arlberg. Any of them you can choose to make your holiday fantastic.


This very famous hotel is situated in the mid of Sankt Anton am Arlberg. It is just a 5-minute walking distance from the very famous cable car. This hotel is very well connected with all major landmarks, airports, railway stations, etc. Locals shops are also around it where you can purchase anything you need.


The hotel provides all the major services for free of cost. Here you will not get any tension related to the connection of the net. It provides free internet access through wifi in every corner of the hotel. Free parking is also there which you can use if you come here with your own car.


The hotel is very famous as a good activity provider among its customers. The most popular activity offered by it is hiking. Along with it, there are many other activities offered by the hotel like skiing, cycling, sauna, fitness center, and many other things.

Haus Sattlekof


This very comfortable stay point is one of the very demanding hotels there. It rarely gets any free room in its hotel and all the time it remains full. Here from the ski slopes are just at 500m distance which is very useful to the people who love skiing. The free hiking bus stop os just 100 m away from it.


In this hotel, you can find all the variety of dishes. All the international and continental cuisine you can enjoy here along with delicious Austrian dishes. All the popular beverages like coffee, tea, soft drink, wine, etc you can easily get here.


The hotel provides all the basic services to all of its customers. Along with these, you can also get a free parking service. So if want to take your favorite car, in your journey, you can take that without any issue. Some other services offered by it are indoor gaming area, daily housekeeping, sun terrace, and many others.

Hotel Montfort


This hotel is also situated in the center of Sankt Anton am Arlberg. It is just on a 5-minute walking distance from the very famous cable car center here. The closest railway station of St. Anton is just 400 m away from it. Just beside the cable car, there is a corner here where anyone can store the ski things at free of cost.


This very demanding hotel offers some of the very amazing services along with all the basic services. Some of the very basic services provided by this hotel are free wifi, allergy-free rooms, Atm machine in the hotel premises and many other things.


Nowadays people love to do some activities during their hotel stay. In this hotel also there are many activities which you can choose as per your staying duration and interests. some of the very common activities here are Skiing, table tennis, sauna, and many others.

Hotel Garni Rauch


The user rating of this hotel is 9.2. The hotel is located in the central area of St. Anton. It is just at a 2-minute walking distance from the valley station. The airport and some other landmarks are also not very far from it. The hotel offers all size bed like the single, double, family room and many others too.


In this hotel, you will get the fresh fruit and juices whenever you want. Shakes and fruit salad are also available here. Here you can taste multinational cuisine along with some local dishes. In the coffee lobby, you can enjoy tea and coffee.


There are many services offered by the hotels. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Here you can enjoy the free wifi, free parking, outdoor furniture, Newspaper availability. If you love your pet and can’t leave them during a holiday, you can carry them with you on your trip.


This hotel offers many good activities. Some of them include cycling, golf, cycling, walking tour and many others. Some very demanded activities out of them are skiing, hiking and so on.


Above we have discussed some very important things to know about  Sankt Anton am Arlberg. Skiing is one of the main activities which is arranged at these places in most of the cases But not in all the cases, you will get sufficient time for each and every activity which you opt for. Hotels which we have mentioned also provide the activities and there you will not find any time issues like other places. 

These have been selected after comparing it with many other similar hotels. If you want to know more about the hotel, you should better explore the things yourself and feel the luxury you will never forget.