Kitzbuehl: A Must Visit City in Austria

Are you looking for an understanding of Kitzbuehl? Be with us and read this whole article, we will share some exciting information and stuff related to Kitzbuehl in Tirol. Do you want to know what Kitzbuehl is? Let’s go through the details about Kitzbuehl, and it’s a locality and interesting facts about it. Kitzbuehl is a town, or you can say it’s a District of Tyrol State Austria. 

It is known as mediaeval town, which is located in the Kitzbuehl Alps along with the river Kitzbuehler Ache in Tyrol State, Austria. It’s far away from center Innbrucks and it’s administrative from eastern parts of Tyrol State Austria, and it’s almost 100 kilometers away from the administration. Kitzbuehl Alps is a ski resort, and it’s known for skiing games for international renown. Every year they start their ski season from mid-October and run it until the starting of May. It closes the ski session in early May.

Kitzbuehl Basic Information

Kitzbuehl District is located in Tyrol State and Austria County. If we talk about governmental policies and ownership, it is owed and runs by Mayor Klaus Winkler. The total area that Kitzbuehl resort covers are almost 58.01 square kilo meters, and it is at an elevation of 762 meters. 

The total population of Kitzbuehl is nearly about 8,272, and if we talk about the density of this place. It has almost 140 people living per square kilo meter. It’s called a valley town, so, it is called a car-free zone because most of its centers are under the car-free zone. 

Places to Visit in Kitzbuehl

For tourism solutions, we can say that if you want to go to one of the largest ski areas available in Austria, you should go to Kitzbuehl resort. It’s the best place for tourism and has many exciting places to visit and spend quality time with your family. Now, let’s dive into some of the best locations In Kitzbuehl Resort to visit and go ahead with them to see which places do best suite of your comfort.

The Hahnenkamm Mountain

The best place for those who are lovers of height and enjoy themselves being at such height like 1,712 meters. This mountain contains many hills and valleys to excite you for visiting this place once in your lifetime. It gets covered with ice during the snowfall and becomes a tourist attraction place because of being romantic. 

St. Andreas Parish Church

St. Andreas Parish Church is located in the northern part of Kitzbuehl Resort. You can go here feel the energy of the existence of God. The best place to get calm, and to forget all of your hard times just need to remember that you are a peaceful soul. People would like to visit this place to worship the Lord, and they reach out of this place to feel the silence and feel the energy they get after getting in church.

Kitzbuehl Museum

If you have visited Kitzbuehl Resort once, and if you missed out to visit this local museum at Kitzbuehl, it could be the biggest mistake from your side. Because it contains information and details about local cultures and nature that you can learn and know by just entering this museum. The museum has focused on the rich history of the locality of Kitzbuehl.

Wild Park Aurach

This Wild Park Aurach is family-friendly and kid’s friendly place of Kitzbuehl; it has many dears and other wild animals. If you are animal lovers, or your kids would love to enjoy being with animals, you can visit this place in Kitzbuehl. The enjoyment comes with four kilo meters trip and journey to places where animals are resting. More than 200 animals are waiting for your turn to visit them and get some excitement. 

Bike Paths

It is only designed for summer, where the sun is at its peak temperature, and if you are thinking for a thriller bike race or if you want to go biking race for watching people doing safe stunts and other pieces of stuff related to bike and bike race. One hundred twenty kilometers of bike track is given, it is prepared in a mountain to provide amazing bike experiences. Along with it, 500 kilometers of hiking trails are also given from where you can enjoy your hiking and bike race. 

Sports places

Sports Places are the most attractive places in Kitzbuehl because they are filled with green Grass and a drop of water contained in the grass. All of these sports Places are under the category of tourism and visiting places because they are the most attentions by tourists because of the beauty and nature of architecture. It includes six Tennis Courts and Four Gold Courses.

Swimming Pools and Lakes

An attractive Blue Ocean with ice all around you, think of the scenario, and what would you prefer to do? It’s beautiful because swimming pools with freshwater give experiences of Blue Ocean. Lakes for bathing are there to remove all of your stresses because they are a fascinating and attractive place. The kids can enjoy every single second of life that you spend at these beautiful places.

What Is Pedestrian Zone?

Pedestrian Zone is a place or space where you are restricted from any auto driven vehicle. It is a zone where car driven Vehicles are almost banned to save the environment of particular areas. That’s why it is called a Car-free zone because you can’t run any vehicle here. 

Luxury Good Markets

This place owns many large-good markets and shops with cafes because it has one of the most outstanding selections of large shop markets. All of these good markets and shop markets are known as up markets. The upmarket is a place where you can find luxurious services on your excellent service, that’s why you can say that it has extravagant good markets. You can decide which goods are luxury based on its demands, and its orders increased with an increase in capital income.

Municipalities That Kitzbuehl Is divided into

As we talked about, it’s being a large town or District, and it is divided into many disciplinary cities that we are going to discuss. The following are the municipalities that Kitzbuehl resort owns. 

The municipalities of Kitzbuehl starts from Am Horn, Aschbachbichl, Badhaussiedlung, and many more like Bichlach, Ecking, Felseneck, Griesenau, Griesenauweg. Along with all of these municipalities. 

It is divided further in following cities like Gundhabing, Hagstein, Hausstatt, Henntal, Jodlfeld, Kaps, Mühlau, Obernau, Schattberg, Seereith, Siedlung Frieden, Am Sonnberg, Sonnenhoffeld. It has Staudach, Stockerdörfl, and Zephirau, all of these municipalities, have their governmental ownership to different Parish.

Weather and Climatic Conditions of Kitzbuehl

According to the details plotted on Climate Chart, we can say that the Weather and Climatic Conditions are somewhat stable throughout the year in Kitzbuehl. But it has a Changing atmosphere throughout the year, and it means that every month of you has a different average temperature. 

It starts with the minimum temperature in January, the average temperature in January remains nearly about 12.1° C. It continuously increase till July, where it has an average temperature of 36.8°C. it again starts decreasing from July to December. The lowest recorded temperature was -27.2° C. 

This place is beautiful during the period of snowfall, and snowfall makes it even cooler compared to any of the regular periods throughout the year. People start enjoying the snowfall once the snow is enough to catch. The average snowfall is about 46 to 50 cm. And relative humidity can reach up to 76.9% maximum and 45% minimum recorded to date.

History and Historical Information

It’s one of the facts related to the Kitzbuehl Resort that the first settlers of this place were mining experts. They came here to get settled for mining copper from the lands of Kitzbuehl in 1100 and 800 BC. After or during 15 BC, Roman people start living here to extend their Roman Empire. 

If we talk about recent activities, during the 12th century, it was the first time pronounced that Chizbuhel. And during 1271 Bavaria Granted, Kitzbuehl resort to a town right on June 6th, and they constructed defensive walls around the city. 

Fun Activities, Games and Sports at Kitzbuehl

If you want to know that for what Kitzbuehl resort is famous, the answer is Sports. Kitzbuehl Resort is one of the most famous places to enjoy sports and games in Europe. Because it’s the most promising place for playing winter sports in Europe.

In sports, we will discuss some interesting facts and sports that are highly enjoyable in Kitzbuehl. All these sports are specially designed according to the summer environment and winter environment. So, both summer and winter have their games to enjoy in Kitzbuehl. Let’s go through some games than you would like to participate in and enjoy in summer and winter.

World Cup Ski Races

Kitzbuehl, every year, on Hahnenkamm Mountain, organizes a special World Cup Ski Races. At the height of 1,712 meters above sea level. It’s a particular case of a ski race, and lots of people every year participate in this race to win the World Cup. Lots of people come to see this competition occurring once a year. So, this can be a place to visit to enjoy the scenario of completion to win the World Cup Ski Race.

Downhill Race

If you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy a downhill competition, you should visit Kitzbuehl resort once I’m your life. Because it has many fun activities and races like this type. Downhill is an alpine skiing competition where you can enjoy other skiing events like slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom, and a combined slalom. 

You need to have courage, knowledge of turning techniques, ability to take risks, speed, speed, physical conditions, and decision-making ability. All of these are required to participate and safely win this Downhill Competition.

ATP Tennis Tournament on Clay

Each summer, you enjoy the arrangement of such an exciting and unique event called the ATP Tennis Tournament. Association of Tennis is a men’s tennis organized by Municipality of Kitzbuehl Resort. Donald Deck, Jack Kramer, and Cliff Drycedell had started this tennis tournament to safeguard and increase the Interests of professional Tennis players towards tennis. 

The first tournament was played and competed in 1972 by professional tennis players. The main excitement about this Tennis Tournament is that it is played on clay, not on a regular surface that is enough to play safely and efficiently. It’s because professional tennis players perform the tournament.

Ski and Snowboard

If you are planning to go with your family and kids, it will be a better place to visit once. Because it has many places to go skiing and Snowboard gaming. Because kids love to enjoy these types of outdoor games and playing on ice double your experience.

Transportation Facilities Available

If you think that you need to go and enjoy on your foot, you are somewhat wrong. Because Kitzbuehl resort is armed with two of the main transportation facilities. So, it made it easy to reach the place. Because walking in the conditions of ice could not be a more excellent idea.

Road Transportation

Road transportation facilities are given to you by Brixental Road, it intersects with Kitzbuehl and Thurn road making V or Y type transportation facilities that are reaching to this resort. 

Rail Transportation

Kitzbuehl is also armed with rail transport services. Here, you can enjoy the train journey through Tyrol Rail, trains from Salzburg-Tyrol Railway stop in Hahnenkamm Mountain, and Kitzbuehl resort. Here, a small station like Hahnenkamm Mountain and others are also facilitated with local trains and rail service.


We discussed how this town got its rights for being called as a town. We also identified that government ownership and parishes that Kitzbuehl resort has. We explained that there are two types of transportation facilities Roads and Rail. The mountain bike race and skiing games for skiing competitions can’t be forgotten. We also discussed that Kitzbuehl resort has many attractive places to visit and get to know about its cultural nature of this place, as its museum says. We debated about swimming pools, and lakes it has that can double your experiences of visiting this place, and you will have to revisit Kitzbuehl resort.