What are the Best Places to visit in Soell?

Soell is one of the villages of Kufstein in Austria. This village is bound by the mountains Wilder Kaiser and Hohe Salve which have increased the beauty of this village. Snowfall with high mountains is favorite to all but there are some amazing things to amaze you. In the summer holidays, you can visit this place with your family members and friends. So, here are the things you must visit in Soell.

The charming hamlet of Söll is situated in the north of a planar pass highland. This region levels off in the direction of the Brixental valley in the south. And meets the Leukental valley in the north. This village blows your own trumpet lots of villages and disseminated conclusion. 

Some of the names are Wald, Salvenberg, Gänsleit, Lechnersiedlung, Achleitberg, and Eiberg. The village lies on the lap of Wilder Kaiser and the Hohe Salve in a manner like a child sleeping at the mother’s lap. These two mountains surround the village Soell.

The Hohe Salve Mountain offers you the best spending time in summer with a variety of gifts. The Hohe Salve gives two worthwhile purposes like at the middle station of the funicular which begins at the border of Söll. “Hexenwasser Hochsöll”, the common name is Witch’s Water Hochsöll, offers the largest barefoot region in Austria with an adventurous water park. 

This is in addition to where the Hohe Salve funicular keeps pushing you to the peak of the mountain and from where you can discover a chapel with the popular blustery weather harp. Nature attracts the people with its beautiful melody and people are also moved by the tone. Though there are so many thermal baths are available to freshen your body in Soell.

In the time of winter, the funicular on the Hohe Salve Mountain corresponds to the way to the SkiWorld Wilder Kaiser and Brixental. 284 km of well-arranged ski slopes are here and almost 90 state of the art lifts featuring these. Additionally, on the Hohe Salve mountain near the “Witch’s Water Hochsöll”, Austria’s oldest Toboggan School is situated. 

If you are also a history lover and love know about the culture, tradition, art and all about that then you must visit the Baroque parish church in the middle of Söll. The inner is highlighted with pieces of art by the famous Tyrolean church painter Christof Anton Mayr. A very famous occasion in summer is named as the “Z’sammkemma”. This program is a kind of farmers’ souk giving data on various hand-crafted deals of the area.

Witch’s Water Hochsoell

This place is located in between the Soell village and Mount Hohe Salve. The local name of this Witch’s Water Hochsoell is “Hexenwasser”. Instead of going on foot, you can choose cable cars to save your time. The cable car starts from the Valley Station and it will take hardly 10 minutes to reach there. The way is through a broad forest path. Once you pass the forest path then the sunbeams will hit your skin and the beautiful sight of the hills will comfort your eyes.

After passing several farms behind, it will take about half an hour to reach an asphalted road which leads to the Witch’s Water Hochsoell adventure park. After reaching there, you can see a souvenir shop in the Witch’s cauldron. The time of the afternoon is also very fresh and mind-blowing for the visitors. The adventure park is not only for adults. Kids also can have their fun too. 

Their special swimming pools are arranged to take a bath for their little guests. A path above the Witch’s Water Hochsoell is going to Austria which is fully barefoot and made with pebbles. So, you can take a short trip this way. 

If you are planning to go to this place by walking then it will take almost one and a half hour but nature can let you feel bored and tired. You may book a cable car too. It will be the best place to freshen your mind from daily life problems. This place is open all year. Go to this place with your family, kids, and friends. 

The Way of Big Waterfall

In the above article, you have come to know how to reach the Witch’s Water Hochsoell. There is a special arrangement for going to Big Waterfall from Hochsoell. The cable cars from this place are decorated in a manner that you will notice that these are coming from Witch’s Water Hochsoell. 

Then the way is down to the cable car station. After spending some of the cable stations you will reach Stoecklalam mountain hut where you can have some coffee and boost yourself to start the hiking. Before starting the hike you can visit the farmhouse near. 

The way is going down and ends up in a short bridge. After passing that bridge you can see a small forest. After passing the forest through the well-marked path you can see the farmhouse. And there you can see a small waterfall. Here the journey of hiking is going to start. The path will automatically guide you to the conifer forest. While you successfully pass the forest, the Grosser Wasserfall will come to your eyes. 

For the visitors, the authority has arranged some benches to rest. The smell of the forest’s flowers, the chirping of the birds and the continuous flow of water from the waterfall will push you to the dreamland. After completing your lunch there, you can take the asphalted route to return. By enjoining the beautiful sight of the Soell village you can finish your hiking by a cable car. 

Within 2 hours you will be in the same car station. The path of this hiking is quite rocky and unsymmetrical. So you must be aware to take cars to reach the destination if you have children with you.

Wilder Kaiser Cycle Route

This cycle route is begun from Woergl and finishes on St. Johann in Tyrol. The length of this cycle route is almost 35 km with the best thrilling road structure. You need so much energy to cover this way. On average approximately 3 hours is the maximum time consumed to complete your cycling. 

The cycling journey will start from the place Woergl. Then the way is going to Brixental valley in the south-east portion through a forested road. When you finally reach Bruckhaeusl village you will come across various branches of the route that are going in different directions. 

To reach St. Johann, we have to take the path through woods and meadows which is guiding you to the village Soell. The route for going from Scheffau to Ellmau is can be chosen from here. If you have the addiction to do thrilling jobs and the adventures then you can turn the handle of your cycle to Leukental and Kalkstein cycle path. 

The stunning nature will astonish your eyes. If you study or notice the locality and other noticeable things then you probably come across with the culture and tradition of the local people also. Not only are these but also there several cycle routes which lead you to various nearby places. 

Tyrolean Bee World

This is an interesting place. “Tiroler Bienenwelt” is the name of this place. Museum and apitherapy are found here. A culture and study upon bees are named apitherapy. Apart from the bee culture, the scenery will also amaze you. The farmhouse is about 400 years old. 

This place is located at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain chain. There was a very unique apiary can be seen during June. But in 2014 a fire had almost destroyed the farmhouse. The apiary, various books, and museums have lots of information about Tyrolean agriculture upon bees. Though honey production is the main topic in those.

After the disaster, the authority has planned to rebuild and repair it. Finally, they have succeeded in their mission and restarts the apiculture and honey production. This time they have named this place as Tiroler Bienenwelt which has been set up in Schwoich. This place is situated a few kilometers from the old one. Since 2018, they have reconstructed and started the apiculture in height that in the air you can feel the smell of honey.

Heinrich Hüttner is where the museum is situated and thrilling excitement of capturing bee shows in Schwoich. The clandestine of a bee dependency with naturopathy records and giant shows of beehives can be in sequoia. 

You can easily find out the honey products at a very pocket-friendly price in the market of Soell. Some of the famous places where honey products are available with branded qualities are the City Centre of Wörgl, “Kiss” shopping mall in Kufstein. Every Friday night in the market of Kufsteiner Genussmarkt is organized specially for honey products.

Ski World Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

This is Austria’s largest nighttime ski area. Modern technologies are being used in this ski area and this is why its popularity is worldwide. So many superlatives are present about the SkiWorld Wilder Kaiser-Brixental. 

The areas which are under the Brixental ski area are Brixen im Thale, Ellmau, Hopfgarten, Itter, Kelchsau, Scheffau, Söll, and Westendorf. Over 284 km these nine villages are connected. So if you are in any of these villages during your holidays then you can take the fun of doing these adventures.

Family and children are welcomed in this place. So, numerous tickets are available to entertain you in these ski areas. Alpeniglu Village is one of them. Snowboarders can also have the fun here and for them, 4 fun parks have been arranged. Those 4 parks are Skiparcours Hans Im Glück & Crazy Kangaroo Park Söll, the Funny Bird, Intersport Kaiserpark Ellmau, and boarders playground Westendorf. 

The brand new 80 km long routes with other three different routes, you can ride on the whole Wilder Kaiser Mountain. If you are seeing that it’s snowing, then you are going to see a beautiful sight after completion of snowfall. Whole Brixental valley and Wilder Kaiser will amaze you with their new face.

If you are feeling bored then hires a cable car or Eibergtreff Scheffau to spend the rest of the time with a free Wi-Fi connection. The Zinsbergbahn was put back by the advanced technology of combination of first Hi-Tech 8/10 CGD to lift of the area. While you can find 8 seater chairlifts in Fleidingbahn. 

The characteristics of offering these cars have a plus point that special hoods and heated seats are available. The Snow Card Tyrol contains more than 90 skiing regions in Tyrol. The Salzburg Super Ski Card contains about 23 ski areas and the SuperSkiCard has 22 ski regions of 2,750 km of slopes that are easily available here.

Tobogganing in Kitzbühel and Surroundings

Kitzbuehel Tobogganing has a special characteristic and that is people of all ages can take the fun of this adventure. Proper brakes, suitable types of equipment, proper and comfortable sitting positions and right steering methods will give the rider a safe and adventurous journey.

Kitzbuehel and the areas near it are decided as the tobogganing place. Let us see some of the famous centres to do this adventure. The names are Toboggan run Kelchalm, Toboggan run Trattenbachalm, Toboggan run Brixenbachalm, Toboggan run Gaisberg, Toboggan run Talkaser-Schrandlhof, etc.

Cross-country skiing Regions in Kitzbühel and close by

The cross country skiing region is spread about 600 km around Kitzbuehel Mountain. The popular stations are Sonnenloipe trailCity trail Kitzbühel – Aurach – Jochberg, Bichlach-Oberndorf trail, Bichlach trailMarkus Gandler trail, Höhenloipe Pass Thurn trail, etc. 

During the springtime generally, the skiing adventure of Kitzbuehel can be seen. This time is perfect for snow-covered road and nature also decorates itself in a new manner. From beginners to expert all can take same amount of fun from here.

These are the best places to visit in Soell. The names mentioned in this article, try to cover all of them while traveling and only then you will realize the real beauty of nature.