Top 10 Visiting Places in Graz

The city of Graz is situated at Tyrol of Austria. There are a lot of things to see. The mountain, fountain, Mur River, and the beautiful landscape as well. But in this article, we are going to visit something else. If you follow the history of Austria, you will know that Graz is popular for being the center of the war. Not directly but indirectly it was involved with various wars. This is why we are going to do an encounter with ancient places with museums where a lot of history remains a mystery. 

Armoury Museum

In Graz, you can find a place where all the armors from ancient times are stored and protected. At Landeszeughaus, the armory museum is located. The particular historical location and the total number of collected equipment to visit the Graz armory. Due to its suitable geographical position, it has built-in the perfect place. It has been made in the south corner of the city Graz to defend the enemies who want to enter the city from the east side.

During the war in 1915, the Turk’s religion was doing terrifying casualties. To protect the city from them the governor of the city Graz made this hall to store the armors. When the armors were needed, these were taken off. Now this place is considered as the museum of the armoury of the fighters from the past. If you are interested to know the history apart from the theory of life then you must visit this place. You will feel fully thrilling experience here. 

Eggenberg Palace

Eggenberg Castle is located at the heart of the city Graz. The castle itself is a perfect example of the architecture of that time. A wonderful park is there. The palace is placed in the park in a manner that seems like a playground for adults. The castle was built by the prince’s choice. Prince Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg was the civil engineer and designer himself. In the year 1625, the palace was completed and started to use. The castle has a total of 24 rooms with 52  doors, 31 rooms on each floor with 365bwindows. Now, do you notice the interesting fact here? Carefully notice the numbers, please. Each number is a part of the modern calendar system. 

So, putting a design to make it perfect from all sides is not so easy. But they had done it without advanced technology during that 16th century. Interesting paintings, symbols of the zodiac sign, astronomical figures, a separate hall for planet education and so many interesting and wonderful things are available here. In the year 1875, the theatre hall of the palace turned into a baroque church. Outside the palace, a well-decorated garden will sure catch the attention of your eyes. 

Landhouse Courtyard

This place is generally used for the event organizing purpose nowadays. The location of this place especially the surrounding atmosp6and the landscape is amazing. During the summer season, beautiful flowers in the garden decorated this place like a paradise. Millions of live shows, theatre and concerts are going on here till now. Because of the beautiful arrangements and location, this place gets so many chances to be in the background of various films. In the 15th century the landlord of this place, the Styrian family decided to build a house in the heart of the city Graz

This place was declared as the office. During the 16th century, the Welschen family decided to reconstruct this building and turned it into a historic place in the city of Graz. So many years have been passed. But the awesomeness of this building hasn’t lost a bit. A small beautiful garden with arcade flowers is there. A fountain and amazing design on floors will amaze you for sure. The inside of the land house has decorated in a baroque furnishing method. Overall this place contains so many historic things to visit.

Burg and Double Spiral Staircases

Have you ever seen a double Spiral staircase? If not, then you must come to the official headquarter of the government of Graz. Yes, that surprise is waiting for you in a government area. The Staircases will create an optical illusion that you may fall from the staircase. Jokes apart. The stairs of each floor contain two opposite directional portions then they are divided into parts and then rejoined at a meeting of the floor. 

If you take different ways on the stairs then also you will come to the same point. There is confusion among historians about the forming of these stairs. Frederick III had marked the vowels on each end part of the stairs. The manner is AEIOU. So try to solve this confusion if you can. These stairs are a symbol of eternity. This wonderful show of architecture needs a very high and professional level sense of engineering.


This imperial creation is one of the magnificent things of the city Graz. The mausoleum dome and Katharinenkirche church, together with stand straight and tall and challenging the ski with its height. The Emperor of Graz, Fredrick II had the world-famous artist Giovanni Pietro de Pomis who gave the concept of this architecture. This Mausoleum is the crown of the city Graz. It is situated at the nearby place of Today’s Seminary. It was a very essential building at the time of the 17th century. 

Outside Italy, it was the first building which has some different architecture manner and built in a small Hamlet-like Graz. So generally, it became a point of interest at that time. But now also, due to its unique structure of oval dome shape, lots of visitors come to see it. St. Catherine is built with special care and the proper explanation of using the time of Baroque. At that place, once Jesuit College was placed. During 1585, the University of Graz was built at that place. 

The work was started by Ferdinand in the year 1619. But when they shifted to another place the responsibility of building came to the new landlord Standstill. So the half-done work was fully completed by the famous Austrian artist Fischer Von at his young age. It is the place where the body of Maria of Bravia, the mother of the Ferdinand, was graved.


This place is in the center of the city Graz. Almost 24 bells are there which ring three times a day. Every time the bell rings, you can hear a different Melody. But all of them are charming, enchanting and romantic. Sometimes you can dance with the melodies. The ringing bells indicate the great starting of every work or trip, you are about to start. In the year 1884, in the house of Fliegenplatzl, a popular businessman installed one carillon. This is now known as the Glockenspiel house of Graz

During world war two, the bells were used to make weapons. So at that time, the bells stopped ringing. After finishing the war, by requesting the local people, the government had again installed that bells in 1956.

The mechanism of the ringing system has been made very cleverly. A combination of more than 800 pins are used in a barrel and they change automatically. This the sound produces. It is another wonderful example of mechanical engineering which was developed in that era. At the time of Christmas and on special occasions which are organized here, you can feel the fun in the air. 

Lots of visitors from local and neighboring localities come here to please their minds with this Melody. No need to mention that on the special occasions the bells are set to some awesome music. So, if you visit this place make sure an occasion is going on.

The Holy Cathedral

If you have already come to Graz then don’t miss the Cathedral church. A lot of history is attaching to it. You may know those if you follow the past carefully. This Royal church is placed in the city center of Graz and gives a perfect look to the city. Inside the church, the old painting of Gottesplagenblid is still in good condition. A lot of historical designs, paintings, and other treasures are waiting for you to be discovered. Emperor Frederick was the founder of this church too. 

He made this church along with his residence. The Gottesplagenblid is considered as god’s plagues. The local people think that if you ignore the blessings of God then you have to pass through 3 dangers of your life. Those are locusts, war, and black death. This is why the paintings which are hanging and placed in the wall are indicating that human beings are pleasing to God for pardon. This church is also made off by using the Baroque furnishing. This Church is always open to its visitors. So come here with your family and friends and take the blessings from God.

Kunsthaus Graz

The fabulous examples of Graz architecture are spread throughout the Kunsthaus. Most of them have the shadow of their tradition. This place is pop up between the ancient city center of Graz. The river Mur is flowing through the edge of this city. The museum of Graz contains the arts since ancient times. Another example of Graz’s construction is carrying the Eisernes Haus which is commonly known as Iron House of Graz. 

This architecture is made of cast iron. The smooth finishing of this work is greater compare to modern machines. The lighting system of the Kunsthaus house is so amazing. The small laser light sends a message from one side of the river to the other side. Special movements of light indicating special types of massages. 

The technology of the village Graz is slightly different from others. We all do use technology but they used it in some different manner. And that is a point of interest for us. There is a nozzle which is directed towards the north direction for entering the sunlight. One nozzle is directed towards the east where the Clock tower of Graz is situated.

Clock Tower of Graz

The clock tower has its timing. If you notice carefully then you can see hours count for more than 1 minute. The reason is related to the Graz city. The tower was built at the hill during the 13th century. Three bells are attaching with it which rings at every hour. The clock was placed in this place near about the year 1560. 

There is a wooden gallery beneath it. A fireplace also takes place there. The clock was made by Micheal Sylvester. The big hand which is generally indicating the hour is made of wide wood. This is why you can see the time far from this place. Once the bells were used to define certain conditions during the war. One bell which is outside of the clock is a fire bell and the other two bells are indicating execution an hour sound. 

If you look at the down below from the clock tower, a statue of a dog will catch your attention. You may be a wonder to see a statue like that. But during the war, this dog had saved the princess of the Graz to be kidnapped by enemies. There is a coffee shop near the clock tower from where you can see the tower and rest on a chair.

The Mur Island

If you went to see the island of Mur river then you can’t find it out. Because some years ago due to pollution, the island got vanished. Sewage water and industrial garbages were the reason behind it. Now the island is dividing the river as well as the city. Only the freshwater comes to the Graz now. It is heard that because of this island, Graz city was awarded as Cultural Capital of Europe in the year 2003. Have you felt the thrilling about the past of the Graz? Then make sure, during next holiday, you visit this place with your family. Mark my words you are going to be surprised after knowing all the details of Graz’s past.